Budgie Beginner – 20 Questions Answered

Budgies or Parakeets are the most popular pet birds in the world, you can find them in any pet store. There is so much to learn from them, a lot of questions about them. Many budgie owners do not even know what are the basic needs of this small bird. I found a lot of budgie beginner questions online and decided to answer them in one article. Let’s learn more about this beautiful Budgerigar.

Is it Safe for the Budgie to eat wheat?

Budgerigars can eat but it is not a dietary staple. It is alright to give to your Budgie from time to time as a treat.

Most asked Budgie beginner question – Will Budgies eat bananas?

Like many fruits, apples, pears, carrots, bananas are all loved. Bananas contain not only vitamins and minerals, but banana also has Potassium and Magnesium. These two minerals are good for the Central Nervous System, the Immune System and the Reproductive System. Minerals Potassium and Magnesium are also lacking in most seeds so bananas are a good source of them. Feel free to give Your Budgie a banana!

Budgie Beginner

Budgies only eating seeds?

Budgies don’t live on seeds alone. If Your little one is stubborn, place some apples to the side of his cage or into his seed container. Even stubborn birds can’t ignore fruits and vegetables. Repeat process every day.

Can Budgies eat Cheese?

Most dairy foods are not suitable as nourishment for pet budgies since they contain an excess of fat. … Because of its little fat substance, lean curd cheese is appropriate as extra nourishment or as a treat for pet feathered creatures every once in a while.

Bread or toast for the Budgies?

Bread, or toast, should never be given to your pet birds as Budgie food. Budgies don’t need human food, like butter, jam, peanut butter or any other human food.

Carrot safe for Budgie consumption?

Yes! Yes! and yes! It is highly recommended to give your Budgie a lot of vegetables and fruits. that means carrot, cabbage, spinach, Broccoli. etc. But make sure to cut Carrot on small pieces so Budgies can eat. My Budgies even love to nibble and even eat fresh green leaves of the carrot. 

Grapes for Budgies?

Grapes contain a lot of fructose that can lead to obesity and other health problems. but. You can give to your Budgie grapes only in small amounts. They are great refreshment during summer.

budgie beginner
Sunny is eating grape

What about Orange? Can budgies eat orange?

Budgies in the wild eat small amounts of food because they don’t have access all the time to certain types of food depending on the season.

Same as grapes, oranges are okay but in small amounts. Oranges contain a lot of sugar/fructose. High amounts of oranges can be too much for little budgies to digest properly. So, like a good budgie beginner owner, give budgies Oranges as a treat from time to time.

What budgies eat in the wild?

Wild Budgerigars eat small amounts of wild berries and other fruits that depends on the season. As you already know Budgerigars are omnivores. In their natural habitat Australia. Budgerigars in the wild can live with little food and water and they can eat anything they can find. Did you know, they even eat seeds of grass? Budgies are nomadic, they move from place to place in search of water and food. Budgies can eat even crickets or tree-dwelling insects for extra protein.

Grass seeds are the main food of Budgies they will also eat the seeds inside fruits, berries, nuts.

Can Budgie eat Vegetables?

As from previous questions. YES! Highly Recommended! An essential part of Budgies diet, vegetables, and fruits. Vegetables should be daily Budgies diet.

budgie food
English Budgerigar eating vegetables

Will Budgie Fly Away?

Yes! Budgies can fly far and really fast. They can get scared and fly trough open window, no matter is it trained or not. If you trained your Budgies to come on command whatever sound you used to train to come to you. You can try walking around the neighborhood and find it. As I said, they can get really scared and fly really far away and You will lose your friend forever! So always keep windows and doors closed, don’t make this budgie beginner mistake!

Will Budgie sit on infertile eggs?

Sometimes Female Budgie lay eggs even there are no male Budgie to fertilize them. This is the sign that her hormones have gone through the mating season in the absence of a male Budgie. That is nothing to worry about. Female Budgerigar will not attempt to incubate the egg. You can simply remove unfertilized eggs.

Why budgies stand on one leg

You will usually see Budgie standing on one leg when it is usually quiet, and one leg tucked underneath its body. Do not worry, that is normal budgie behavior. They stand on one leg when they feel relaxed and for warmth.

Budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and relaxed, similar to cats and purring!

Where do budgie mites come from?

Budgie mite parasites feed on your budgie’s blood, can live and flourish in your feathered creature’s home or nestbox, and can duplicate at a fast rate. Mites are normally found in wild birds, for example, pigeons, sparrows, and nests. They may move into living spaces in houses, hopping on dividers, looking for a blood dinner.

Humans can get mites, but they won’t live on people, as they can’t finish their life cycle by means of a human host. You may build up optional mite contamination because of scratching and skin bothering.
Eucalyptus sap wards off mites and different parasites.


