10 Things Only Bird Owners Understand

People might call us crazy but we just can’t help it. We love birds and are always eager to make them a part of our families. They are too cute to be left alone. Taking care of them and enriching their lives is an integral part of our behaviors. There are a few such things that only we can understand due to our years of experience with the birds. Let us discuss more about the

Birds Poops are normal

Everyone just freaks out when they find a bird’s poop in their house. Considering it a bad sight, they wash it immediately to get rid of it. Even worse, if a bird poops on them they get so frustrated that they use cuss words before cleaning the poop. But for us, the bird owners, bird poops are a normal sight and we don’t even care if we see a dropping at a random place in our homes. We clean it normally, whenever we have some spare time, just to keep the germs away. On finding a poop on our pants, we wipe it up with a tissue. Oh! Here’s a poop on my shoes, I’ll clean it later.

Chewing is uncontrollable

You can’t just chew anything and everything, but birds can. From furniture to wires, clothing to shoes, toys to food, you name it and they will chew it all. You do try to train your budgie what to chew and what not to every time and he eventually will get your point. But the very next time, he will find a new item in your house to chew upon. Try keeping those Jimmy Choo shoes in the open, only to find them chewed-up by your bird later. Or, bring that limited edition journal in the vicinity of your bird to get it destroyed.

Sunshine is chewing paper

Extremely Interactive

Budgies love interaction due to their social nature. They can talk endlessly to such extents that sometimes you will have to stop them from talking because you want solitude for a while. And at other times, they will fill you up with lots of energy by interacting continuously with you. If you sing a song while passing by their cage, they will sing the song back attracting your attention. When you are whistling, they respond by whistling back; when you talk to them or any of your family member, they talk back to you; and this list goes on. Such is the energy of these little creatures!

Gift us feathers

People usually collect bird’s feathers if they happen to find them somewhere. They show it off to others as their prized possession. But to us, our birds gift a bunch of them together during their molting periods. Not once, but we are presented with these beautiful feathers multiple times a year. We save them as a keepsake to retain our bird’s memories for the years to come.

Budgie Feathers

Interrupt calls

Birds, especially budgies love to interrupt while their owner is on a telephone call. While you are talking over the phone, they might mimic you or laugh or just squawk. You just can’t predict what sound they are going to produce to embarrass you. If you are talking to your distant relative asking him about his health, your budgie might laugh in between. Imagine yourself doing kitchen chores and talking business with your boss on hands-free mode, and suddenly your budgie mimics your boss! It is better to prevent the happening of such events because it is difficult to explain it to others at times. To avoid such situations, bird owners usually take calls after hiding themselves from their birds. Such hiding could be anywhere in the cupboards, under the bed or in the bathroom.

Birds Random dances are normal

A bird might start dancing out of the blue! He won’t even require a song in the background. A simple sound of, say, door-bell would be sufficient to initiate a dance session. Sometimes, their dance starts even without any such sound. Budgies can themselves sing and start dancing on their song. Looking at them dancing is a sight for sore eyes!

Birds love grooming

These little creatures demand some care and attention. Just like us, they love to get groomed. They are happy to get their nails and feathers clipped from a professional veterinary. It is like a spa session for them to relax and rejuvenate. If they get a chance to get that grooming from their owner, they will be happier. They will feel very special and being cared for.

You can’t hide at budgie’s back

If you have ever tried to play hide and seek with your budgie, you must have lost to him! Trying to hide something at your budgie’s back is impossible as he can turn his neck 180 degrees anytime. Also, if you think you can busy him with something and carry on with your hidings, you will be hit hard by the fact that he possesses a monocular vision. That simply means he can see individually with both his eyes which makes it possible for him to focus on his work with one eye and keep the other eye on you! Budgie owners have to find other measures to get that hiding done.

Happiest bath

Budgies enjoy taking baths and would love to take a dip now and then. They rub their beak when they are extremely happy. If they are taking a bath with their owner, it is a cherry on the cake for them. They will be extremely happy doing that, amusing you as well with their happy chirps and excitement.

Cookie is taking a bath

Budgies are authoritative

Little budgies want to take control of everything in your house. Not only their belongings, but they will also treat the other things too as their own. Your budgie might take charge of television remote while you are watching it. He might snatch away your puppy’s toy to play as he considers it his own. Getting attracted to colorful things is also natural and you might get blowed when you see your gold watch in your budgie’s beak.


Budgies or birds, in general, might become a little messy sometimes, but the companionship that they provide us is worth every effort. For our love for these little creatures, we tend to take up the responsibility of taking care of them. In turn, their joy and happiness give us immense pleasure.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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  1. I just got my first budgie and hes or she is so young i dont know what sex he is but he is super young. I called it Tidepod and i want to build a budgie playground for him. I love your budgie flock and my favorite is Nibbler and Cookie. Was Cookie your first budgie? I want to have her get used to my hands first being slow and loving till she feels used to its surroundings.

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