Can a Tamed Budgie Help You Train Another One?

Can a Tamed Budgie Help You Train Another One

Having a tamed budgie is undoubtedly beneficial to tame another one. You just have to be patient and appreciate the patience of your pet who is learning.

Hello! pets keepers, looking for some advice to get your pets on track especially if they’re budgies (budgerigars) also known as Parakeet in the US. then you’re on the right spot. As you no doubt know, Budgies are small parrots having short bodies and long tails with colorful plumage.

Like other parrot breeds, these little fellas can also talk and can have a vocabulary of hundreds of words which makes them one of the best playmates and sweet friends to keep, with whom you can gossip after your busy day and hectic schedule to have some delightful changes in your mood or when you’re doing nothing at all and want someone to accompany you but that’s only going to happen if your budgie who we call innocent friendly-being is actually friendly and perfectly tamed and that’s the reason why you’re here.

Already have a tamed budgie but want to be friends with another one with the help of your old little dude?

Then this is for you. We will get you through some tips and tricks the hat might help you to make a good friendly bond with your tiny parakeet by using your old fluffy mate. Budgies are not that easy-going creatures at first but they are good learners and can be taught easily. Few things that you should keep in your mind before start training a budgie are:

  • keep patience for this is not a one-second play.
  • don’t lose hope and keep encouraging your pet.
  • Be gentle and kind-hearted if the pet doesn’t come up to your expectations as you can’t expect them to be as efficient as human beings.

Using your trained and tamed budgie to train another budgie wouldn’t be a bad idea but how and in what way you’re going to use it to get some satisfying outcomes is the point.

What step should you take while taming budgie with the help of a tamed one?

Can a Tamed Budgie Help You Train Another One?

Keep them together

Consider keeping them together in the same cage and let your new tiny friend watch all that’s going between you and your old mate. Do all your moves that your budgie finds funny and fascinating and, let the new one observe them. Sit in front of the cage and read a book and try to read it aloud but softly for approximately 10 minutes giving your friend-to-become a chance to know your voice and don’t let in any strangers or any kind of noise other than your voice disturb your little mates during the process.

External intrusions might break your budgie’s concentration towards you. Moreover, sing your budgies a song using a musical instrument if you have any. Music is loved by almost all beings on this God’s good green Earth so, it can also play a part in giving rise to a friendship with a cute, fluffy budgie.

Move your hands outside the cage

Move your hand gently outside the cage especially the part where your old budgie is perching. Keep the hand as close as you can to your tamed budgie from outside the cage. Now your new budgie will begin to think that “Why on earth this bird of my sort is not afraid of a hand so big.

I ain’t gonna go anywhere near that gigantic thing. I will surely get crushed by that.” Will it be that mean to think about such things? or do budgies tend to think like that? Well, who knows but whatever he thinks while avoiding you we conclude it as fear. Yes, fear within your budgie and that’s what you’re working on you need to get that fear out of your bird, once the fear is gone budgie is yours.

Let it see moves and signs that you make with your hands while playing with your tamed budgie through the tiny bars of their cage. After your new budgie has noticed your old budgie’s fearlessness move your hand slowly towards the new one and keep getting closer until the budgie shows a little fear and starts feeling uncomfortable, then draw your hand back.

Do this whenever you walk past the cage or a minimum of three times a day.

Feeding your untamed and tamed budgies together

Feeding is the most important factor that will draw your budgie’s attention towards you. It reminds me of the well-known saying that says “Path to someone’s heart passes through the stomach.” So, be sure to pick the right nourishments that budgies love to eat.

You can offer your budgies these: Barley, buckwheat, canary seeds, oats, kernel, sweetcorn, wheat, finger-millet and, fresh fruits.

Budgies love to eat banana

These nutritious foods provide a great treat for birds and help them to satisfy their developmental needs. So, select one of them and open the cage’s gateway, insert your hand inside it with food being held by your hand then offer a delicious treat to your tamed budgie and let it hop on your hand or finger to feast upon the given food.

The other budgie in that cage will find the whole scene extremely thoughtful and your behavior incredibly friendly and begins to show less fear than usual.

Budgies are believed to be awfully sensitive creatures, they ask for your care and love like babies do, so, be careful while handling everything related to budgies. Also, Do try to get that new little twit to share the food with its cage fellow, from your hand. Make no haste to express your expectations let that little being take time.

