How To Lose Your Budgie’s Trust?

Building Budgie’s trust takes a lot of your time and a considerable amount of emotions go into it.

Striking That Chord:

When we bring the little budgie home, we have all kinds of hopes to form the closest bond ever with our cute pet. And when they are home, we put all our efforts to reach that state of companionship with them. All the knowledge we sourced from here and there is put to use from the very first moment. Cuddling, feeding, step-up technique, building their vocabulary, and every other thing is put to use one after the other. And we get a trained budgie. These are all the do’s we read to form a bond with our bird. But have we ever read the list of don’ts?

Losing Budgie’s Trust:

Gaining your little Budgie’s trust is not that easy. They are also like us, humans. They take their own time to trust someone. But a single act of yours can shatter that trust and you won’t even realize what has happened. And chances are they will never trust you again. So, better avoid doing every such thing to keep that trust bond between you and your little birdie:

Keep their cage at eye-level, ALWAYS

Budgies are these little sensitive birds who need a sense of security from being preyed upon. If they are seen from a level above, it scares them of that predator eye look. They perceive that person as their enemy. To worsen that situation, they have their eyes at sides unlike humans, which makes the angle look even sharper. The same is the case if you see them from a point below their cage level. Just one look by you on your little pet, they will always doubt your intentions. So, always keep their cage at your eye level only.

Do not trick them

We all trick our kids into eating that bowl of healthy veggies by promising a reward but eventually not awarding them what was promised. Never try this on your little budgie. He will be heartbroken for being fooled by the person they trusted the most. Forget about doing this again, you would have already lost his trust by having attempted it the first time only. So, always be honest with your budgie in your words and actions if you want to maintain that trusting bond. Stick with giving clear commands only.

Taming Stubby

Do not force-feed them

Diet is very important for budgies’ health. They need to be fed properly a few meals a day. And just like our kids, they will also avoid eating at times. In such situations, never try to feed them forcibly as that act will scare your bird away from you and will make them lose Budgie’s trust. Your intention could just be to keep them healthy, but your way will be completely inappropriate. Always be soft in all of your acts towards your bird.

Never yell at them

Budgie is a very small and sensitive parrot. If you ever try to speak harshly with them or more so, shout at them, you will push them away from yourself forever. To keep Budgie’s trust, you also have to ensure that there are no screaming kids or noisy relatives hovering over their place. Miss out on giving them a quieter environment, they will stop trusting you for their safety.

Never try to catch them when they fly

It is a common practice to catch our little birdie when they fly. We intend to protect them from getting hurt, but their perception is that you are curbing their freedom. This makes them lose your baby’s trust in you. Let them fly, they’ll hide in those corners or under that table but will ultimately come back into their cage; their home. Also, avoid clipping their wings too if you can. Many budgie parents have complained of losing their budgies’ trust while doing so.

Be consistent in spending time with them

Budgies are social birds and they will demand a lot of your time and attention. If you have started committing that time and attention to them, they will get used to it. And if you try to start taking that time off from them, they will get depressed. This is, in fact, very common with them. They feel you have broken that implied promise of spending time with them. Now, they will not put that trust in you, again, for the fear of losing it again. So, be consistent from the beginning, considering the time you can spend with them in the future too.

Never bring them a bird of opposite sex to keep them company

This has been the biggest bond breaker for many budgie parents. Many commit the mistake of introducing a bird of the same species and opposite sex in their budgies’ cage and lose them forever. This even breaks all the bonds of a properly tamed bird. Why would your budgie carry on their bond with a human when they can have it and more from someone of their species. They will connect with them, spend time with them and even trust them, no matter what.

Gaining Trust

Nurture that bond with love and patience:

Building Budgie’s trust takes a lot of your time and a considerable amount of emotions go into it. And once you have gained that trust, bet you don’t want to lose it for anything in the world. And in the case of birds who feel only through our actions, it becomes all the more important to be soft, loving and extra cautious in everything we do. Take it slow with your little birdie, be patient. Birds, like us, also have their bad days.

Give them a fun break from their boring routine if they are upset. Be extra gentle on those days. Give them their space and time to get out of it. They are just like babies, treat them with toys and they will be fine soon. And never forget the fact that they will remain these little babies all their lives, so stay that parent all your life who brought them home. They know only that person and trust him too.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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  2. Hey Alen, I just read your article. I am starting to get my female budgie Jasmine to step up after 1 year of bonding, so this will help me make sure I never break my bond with her. Very informative article!

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