Which is better Budgie or Cockatiel

Budgie and Cockatiel are parrots and are native to Australia in which they live in flocks. Budgie and Cockatiel have individual personalities however, in widespread, cockatiels are low energy and touchy-feely. Budgies have excessive energy and could perch on a finger but commonly don’t want to be touched.

Budgies are smaller, and so their cage will be barely smaller than appropriate for a cockatiel environment. A budgie can live up to 10 to 15 years, cockatiel can live 15 to 20-plus years. Select a pet bird for your character. But in my opinion, a budgie beginner pet is the best choice.

When Budgies are sick?

Budgies hide the fact that they are sick. So if they look sick they are probably worse than you think – get veterinary help as soon as possible!

Fluff up Budgies? Fluff ball

For healthy Budgie this behavior is normal and natural. This way they keep heat close to their bodies while they sleep. Usually, they are sleeping with their eyes closed and standing on one foot. Sometimes this can be a serious reason because your budgie isn’t feeling well. But you need more evidence as unusual behaviors or symptoms like sticky poo, loss of appetite, enough reasons to visit a veterinarian.

fluff up
Mr. Snowflake

Are budgies bites dangerous

Budgies can bite for a number of reasons. Budgies can control how much force they put into their bite. Sometimes like my Nibbler can bite really badly it hurts, but that depends on how threatened they are feeling. Sometimes budgies have a kiss bite, a very soft tickle is a way of your budgie bird showing affection. A very quick, relatively gentle bite is a warning.

Sometimes your loved Budgie bird can bite you because he is aware that you are about to put him back in their cage, that is his way to say I don’t want to! With their little beak, Budgie can’t do a lot of damage to your skin.

Are budgie birds loud

Budgies tend to make noises incessantly, generally aren’t very loud like other bird species. They can chirp all day long, and make all kind of noises, from being too noisy to small quiet chirp. If they are kept in a noisy environment they can be really loud.

What Budgies like?

As a budgie beginner, your first question must be, what budgies really like? You are his owner and you should make his life healthy and happy.

First, that comes to my mind, they love to eat, a lot of food. Treats, fruits, and millet. Seeds can make up between 40-60% of your budgie’s diet, Budgies are social birds, they love the company, make sure that you have more than one or keep him at least 6-hour attention per day.

They love Toys also, so make sure to give them a lot of toys so they can play with them.

That’s it, most asked Budgie / Parakeet questions we could find!

If you want to know something that is not here, make sure to write us in comment section below.


We are here bringing you all you need to know when it comes to proper Budgie or Parakeet care! The budgerigar is a surprisingly interesting and complex creature with an interesting history. Anyone willing to learn about these little birds and their care should be able to bring one home and have several years of companionship with their new pet. We are dedicated to showing the world the joys of keeping healthy Budgies or Parakeets. My Channel is not just about all kinds of Budgie videos, it’s also about building a community and keeping our love for Budgies/Parakeets alive! 💖 Click here to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1MhbNy8

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  1. Hi, i have a question. 🙂
    A male parakeet can feel stressed if he shares a cage with a female that tends to hit him?

  2. Can female budgies be aggressive towards another younge female budgie and possibly kill her?

  3. What are the symptoms of egg binding please reply me as soon as possible I think my budgie has it please reply or she will die😭😭

  4. Hi my budgie kiwi nearly 3 is eating and drinking and climbing around he constantly puffed up looking over weight he’s got his eyes closed alot and is sleeping alot. He fell onto the ground notblong ago but tried to jump up but couldn’t so I had to pick him up should I worry

  5. So I have a parakeet I have had her over a year and I still can’t figure out why she bite me and did all the necessary thing except clipping her wing I feel like that’s wrong so can someone help me

  6. Hello. My mom surprised me with a beautiful male budgie a few days ago. I noticed that he has mites on his beak. I leave on an island in Greece and here it’s hard to find a vet specialist in birds. So I checked online and a found a cream that you apply with a brush on it’s beak and feet. But he is scared. Should I first tame him and then start the therapy or start the therapy cause it’s really not looking good?

  7. How do u tame 3 birds at once i have my budgies in a avairy and they aren’t tame at all also i built a new outside avairy which they can go in with a hole so they can go in and out but they aren’t going out do u know why or how u can help ?

    1. Taming 3 birds, can do only hand feeding them, spending more time with them. If that hole is small, they are too scared to try what is it

  8. Hola tengo una pero quita que puso los primeros huevos pero se los comió luego siguió poniendo y se los quité los puse en una caja y los tengo arriba de algo que los mantiene caliente . Ya van cinco no se que hacer. Por favor que me recomienda.

  9. Hey. I have 2 small budgie. They sleep a lot,constantly puffed up. Is it a problem? What should i do?

  10. yeah about that i was all so wondering my male budgie keeps on knocking off my other male budgie and he get his feathers raffled up do you think that’s normal?

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