Budgies Breeding Season | Do Budgies Breed All Year Round?

Budgies Breeding Season for experienced budgie breeders should be once per year. Budgie species are monogamous, and budgies are very loyal to the partner they are bonded to. They will help each other raise their offspring.

As a budgie keeper you probably know, budgies aren’t shy, they are curious, and when comes to breeding they will start right away if you have healthy pair. Buying a pair of budgies is most welcome, be aware, having a male and a female budgie does not mean every time they will bond and be ready for breeding, even if it is Budgies Breeding Season.

Budgies Breeding season | What month do budgies breed?

Budgie’s natural breeding season is from October till March but in Australia, for the northern hemisphere, they will breed during April through September. Breeding occurs after they have molted, with enough food and longer sunlight. Interestingly, the natural trigger for a breeding budgie is in the rainy season. So, if you have trouble making your budgie breed, just spraying them with water frequently will help.

Budgies Breeding Season for experienced budgie breeders should be once per year. Budgie species are monogamous, and budgies are very loyal.
Female Budgie can lay eggs any time of the year, BUT …

Can you breed budgies all year round?

Pet budgies, can breed at any time of the year. Just provide breeding conditions for pair budgies. Just provide space, nest box, and nutritious food. Do not forget for budgie breeding temperature, it is not advised to breed budgies if you keep them in cold areas. Most important to know, pair budgies can breed and lay eggs till they die!

You as a breeder you should stop and prevent pairs from breeding all the time.

Excessive egg-laying in female budgies results in the sucking of calcium because the process of laying the egg sucks calcium from the body. And your budgie will become calcium deficient. It is recommended to breed pair of budgies only once per year for their well-being!

At what age do budgies start breeding

Budgie is ready for breeding after six months, but it is not recommended and allowed to breed budgies until they are at least 12 months old. Young and inexperienced budgies will probably fail at parenting, there will be eaten eggs, hurt babies, or even left alone. Female budgies may start laying eggs even without a nest box. For healthy baby budgies, you need healthy pair of budgies at least one year old.

Budgies Breeding Season for experienced budgie breeders should be once per year. Budgie species are monogamous, and budgies are very loyal.
Wash your hand before handling budgie eggs!

Budgie breeding cage setup

Placing pair of budgies does not mean they will automatically start breeding and laying eggs, no. There can be many reasons why your budgie does not want to breed. Budgie’s breeding cage setup is very important for breeding Budgies. You will need a food and water dish, a cuttlebone, mineral block. The mineral block is similar to cuttlebone, but with extra minerals for budgies well being.

Calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency may lead to problems with your female budgie. Calcium is required for strong bones healthy eggs, nails, nerves, and muscle functions. In the wild budgies get calcium from green seeds, vegetables. Your pet store seed food for budgies is sadly not enough for breeding pairs. You need to provide a lot of vegetables and fruits too.

Egg Binding occurs in female budgies when she is unable to expel an egg from her body. This happens when the bones have failed to provide enough calcium for the egg. Nerves and muscles will stop working properly when female and male budgies are on low calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient when breeding Budgies!

Breeding budgie cage size

Breeding budgie cage size should be specious as your main cage for budgies but with an extra addon. Some breeders place pairs of budgies in 60 x 40 x 40 cm breeding cages as a minimum size. I personally, use an 80x40x40cm breeding cage.

Nest box

Budgie nest box is a must for breeding budgies. You can make your own or get it from the pet store in various sizes and shapes. Entrance holes with a diameter of 40mm-500mm are suitable for Budgies. Budgie Breeding Box or Nesting Box’s perfect size is 30 x 20 x 20 cm so inches that would be 12 inches x 7.9 inches. The position of the entrance hole is high up in one corner. The entrance hole should be always furthest from where the female budgie will lay her eggs.

Best bedding for baby birds

You must use nest box bedding wood shavings, what I personally use is is Organic cat litter (Yes, real cat litter) organic cat litter is naturally made from plant fibers that act like a sponge. They absorb liquids and dirty from budgie poop completely. Using nest box bedding you keep the nest box clean and healthy, and most importantly, you prevent splayed legs in baby budgie chicks.

When you set up a breeding cage right, you can start your budgie breeding season right away!

What are the signs of budgies mating?

Budgie bonded will feed each other that is a sign of love and their bond. Pair of budgie will do everything in pair, flying, eating, perch on the same perch, just spending most of the time together. When gets to the mating first sign is regurgitating food, gently nibbling each other, and grooming. Touching beaks is a sign of budgie kissing, great affection, and conversation. Male Budgie will make happy noises and fluff feathers. Female budgie may start chewing wood, paper for a nest box when she is ready for breeding. Her cere will turn dark brown.

Will budgies breed in winter? Budgies Breeding Season in winter?

As we said before, Budgies breed any time of the year under the right conditions. If you keep budgies outside on cold they will certainly not breed in winter. Female budgie will fail to maintain the temperature of eggs. Budgie Egg temperature is from 37-38C or 98-99 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should be 65% in the nest box or if you are using a budgie egg incubator. Budgies need at least 13 hours of light per day and room temperature around 22C for the right breeding condition. Budgie breeding outside in winter is a big NO!

Budgies Breeding Season for experienced budgie breeders should be once per year. Budgie species are monogamous, and budgies are very loyal.

At what Age do budgies stop Breeding?

Adult female budgies can breed for 4 years, and male budgies for six. Then they will be too old to breed. As budgies are loyal and monogamous, they will spend their life together, even if they are too old for breeding. You can still see kisses and cleaning each other’s feathers. What a happy life of a Budgie it is.

Budgies Breeding Season should be only when your budgie pair is healthy and ready for breeding. Never force your budgies, or try to breed young budgies. Never breed Budgie siblings, they will end up dead or defective.


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