Budgerigar Cage to Buy? What to consider?

If you are going to acquire a budgie, you would also buy a cage for him. Larger Budgerigar cage is the best choice to get

Budgie is a small, colorful and cute bird. They are well-known pets across the world. These birds are not short-lived. The average age of budgie is around 8 to 10 years. For this reason, if you have any plan to adopt a budgie in your house, you would have to take special care of the budgie. Cage for the budgie is as much as necessary as the house for us. But, buying a cage for a budgie is not a matter, the actual issue is the selection of best cage because for the special care of the budgie.

Choosing the best cage is a primary thing before adopting a budgie. Concerning, how to select the best cage for the budgie this article will equip you with all the necessary information. In this article, you are going to get information about the design, size, perches, feeders, and toys. Moreover, here you will also understand the cage’s placement, cleaning and covering. 

Avoid round cages for Budgerigars


There are various types of birds’ cages in the market, however, all cages don’t meet the need of budgie. You should buy a cage which is very suitable for the budgie. Moreover, the design also matters regarding ease for the owners. Therefore, you should select a budgerigar cage with a design which also provides an ease to the owner. The type of budgie’s cage which is easily accessible for the hand will be best because it will help you to give food and water to the budgie in the cage easily. Also, you should buy a budgerigar cage having enough space inside. The inside space matters because you will clean the cage regularly. You should avoid bad design budgerigar cage because from bad design cage often food and water blow in and out. 


Geo budgie cage is an advance design cage for the budgie. It is equipped with all the requirements and a healthy environment for the budgie. Mostly, it comes with dimension of 62cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 60cm (D). this type of cage is not only a cage but a mini aviary. In the geo budgie cage, there is an attached ‘no-spill’ feeder and drinker which catch easily waste for easy disposal. This thing keeps the budgerigar cage clean and tidy. Also, the geo budgie cage comes with a disposable paper liner that collects all the mess. The paper liner is also easily changed. Furthermore, the geo budgie cage is with two doors. The benefits of double doors are that you will easily feed the budgie. Besides, it is a useful budge cage for adding trimmings such as swings and toys. 

Geo cage


This is also a type of budgie cage but bigger than simple cages. It is a useful choice for the budgies which are many in numbers. The size of the aviary determines the number of budgies you can accommodate. The estimated aviary length for one budgie is 13 cm, with a width measuring at least half the length. So, for 10 budgies you should buy an aviary budgie cage with a dimension of 130x130x65cm, and for 50 budgies with a dimension of 650x650x325cm. The benefit of the aviary budgerigar cage is that it will provide enough space for the fun and play of the budgie. In addition, it is useful to protect budgies from predators and pests out (including cats, dogs, birds of prey, rodents, mustelids (stoats, ferrets, etc) and sometimes children!). 


If there are many budgies with you, you should also buy an alone cage for the breeding budgie. This separate cage should be equipped with nesting facilities for breeding budgies. It is a beneficial plan to keep separate breeding budgie from all other, for healthy and safe breeding. 

budgerigar cage
Female and Male English Budgerigar


Size is an important aspect concerning budgerigar cages. Budgies are cheerful birds and do exercise with constant moving and flying. So, if you put your budgies all the time in the cage, then it would be best to choose a flight budgie cage. However, if the budgies are allowed to enjoy some hours outside the cage then the small size budgie cage is fine. The benefits of small or medium size are that it does not occupy too much space within a house. As budgies need to fly for physical and mental health, then you should opt for a budgie cage which is longer horizontally rather than a pretty upright, narrow one. However, if your house is with more space, you should buy a wider cage. In addition, for a small house, a taller cage is preferable. 

Furthermore, you should be also aware of the cage’s size per budgie. For one budgie, the cage with a dimension of 18x18x18 inches (height x width x length) is fine. Minimum size for 2 budgies cage is 30x18x18inches, which gives a volume of 9,720″ cubic inches (77x46x46cm = 162932 cubic cm). Moreover, the size of the cage for 3 budgies is 32x18x20 inches, which gives a volume of 11,520″ cubic inches (82x46x51 cm = 201756 cubic cm). However, the cage that will provide a volume of 3800 cubic inches (62271 cubic cm) per budgie will be excellent. However, if the number of budgies is more, you should opt for a mini aviary cage


