Louie the budgie!

Hi there!
My name is Abby, and today I want to share with you the story of how I got my budgie, Louie. Louie

I had been wanting a budgie ever since I saw Alen AxP’s channel, and I practically begged my mom for one but she never said yes. I did a project on them in fifth grade, I wrote three articles, I wrote two books. I was kind of obsessed.

Then, when the time came I finally got the budgie I was hoping for! We drove to a breeder, and she let me get out each budgie one by one. I noticed a tiny grey budgie in the back who was getting bitten by the other birds.

I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. He was the sweetest thing!! I love my Louie, and I always will!

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This year was amazing, a lot of good and bad happened… so let’s get started. [ Budgies Rewind 2019:My Budgies Story ] I must start with my Cookies birthday wich is in January. My Cookie is 8-year-old Budgies Cutie, and in one month from now will be 9 years old.

The biggest news of this year I got my FIRST TRULY Female budgies from the Market, my Bella, she is saved, If I may say that. She was kept in a really poor condition on a street market. WE HAD to save her and take her with us. A lot of you asked what’s with others, why we support that man who keeps these budgies in poor conditions? Well, I don’t think we can stop him anyway. It makes me happy knowing she is happy. And You know what? It is better to adopt but If you find that one Budgie you caught an eye on, you get that Budgie! and guess what?

More Budgies! 🙂

Only one week after installing my do it yourself budgies nest she surprises us with her gifts for us all. She laid her first eggs, 5 lovely eggs, unfortunately, 5th buggies didn’t make it.
I know I am packed with a bunch of crazy screaming Budgies, I LOVE THEM ALL.
It made me happy when they all grew up, they grow really fast. They need only 30 days from hatching to fly. so hurry up to tame and play with them. Young baby Budgies are the most interesting and playful creatures I know!
The funniest part is that they look all the same, but there is a little different in looks and behavior. and by the way, I already made a video about how to name your Budgie based on their behavior! That’s why my oldest baby Budgie is Nibbler always nibbling, Cutipie is just a cute lovely Budgie that name really suits him, this one is playful and explorer Sunshine and 4th budgie is stubborn not truly tamed, really difficult to tame, as you know not every single budgie is possible to tame, sometimes they need a lot more time to tame.

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