Budgie Food: Everything You Need to Know!

Budgie Food Everything You Need to Know!

It is very important when it comes to choosing food for Budgie. Budgie food is the main thing that will keep it alive for long. We all know that the life of Budgie varies between 4 – 6 years but when it gets suitable food and clean place to live then its life span expands to 12 – 15 years. The knowledge of nutrition for birds is evolving daily; it is due to the increase in the interest rate of birds’ life.

Like all other animals need a good quantity of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, and minerals, Budgie also needs all these to live a better life. The type of food varies for Budgies, for example, wild budgies can feed themselves by eating anything from ground like grass and grains. But when it comes to feed the pet Budgie, owners usually avoid considering requirements for Budgie food. It must be discussed with the veterinarian who has quite vast research about birds’ food.

Budgies food can be vegetables and insects because they are omnivores and we eat both. The pet budgie can be given anything to eat, it will welcome every diet and eat it up but we have to make sure the food is healthy when feeding it to the budgie. Although Budgies can eat insects but do not try to give them a slice of meat, it won’t be digested by them. Milk is also not their type of liquid to drink.

Pet Budgie food can be anything from followings

Budgies are more likely to eat almost everything like banana, apples, raisins, mangoes, melons (all varieties), grapes, peaches, oranges, pears, cherries after removing their stones and many other fruits. Budgie is not a difficult creature when it comes to feeding, it can eat up anything you provide. But it is up to you to give those things which will not cause harm to your pet.

Vegetables as well as Fruits:

Greens, fruits and vegetables must consist 20 – 25 % of daily diet but not more than this particular figure. There is one green vegetable, Avocado, which is prohibited to be fed to the bird as it is very toxic.

All the fruits and vegetables must be washed and free of any toxic chemical on it before providing it to budgie as food. Everything should be cut into small pieces that can be easy to bite by the Budgie and swallow. Peeling of any fruit or vegetable is not necessary. Budgie enjoys when fruits and vegetables are offered to it in separate plates. Always observe if your pet is putting on weight because it can reduce its life span.


I know you must be thinking why I am mentioning water here as it is very common to provide anything with water. But you know what, out of 10, every 3 persons forget to place water daily in the cage. So it is very important to place water, once in the morning and once in the evening to make sure the water is clean.

Other liquids like herbal teas, melted chocolates, vanilla-flavored water, peanut butter and cheese are also loved by Budgie in food. Budgies also like junk food such as some teenagers but it is not a wonderful food for both of them.

Type of Salads that Budgie can eat

A portion of cucumber or tomato can be thrown in its cage while you are having those for yourself. Carrot, peas, sweet corns, cabbages, sweet potatoes and cauliflower are also favorites of Budgie in the diet.
While providing onions and mushrooms make sure they have no chemicals on them because it can harm if taken in large quantity. Usually, small amounts of these herbs do not harm the Budgie. Make sure to wash salads before serving it to Budgie.


One of the best diets for Budgies is Pellets. This food is available on every pet shop; pellets are best choice if you want your budgie food to be nutritionally full. There are some precautions while buying pellets, make sure they are fresh and not preserved. There must be no artificial colorings or flavors and added sugars in pellets. It is very healthy for Budgie.

Seeds as diet

It is a good choice to feed budgie on seeds but not wise. Seed diet will cut the lifespan of budgie to short. Most of the seed mixes do not have enough nutrition that is a basic need of budgie. Hence, it can end in causing cancer and other health issues.

budgie food
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Fully Boiled Eggs

If you ever had pet bird then you can have idea why I have mentioned this diet. Pets love to eat something that its owner eats. I, once, gave my Budgie a piece of hard bread soaked in water and it enjoyed very happily. So giving budgie hard-boiled egg will fill it with loads of protein. One, it is different from a casual diet so the budgie will not get bored of the food. Second, it is beneficial for its health but do not make him accustomed to this treat.

Balanced food

Never feed your budgie with the same food every day, also do not change the food type at once. The stomach of Budgie is very delicate so you should add different chunks of the new food with the older one for changing purpose. It is just to make his transition to the new addition of food. You need to be very conscious while treating budgie’s food requirements. If you give budgie all types of treats at once, it will be doing overeating and leads to an unhappy mood. We all are very well aware about the mood swings of Budgie; if they don’t get or even if they get enough quantity, both can make Budgie upset.

When Budgies are mating, both male and female need a supply of calcium on a daily basis. It is also important for baby budgie health. Budgies’ food is actually a serious matter in every case whether it’s about increasing lifespan or breeding. Make sure you are using every food type after checking the suitability of food. Keep Budgie healthy by feeding it the budgie food.


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