Some cages are equipped with sharp things. Also, thoroughly examine the cage before buying for any stray wires or ends of bars extending out. That’s why do not opt for this type of cage because the budgie might be injured with sharp things. Besides, this condition also implements equally to the outer part, as your budgie, once finger-trained and able to go out of the cage, will be examining this area too. If you want to add any rod or stick or toy to the cage, it should be check and confirm that it is without edges or spikes. You should also be aware to not make a gap into which the head or foot of budgie is easily inserted but it bringing out is hard. Moreover, examine the cage and its contents that are not coated with toxic paint or varnish. Also, anything of rust should be refused too. 

budgerigar cage
Cookie Cage


You should not only think about budgie comfort but also yourself. Therefore, you should buy a budgerigar cage that should be easily cleaned. In this regard, you should choose a cage with double doors features. Also, choose a budgie cage with enough space to be easily accessed by hand. In this regard, the best examples are geo cage with double doors features an aviary cage with maximum space. 


The budgie cage should be clean regularly, at least one in a week. You should use the scrub, hot and soapy water for cleaning the bottom of tray, toys, and bowls. The bars should be also cleaned. The bars of cage cleansing is important for preventing the building up of harmful bacteria around it. Before putting again these things in cage, confirm that all are thoroughly rinsed and dried. The perches should also be cleaned but with a damp cloth not with scrub or water. You should also have disinfectant for killing all the bacteria to keep safe budgies from the diseases. 

However, If the budgie is well trained and loyal, you can leave him free to fly during the cleansing of the cage. But, if they are not so, you should have a spare cage to put them in, while cleaning the other cage. However, if your budgie cage consists of many sections, you can put the budgies in the upper section to clean the bottom section of the cage. This is the best option for the care of young budgies because you will not make them in trouble to catch and put them in the box or second cage. This will help to clean the bottom section elements easily such as a tray etc.

After cleaning the bottom move the budgie again to the bottom section, and you will be free then to clean other things such as toys or swings in the upper section. Moreover, you should take a cloth to the inside of the budgerigar cage to deal with dirty perches, mirrors, etc. Yes, the bird will flap and panic a bit, but it will be less stressful for him than being captured and moved elsewhere.

budgerigar cage
Cleaning Budgie cage


The selection of perches for budgie cages is also an important segment because budgies sleep, play and take rest on the perches. They flap and climb from one perch to another and spend much of the day with their four toes curled around a perch. So, it is important to choose the best perch for them. In this regard size and types of perches matter. The size of the perch varies from cage to cage. There are custom size perches for budgerigar cages, but the best perches are simple with thin branches. These perches can be trimmed to size depends on the budgie cage and inserted horizontally across the cage bars, versatile and free.  

Regarding types of perches, you should avoid smooth and rounded perch. The best option is perches made from twisted twigs, or simply customized stick. The budgie chews at the wood, and thus rough surface is best for gripping. When making fit a large branch or little stick for a perch, clean it with the scrub first. Because adding anything new to the cage should be clean. But with time perch needs to be replaced because the budgie has chewed it. 


You are not only required to buy a budgerigar cage or perches. Feeders should also be taken into consideration for the cage. Regarding feeders, you should buy at least 3: one for seed (food), one for veggies and one for water. The best feeder is simple bowl type or font type because in these types feeders seed to pop out of the tube into catcher at the surface.


The budgie needs something to hang on or swing. Therefore, toys are necessary for them to be put in the cage. There are cages available in the market with toys feature, so you should buy a cage with toys feature. The toys keep happy the budgie which in return gives them a healthier and happy life.

budgerigar cage
Cookie and Toys


A budgie is a living organism, he requires food, drinks, exercising material for moving, etc. Therefore, you should put perches, feeding and drinking bowls, something to chew, a swing, some toys, an instrument for bath, and any garments to line the base of the cage. In another world, the cage should be equipped with all the necessary needs to provide comfort for the budgie.


The cage can be placed on earth or any furniture. There is also stands for cages are available in the market. The cage can also be hanged with the help of a hook. The hanging of the cage via hook is the best option because the cage will be not easily accessible to children or cats, dogs, etc. The hanging is also helpful to keep away the cage from the air of vacuum cleaners.  


Covering the cage depends on the area of your house. If the house is in a busy area, where lights on and off all night and the noise of vehicles is produced whole day and night, the cage should be cover. Also, if your house belongs to the cold area then it should be also covered. Thus, the cover will help budgie to sleep well and keep safe from the cold. But you will regularly remove the cover from the cage every morning. However, in the case of a warm area, you should not cover the budgerigar cage.  


Budgie is a cute bird and requires special care. You should provide them with all the basic and necessary accessories for their healthy and cheerful life. The cage should be chosen with great care for budgies.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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