HOW MANY BUDGIES CAN YOU OWN? The noise level unbearable

HOW MANY BUDGIES CAN YOU OWN The noise level unbearable for humans

When to say I have too many Budgies? What do we mean by too many Budgies? Is it four Budgies too much for a House? I have 14 in my room, it is just fine, but is it alright?

Budgie birds are also called beginner birds, as they are smaller than normal Parrots. Budgie birds are mostly found in the USA. Budgies are kind and amiable. They are easy to go, enjoy being company with each other if acquired at a young age.

Budgie birds are reserved too, they don’t like to interact with every bird. It is important to create their bond to acquire pair of birds at a time. The budgie birds have human qualities, they love to enjoy with same age birth and rarely enjoy with older or younger than them.

Many researchers have found out that acquiring birds at a young age is good. They will consider you as your family as soon as they can as compare to older budgie birds.


We discussed above that budgies are docile, but at what limit? Keeping in pairs in a cage is good as they can interact with each other. In general, a pair of budgies would be happier than one single budgie. They are sociable birds and live in large flocks in the wild. More than two birds can recreate the noise or touch of the flock (albeit a very small one).

If you acquire one bird in a cage, you need to give proper time to budgie birds as they need attention, if you are a working person and work for 12 hours and more then you are advised to opt for at least two budgie birds at a time. Clean the budgie’s cage at least once a week. This will keep the budgie safe from different kinds of diseases.

Clean only with water and soap from the pet store avoid using any cleaning products unless you are sure that they are safe for birds and will not harm the birds.

HOW MANY BUDGIES CAN YOU OWN in single cage? The noise level unbearable
You will need large aviary


As budgies are gentle and playful. The size of the cage should be large enough so that they can fly in the cage. You might save some money and buy a flight cage for budgies.

Yet, some cages are very cute for budgies but they won’t provide a decent home to budgies. Therefore, compromising with the size of cages will ultimately lead to the physical and mental health of budgies.

Perfect sizes for budgie cages:
The minimum size for a one budgie would be 18x18x18 inches. (45x45x45cm)
Minimum size for Two budgies: 30x18x18inches. 76x45x45cm
Minimum size for Three budgies: 32x18x20 inches. 81x45x50cm

As said, this is a MINIMUM size cage for Budgies. Bigger is better and budgie is happier.


Budgies are sociable, keeping one budgie in a cadge means you are risking the mental health of budgie. Budgie needs at least one companion so budgie can play with his companion while you are not at home.

They are communicating with each other, serenading each other, playing together. Four budgies in a cage are enough, many budgies can create noise that creates your house noisily.

If you desire for budgies of the opposite sex then you need to plan the big house for them. As female budgie lay eggs up to 4-6 eggs. This means you have to buy the flight cage for six budgie birds. If you are not comfortable with many budgie birds, same-sex.

Male or female all budgies need at least one companion. If you own one budgie, they will feel all alone and sad. They will have not the quality of joy, they will remain silent and their health might hurt. It is paramount to have at least one companion with budgie birds.

Budgie birds are joyful in pairs and having amazing bonds with each other. It’s okay to let your budgie bird out of their cages with their companions to enjoy the atmosphere.

You should consider care and safety so that they can not run away from your home.

They are social birds


Budgies are companionable, they love to have companions. However male budgie birds are more sociable and they enjoy the company of three and play together, yet female budgies are reserved and jealous they don’t like to have three budgie birds in a cage. It again types you must consider while
buying a budgie. Male are more friendly than female, it’s a fact you don’t need to think that we are considering females low, no not at all, everyone has different nature. Having three males could be a definite advantage if you would like all to get on. Usually, the new bird can get picked on at first.

Budgies are flock birds however still ought to establish a hierarchy among the flock. It looks as if the other is going on with the older bird obtaining sidelined. whereas you can’t really control how your birds behave, you may minimize the possibilities of infighting by increasing the number of feed bowls in the cage.

HOW MANY BUDGIES CAN YOU OWN in single cage? The noise level unbearable
They are social birds

Rearranging the layout of the cage by placing the perches and toys. It would easier if your cage was on the larger side so that the birds have plentiful space to get away from one another if a fight breaks out. Worst case scenario, you may separate the bird obtaining picked on. It is better to own the largest birdcage you can afford so that you can provide as much space as possible for your budgies to move around.

Because budgies, fly more than up and down, select a cage with more length than height. The cage must be constructed with 1/2-inch (1,27cm) bar spacing to make it easier for your budgie to climb around and keep it from getting stuck in the bars. Avoid bamboo cages or any material your budgie could chew through to escape.