Feed them daily on your hand and try not to force if the new one feels hesitant or being nervous. Be gentle on every stuff.

Playing with toys

Budgies are often playful. They love spending their hours playing with toys, perch, and other equipment in their cage. They also don’t spare their owner’s lips, nose, fingers and, clothes and use them as their toys. Be sure to get your budgie a bunch of toys and start playing with it along with the untamed one.

It would surely love to see you play with its kind of fellow, try to put some tiny toys in front of it and move them with your finger and wait to see if it moves the toys after you. Do it repeatedly to get the barrier of fear out of your budgie.

Big and massive toys can scare this little bird of yours which can cause delays in your upcoming friendship. Always introduce toys that you think are going to be loved by your budgie. Be attentive about your budgies’ stuff as they’re tremendous attention seekers. A bit of unawareness or negligence can destroy their happy mood.

Don’t let such obstacles come your way while you’re developing a new bond.

Can a Tamed Budgie Help You Train Another One?

Perching or fingering training

After all these days of dedication and patience towards your budgie, I’m pretty sure that it has developed an interest in your personality. Little by little you both have almost conquered your tiny pal’s fear. You’re now able to take one step further to make this relationship of yours even stronger and that is perch training.

You can even start sitting it directly on your finger if it doesn’t mind or you can use a wooden perch or stick at first then move slowly to start putting fingers ahead of him but you have to do all this by giving an example of your budgie that is already tamed and let the new one see how the other one does this.

Put the perch or finger near your tamed budgies as a proposal to make pace and move onto the perch or finger to be seated on as the budgie comes and places its feet on the perch try to move the perch in the air in a gentle motion. Swing it in the air make the budgie enjoy the swings and air that makes its feather look even more fluffy. By doing this you will make the budgie that you want to tame think what it’s constantly missing.

When it has seen enough of what you two have been doing, It will soon begin to think that stepping like my cousin on a wooden perch isn’t that harmful and humans are nice beings at least this one is, whom I’m regularly seeing. So, this can be the right time to let it share that perch or finger with its homie. It might fall off the perch or finger at first as it has no experience of being a good boy at perches but you mustn’t lose patience and hope and try to be gentle with a little birdy who has started to like you.

Begin to teach it like a good kindergarten teacher who teaches their students about ways of doing things and all the necessary manners that may come useful in handling situations.

Give your budgie an end of the perch or your finger also make a gentle whistle sound to provide it courage. Push the perch or finger beneath its feet and see if it can make it to the perch or finger. Unluckily if it seems to be nervous, let it see his home mate do that again and then let it try again. If this time it sits but falls off the perch, make it sit again and keep doing it and let it make tries to be on the perch or finger and stay there as long as it can.

Once it’s sitting on the perch or finger and not falling off give it a shout-out! just to show that you’re happy that it’s made it. Give it a treat full of its favorite fruits and grains after this tough training session and let it have some rest.

Step-up and come command training

In this journey of getting to know each other and after doing the perch/finger training you and your pet have built up a friendly environment which we’re going to consider as a good omen that works as the foundation stones of the building of your lovely friendship. As you’ve overcome the fears of your budgies. Perhaps, not completely but to a great extent I hope so, we’re ready to go for the “step-up” and “come command” training.

If the budgie is resting on the perch in its cage, push another perch or finger towards it and say, “Come” your budgie may find it difficult to understand what you mean at first but say it every time you give him a finger or perch to come upon. It will soon begin to realize that you want it to come on the perch or finger. When your budgie has become best at the “Come” command start saying “step up” after “Come” and keep changing fingers, one after one, one over another. Give your budgie a fine finger ladder and make it climb as many stairs of fingers as it can.

Can a Tamed Budgie Help You Train Another One?

Say “Step-up” if it stops, and so on, always remember that your goal is to reach where you ask it to come upon your finger and it comes running without feeling any kind of hesitation or nervousness, also take the other budgie to be on your other hand place your both hands close to each other so that the budgies would be able to see one another having fun on the staircase made by fingers and by looking at them you would be pleased to know that finally, you have a newly tamed budgie in your cage.

So, having a tamed budgie is undoubtedly beneficial to tame another one. You just have to be patient and appreciate the patience of your pet who is learning and trying to put a step forth at every inch of your care and affection.

In this world full of animals budgies are one of the best pets to be kept and fine companions to have. I hope that that you have an endless bond with your pets. Cheers!


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