Budgie Guide of The Most asked questions

Budgie Guide of The Most asked questions

As from the previous article we are bringing you a new Budgie guide of most asked budgie questions, answered! Do not forget to check previous budgie questions article

Feed my budgie boiled eggs?

Egg yolk can be a great source of protein, even the white part is edible. Boiled eggs are good concepts to maintain budgie lives’ with various food. It is recommended to give your budgie egg food during moulting, the same goes for breeding budgies and their developing chicks.

Under ordinary circumstances, provide egg food only once a week, you don’t want obese Budgie bird? You can blend eggshells for calcium intake. After tough boiling the egg, you could mash the whole thing up, serve with a few chopped up vegetables or even sprinkle some seeds to make it extra attractive and encourage your budgies to try new food.

budgie guide egg
Cookie is eating boiled Eggs

How to quickly tame my budgie?

It is quite simple to tame a Budgie guide. There are two main factors to quickly tame a Budgie. You are not a threat or predator to him. He will have a benefit from you, play or feed him.

So, to achieve that goal of taming a budgie, you need to stay calm at all times. They are quite scared of Birds. If they are nervous in their surrounding, taming will not be effective.

Tame your Budgie in four simple steps.

  1. Let Your Budgie adjust to its new environment. If you just purchased your Budgie, they need about 2 weeks to adjust to their new environment.
  2. Place Your Budgie cage near you during normal activities. Have the cage next to you when you are on your computer, or relaxing on a coach.
  3. Because Budgies have a fast metabolism, the best way to tame a budgie is hand-feeding them. Almost every Budgie loves their favorite food, millet seed. You need to get your Budgie comfortable with your hand, knowing there will be his favorite food every time you come closer.
  4. Interact with your budgie as much as you can, let that be your daily routine. Budgies love attention, talking to them. but remember to be gentle because as you know, they can easily become scared.
    If you have multiple budgies at the same time, taming can be much harder.

I hope these simple steps of our Budgie guide finally solve your problem with taming your bird.

Can my Budgies have lemons?

Once, there was lemon sliced open on my table, Cookie run to check what is it. You know they are the most curious creatures of all small birds. So he bites off a small chunk of lemon and then he shakes his head, but he bites again. Then I put away lemon. Lemons are citrus fruits that contain a lot of citric acids. Lemons and limes are not poisonous, they can cause stomach upsets. Cookie was fine that day 🙂

How to get my budgie to eat fruits and vegetables?

One of the most asked questions, before I answer that, did you know how much si important fruits and vegetables in budgies diet? VERY! Vegetables should be offered daily. Budgie should feed only raw fruits and vegetables because cooking takes away vital nutrients. But,

How do I get my budgie to eat fruits and vegetables? If you have that one Budgie that is scared of everything new, don’t worry here is a solution.

As every budgie, they have their favorite spot in a cage, clip near him leafy vegetable that is easy to reach. Curiosity will kick in eventually and scared budgie will try to nimble what is it. Try placing vegetables every day. Try cabbage, spinach, carrots, lettuce… or fruits, banana, apple, strawberry, watermelon…

Can a female be aggressive towards young budgie and possibly kill them?

When you add nestbox, your birds will start to fight over boxes and get territorial. Especially in a large flock.

They are extremely territorial and sometimes cross the limits of acceptable dominance. This normally happens during the times’ budgies experience hormonal changes. If there are two females and one male in the cage it can cause all sorts of issues

Female Budgie can shout and nip at their mates, sometimes so hard that excessive bleeding might kill the bird. Female Budgies will kill their young if they are over-bred and the birds are not given a chance to recuperate after two or three clutches in a row. Tired budgie parents can kill their young to save their lives.

You can read more on topic Can Budgies kill each other in a previous article, here

How to Catch a Budgie that has flown away?

To retrieve your lost budgie you need to place the cage somewhere high, in clean view of his last know location. Place some food, millet inside bards. If you had tamed Budgie, stand with his favorite food in your hand.

You should walk around your house or your neighborhood making a sound you used to train your bird to it. Or you can call your friends to the area where you last saw your budgie bird.

How smart is Budgerigar

Budgies are very smart their intelligence is shown in different ways. A male budgerigar named Puck owned by American Camille Jordan, holds the world record for the largest vocabulary of any bird, at 1,728 words. Budgies have a very well developed part of their brain to learn and memorize sounds, like human speech.

As you have seen a lot of Youtube video clips Budgies are able to learn tricks. The fact that Budgies can be tamed demonstrates budgies’ adaptability and versatility. It is very easy to learn your budgie to say pretty bird, their name, just repeat every day that word and they will learn.

Budgie sounds are safe for my budgies? Will they get depressed?

Budgies are social animals, they like to hear other birds. In the wild budgie flock range from 3 to 100, but can be even thousands. They get excited thinking birds are nearby, but budgies can get stressed looking where they are. If Budgie is desperately want to get to the singing budgies, then you should not play to your Budgie.

Some budgies enjoy budgie sounds and thinking they are part of the flock, and they just sing along. Budgies hate silence. They also produce chirping sound when they are happy and sometimes the group of budgies will even synchronize in their chirps. This shows that they are content and happy with their surroundings. So first, look at your budgie behavior before playing budgie sounds.

Is a quiet budgie unhappy? Or are some budgies quiet, due to their personality?

Healthy, happy budgies love to chirp, sing, and interact with their budgie or human friends. They are quiet when they are eating, sleeping, or taking naps. Baby budgies don’t make a lot of noise, only mature, they chirp a lot more. If you just purchased your budgie, he will be quiet for some time before he gets used to its new environment. Your budgie might be quiet for some time, he might be depressed. If you don’t spend time with him, or he is alone in a cage, you should get him a friend.