Budgies can groom themselves often. If your budgerigar is in physiological condition, you’ll notice them cleaning their feathers, scratching their beak on numerous surfaces around the cage, and even having a shower.


Budgies are easy-going. Many budgies are different from each other, it comes to types if it is male budgie, female budgie, small budgie, or older budgie. At first, they don’t like to share their room with other new companions but from the passage of time, they started interacting with each other.

If you buy a new budgie, you must not put budgie direct in a cage. After sending the budgie in a cage, you must check the reaction of the old folks. If they react wired, at first don’t put one budgie into another budgie’s cage or with a pair of budgies, even if the birds appear to be getting along outside the cage.

This sounds like placing a stranger in your bedroom without your consent. Keep the cages side-by-side and allow socialization to take place in neutral territory so they can interact with each other in separate cages. The budgies will ultimately select the residence they prefer, by introductory visits to one another’s cages.

This safer introduction to living arrangements will help reduce the quarreling and bickering. Once you bought your new budgie, keep it separate in its own cage during quarantine, start training your new

When you finally introduce your birds to one another, place them in neutral territories — such as a play stand and allow them to choose their favorite cage. This method will allow both parakeets to remain tame and interact with you, as well as with one another.



Budgies started to believe that their cage is home and they live happily with each other. If you keep acquiring many budgie birds and adding them to one cage, it will create a noise and health issue between budgies. They will start irritating each other and chances are they fight with another due to suffocation in a cage.

A cage is not just a cage for them, it’s a home for them, where they live, sleep, play and fly, they won’t like to live in a suffocating area. They want freedom within their cage. It’s better to have more than two cages for many budgies. Owning too many budgies in a cage will risk the lives of budgies, budgies might get ill. It is possible that owning two many budgies in a cage can neglect other budgies by the owner of budgies.

They are attention seekers; they want proper attention from their owners. If you want to enjoy your time with budgies it’s better to own two or four budgies in a cage or in your house, although it’s a house, not a zoo, you too have your privacy.

Budgies need proper time, diet, and area. These are the most important things to consider while owning the budgies in your house.

A cage is not just a cage for them, it’s a home


Budgies can easily memorize hundreds of words and learn various kinds of tricks. They can live for up to 10 years and are talkative pets. As bringing a budgie home is a serious commitment because they are attention seekers, here are some key things you need to keep in mind about budgies before buying one:

Do you have appropriate housing for your budgie?

Can you provide daily time outside of the cage for your budgie? Are you able to give them attention? Are you aware that birds can be vocal and have you checked this is acceptable to your family and neighbors? A healthy budgie should have clean and smooth feathers, an alert and upright posture, clear and regular breathing, and no discharge around its beak, eyes, or ears.

I have a Zoo at home

If you’re a first-time budgie parent, first you must start with one new bird. Budgies are flock birds and do best once given lots of attention, by you and/or a cage mate. If you opt to deal with 2 budgies alone, you would like the cage to be as huge as you’ll afford for the space you have available.

The cage probably is going to be wherever your budgies can pay most of their time, therefore you would like the cage for 2 birds to be double the scale as a cage for one. The budgies can jump around from perch to perch and fly from aspect to aspect, therefore you would like lots of area for enjoying, moreover as an area for toys, ledges, multiple food bowls, and different accessories, while not the cage feeling cluttered.

Though, budgies are sociable will show a great response if they have a partner at least once. If budgies fly singe for long periods of time, they can become lonely, depressed, and sick. Having a companion will keep them happy and joyful.


Budgies are sociable and docile. They are friendly in nature; due to their friendly nature, they became one of the famous bird animals in the world.

They have the ability to copy or mimic the human language for up to 50-40 words. Humans like to have them in their houses due to their friendly nature. However, budgies need more attention than any other bird.

Giving a lot of space no matter how many Budgies do you have is a must! Same as humans, we need space, we need freedom. Our mission is to provide our little feathery friend life with years of happiness.


We are here bringing you all you need to know when it comes to proper Budgie or Parakeet care! The budgerigar is a surprisingly interesting and complex creature with an interesting history. Anyone willing to learn about these little birds and their care should be able to bring one home and have several years of companionship with their new pet. We are dedicated to showing the world the joys of keeping healthy Budgies or Parakeets. My Channel is not just about all kinds of Budgie videos, it’s also about building a community and keeping our love for Budgies/Parakeets alive! 💖 Click here to SUBSCRIBE:

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