5 Signs Your Budgie Is Using You

As anyone who has kept a budgie before can tell you, these birds are affectionate and loving. Also, they are gentle and love to spend time with their owners. In many ways, they are a great option for bird lovers.

However, they aren’t perfect pets – they can easily use and manipulate you, especially if they’ve known you for a long time. And it’s hard to identify when they’re doing this. That’s why we have decided to share with you 5 signs that your budgie is using you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be thoroughly informed.

5 signs your budgie is using you

They want to play with you

While most budgies usually like playing with their owners, some do it as a means to use and manipulate you, particularly so that they can get a reward. Some of the games budgies enjoy playing include:

  • Fetch (using soft toys and small balls) – it may take a while for your budgie to get the hang of this game but you should keep going until they do
  • Rope climbing – this game usually comes naturally to birds but even if it doesn’t to your bird, you can use treats to encourage the necessary participation. All you need for this game is a heavy cotton rope that is knotted every 6 inches
  • Hide and seek – to play this game, place your budgie in an unfamiliar part of your house and call out to them so that they can find you
  • Stair jumping – this game needs you to have a house with stairs. Just place your budgie at the top of the stairs and call them to come down to you. Afterward, you can have them chase you up the stairs
  • Birdie basketball – these days, many pet stores sell mini basketball hoops that your budgie can play with
  • Ultimately, the best way to avoid being manipulated while playing such games is to observe your budgie’s behavior during the game and adjust how you treat them accordingly.

They scream when they are hungry

If your budgie always screams when they’re hungry, they have become manipulative. As such, it is integral that you don’t give them what they want when they do this – this will just reinforce the manipulative behavior. Apart from hunger, manipulative budgies can also scream because of jealousy or attention-seeking.

If your budgie is excited to see you or whether they’re just trying to use you. They want treats from you, and all attention

When they do this, give them a timeout – you can even cover the cage. Once they calm down, you can start working on behavior modification.

They enjoy your company

Budgies generally like spending time with their owners. But some take things too far – they throw tantrums when you leave the room. Some can even go as far as screaming and making other loud sounds. This is a sign that your budgie is trying to manipulate you. So if you stay when they do this, you are just reinforcing this bad behavior.

Instead, you have to nip it in the bud – ignore it or react in a different way than you’re used to. Beyond that, you can teach your budgie better ways to get your attention – like ringing a bell or repeating a certain phrase. To reinforce this new behavior, you can even reward them when they choose to do it instead of throwing a tantrum.

They are excited to see you

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as getting home to find a budgie who is excited to see you. Immediately you walk through the door, you usually find these birds wagging their tails, slightly opening up their wings, or straightening up – it is quite cute to see. But while it’s deeply heartwarming, this behavior can also be a sign that your budgie is trying to use you.

As such, it is important to pay attention to your budgie’s behavior over time and figure out its root cause. This way you can establish for sure if your budgie is excited to see you or whether they’re just trying to use you.

They want treats from you

While occasionally giving your budgie treats is a great thing, things can easily escalate if you’re not careful. Eventually, your budgie may start manipulating you to get treats. So ensure you’re always clear on why you’re giving your bird treats and ensure that you’re not rewarding any bad behavior.

Apart from screaming for treats, your budgie may also try to “beg”. This is when they crouch down, scrunch their wings up, bob their head, and make chick noises. No matter how cute or helpless they look while doing this, you should never give them what they want.

If your budgie is excited to see you or whether they’re just trying to use you. They want treats from you, and all attention
They can beg for treats!

Behavior modification is key in the long run

The only way to permanently get rid of your budgie’s manipulative habits is to use behavior modification. Always punish or ignore bad behavior and reward the good one. Ultimately, aim to swap all the bad with the good. This may be a long arduous journey but it’s definitely worth it!


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