Your budgie is fluffed in the corner of the cage, and not sitting on a perch, he is probably not feeling well. You need to check if he is eating, or drinking water, if he is not eating or drinking water you should take your budgie to the vet. If the birds use to make lots of noise but suddenly quiet than something is not alright.

Female Budgies are quieter than males, but this also depends on budgies’ personality. That is the beauty of Budgies.

Do budgies enjoy getting water sprayed on them from a small pump spray bottle?

Budgies love to bath, they every time jump right in when they see water, even on the lettuce. Some budgies enjoy being sprayed with a pump spray bottle. From my experience, my budgies do not want to be sprayed. They like to self bath in their water fountain. It all depends on your budgie, if he hates being sprayed then don’t you might lose his trust.

What do budgies need?

A lot of food 😀 Budgies need a larger cage, water dish with daily clean water, and seeds in a separate dish. And now what is important to have is that they really need in their diet is fruits and vegetables. In budgie cage must be cuttlebone and mineral block. Budgie toys are a must.

Budgie really loves toys and they can play all day with a single toy, and you need more toys than a single toy. Some budgies love to have a swing, my budgies love taking a nap in a swing during a day. Budgies need a lot of attention and love because they behave like in a flock, you should become part of his own flock. Read our Budgie guide of what budgies need here

Can budgie get sick?

You can’t spot sick budgie easily because they tend to hide that they are sick. By the time you notice your Budgie is sick is that illness becomes so advanced that he can no longer hide. Ill Budgie appears being healthy so that predators in the wild can’t be identified as weak or easy prey.

A healthy budgie is active and chirpy with bright clean eyes. Budgies cere should be clean and shiny, as his feathers. Your budgie can easily get a cold from drafts, so it is very important where you should place your cage in the room. Budgie cage should be cleaned every two days at least, hygiene is very important for budgies’ health.

Can budgies talk?

Budgerigars are living things that can say words very well due to their larynx and tongue structure.

Budgies can talk, some say it is better to have male budgie than female. But female budgies can talk too same as male budgies, and male budgie has higher speaking skills. It is easier if your budgie is younger.

A most effective way to learn your budgie to speak is speaking with him daily, repeating the same word.

What is the lifespan of a budgie

Budgies Lifespan is mistakenly known for two to four years but if taken good care in food and by veterinary care, its lifespan reaches up-to 15 years. In some cases, budgies’ lifespan has also touched 20 years. It has a love for food, is playful and its singing ability is enough to put in competition with other parrots. You can read more about extending the life of your budgie here

Try to take the bird out of the cage.

It will escape at first but don’t give up. You will surely get used to it. If he is trying to enter the cage, you should do it in a safe room without a cage. Teach you that you can trust outside by taking millet seed, his favorite treat, or fruit in your hand.

After this stage, it is time to cover the distance between the fingers. The treat will be a mediator this time. Take the treat in your hand and pass it through the fingers first, then pass it from your hand to your other hand and make it pass through the bird.
At the last stage, keep it on your shoulder, practice, repeat, and talk to him, answer his singing. Thus, your bird will become tamed in time.

Budgerigar colors

Budgies are generally inherited from two primary colors. These are blue depending on the white color, and the other is green and yellow depending on the yellow color. Currently, there are budgerigars in 32 different colors in the world. These different mutations also occur due to their inherited characteristics. This means hundreds of different combinations.

budgie guide

Budgerigar price

They are small and inexpensive? Yes, and no! You can get cheaper with your new budgie but he will not be happy with you!
Happy Budgie needs a large cage, food and water dishes, perches, toys, mineral block, cuttlebone, and maybe a second budgie to be a really happy bird.

Keeping a budgie is less expensive than caring for a cat or dog.

Budgies need daily seeds, fruits, vegetables. Luckily you can get cheap but very interesting budgie toys, you can find it here from our previous article.

Budgerigar sound

The most pleasant sound produced by the budgies is during their happiest moments. They tend to sing by creating high and low notes by mixing chirrups, whistles, chatters, and various other sounds that they have picked up from their surroundings.

They also produce chirping sound when they are happy and sometimes the group of budgies will even synchronize in their chirps. This shows that they are content and happy with their surroundings. In such a mood, the budgie might also make chattering sound while fluffing up his feathers.

Such chatter might include the words you taught him or even some phrases picked up from television.
Read more from our previous article.

Can I clean my birdcage with vinegar?

Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, has a great benefit to friendly birds. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, it can remove any bacteria in a cage. You can even clean budgie cage bars with vinegar. It is a natural antibiotic to fight microbe bacteria and viruses. Two drops of vinegar mixed with bath water will prevent parasites between your bird’s feathers.

Is it safe to give your Budgie grass and Dandelion?

The grass is safe for your budgie bird, but I only recommend pet store grass that is for bunnies or hamsters. Or collect grass from areas that are free from chemicals or any pollution.
Dandelion leaf is good for Budgies that have trouble with kidneys and contains a lot of vitamins. But don’t give them too much for the first time, it can lead to diarrhea.

I hope you find useful answers in our Budgie guide of the most asked budgie questions. Make sure to comment if you have any questions or maybe even answers, feel free to share. Make sure to visit our Youtube channel for even more detailed information.


We are here bringing you all you need to know when it comes to proper Budgie or Parakeet care! The budgerigar is a surprisingly interesting and complex creature with an interesting history. Anyone willing to learn about these little birds and their care should be able to bring one home and have several years of companionship with their new pet. We are dedicated to showing the world the joys of keeping healthy Budgies or Parakeets. My Channel is not just about all kinds of Budgie videos, it’s also about building a community and keeping our love for Budgies/Parakeets alive! 💖 Click here to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1MhbNy8

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