Does Budgie Get Attached To Their Owners? Hand taming a Pet that HATES YOU!

Does Budgie Get Attached To Their Owners Hand taming a budgie that HATES YOU

Budgies are social birds and get easily attached to their owners. They adopt many ways to show their affection and love. Learn how to tame your pet bird.

Budgie is a smart parrot who can visualize and understand the environment quickly. They are quite social and loving birds and get easily affectionate to their owners. Maybe they take some time and caring attitude from you, but eventually, they’ll be very comfortable in your presence.

Why Budgies Get Attached To Their Owners?

Budgies are loving birds. They can get attached to you if you give them your time, play with them, and hand-feed them, play by perching on fingers and walking all over you. They love being the center of attention, play, sing and talk to you. Your gentle and nice behavior can make your Budgie get close to you. They can’t resist your care and humble attitude. If you give him your love and affection, he never forgets you, even if you leave it for months. Even after years, they will recognize you. It is their sharp memory that will not let them forget you and also their long-time affection for you.

How Can You Make Your Budgie Gets Attached To You?

Budgies are very socialized. They love socializing with you if they get comfortable with you. You just have to spend a lot of time, like a good friend providing all fun and needs he has, that means to make that little budgie happy, he will get used to you.

How Can You Make Your Budgie Gets Attached To You

Problems Faced By New Budgie Owners?

When you adopt or buy a pet, you expect that your pet recognizes you, give you love and affection, and plays with you. The same is the case with a Budgie. He wants you to give him time, play with him and pet him. They don’t get close to you in just one day. So Be Patient.
People complain that their Budgie wants more attention and love from any other person. That might be distressing for the owner. But you have to keep trying to make your Budgie accept you, enjoy your companionship. Eventually, a time will arise when your Budgie starts cheering on your entrance into the house and eagerly wait to play and enjoy with you.

Motivating Your Budgie To Like You:

Fulfill his needs:

  • Give your Budgie food on time. Always try to feed your bird in a clean bowl. They don’t like dirty places and food. Also, the water you provide them must be clean.
  • If you don’t feed them on time or failed to provide your bird access to food whenever they need it, may lose their trust in you and may feel uncomfortable with you. So fulfill your bird’s all needs on time.

Make Him Comfortable:

A Budgie can get attached to you if you give him a comfortable environment to live in.

  • Try to make his cage a little bit expensive, so he can have some space to enjoy and flap his wings.
  • The cage in which you keep him must be away from direct sunlight so he doesn’t get harm in any way. Also, the cage should be away from other pets, which makes him feel uncomfortable and frightened.

Don’t Scare Your Bird:

  • A parakeet can easily be frightened of any unexpected happenings. If you want to make him easy and happy, don’t scare your bird with any loud noise or music.
  • Also, some pets can make him scared. So try to keep your Budgie away from such pets.

Provide Him Toys To Play With:

Budgies are jolly creatures. They love playing. For this reason, they like toys. So, provide him some toys in his cage.

  • Toys should be colorful and small.
  • Try to put a swing in its cage, so that your Budgie can have more space to enjoy.
  • Toys should be made up of wood, so he can chew and bite easily with his beak.

Build Trust Of Your Budgie For You

You can build the trust of your Budgie for you by simply showing him affection and friendly behavior.

  • Free him for some time from his cage. This makes him feel comfortable.
  • Speak to him in soothing tones, because Budgies love calm and soothing voices. He enjoys talking to you and also tries to repeat your words. So making his trust requires you to spend some time with your bird and show him your love and affection.
Budgies are social birds and get easily attached to their owners. They adopt many ways to show their affection and love. Learn how to tame your pet bird.
It is easier to tame a Budgie because they are social birds

Hand Taming Of Budgies to get Attached

Hand Taming is a method to make your Budgie comfortable with you and approach you with negligible resistance.

When you buy or adopt a new Budgie, try to make him adjust with you. You can adopt a hand taming method to make him approach you and then show attachment and affection to you.

Here is a step by step guide to hand taming your bird,

Make Your Budgie Adjusted In New Environment

Give your bird at least 2 weeks to be comfortable in the new environment.
⦁ They will first recognize the surrounding area, try to locate where their food is, and other accessories of their cage.
⦁ You can also put your Budgie in a busy room where all the house members gather at one time so he gets used to the house environment.
⦁ Also, try to avoid noisy places as Budgies will feel very reluctant and uncomfortable at noisy places.

Don’t Interact Directly From The Very First Day

In the initial 1 week, try to understand his instincts and behaviors, his body language towards you, and the new environment.
⦁ Don’t touch him, he might feel discomfort. Unless he gets used to your hand movements.
⦁ Don’t directly look into his eyes, this can make him feel that you are a predator.

Try to be in front of your Budgie for the maximum time of the day

If you want your Budgie to trust you and get adjusted with you, try to stay close to him.

  • It will take him 1 week, eventually, he feels comfortable in your presence. It is not necessary that you have to directly interact with him.
  • For the first 1 week, try to stay in front of his eyes, so you can figure out his adjustment level with you and the new environment. Try to talk to your Budgie in a soothing voice:
  • Budgies like soothing tones so try to talk to him. Budgies also love to talk and chirp, so your way of talking to him also makes him comfortable to talk to you.
Budgie should never be lonely!

Ways To Place Your Hands In Budgie’s Cage

When he gets used to your voice, now try to approach him physically.

  • For a few days, place your hand over his cage while talking to him. After this, you can put your hand inside Budgie’s cage, but be careful because you don’t have to touch him.
  • It may take him another one week to feel comfortable on touched by you.

Try To Feed Him With Your Hand

Another important step in hand taming is feeding your bird with your hand. It makes him feel comfortable that you are his well-wisher and never hurt him.

  • For this, take any grain or millet in your hand and try to approach your bird. Don’t be disheartened if he doesn’t take it or feels scared from your hand. It will take at least 5 sessions to make him get food from your hand.
  • Change the water and place the food in his cage with your own hands, this will make him more adjusted to your hand.
Does Budgie Get Attached To Their Owners? Hand taming a Pet that HATES YOU!
Hand feeding Budgies using seeds or pellets

Hand Taming: Try To Approach Him

  • With slow and small steps, along with soothing voices, try to approach Budgie with your hand. At first, he might get scared seeing your hand approaching too close. As a reflex action, he can bite you also.
  • Make sure you do it very patiently and slowly. If he gets hyper, make him feel relax and try again. After 2-3 sessions, you can approach him with your index finger. If you feel him getting too much frustrated, stop the session and try the next day.

Make Your Budgie Land On Your Index Finger

When your Budgie gets used to your index finger, then make him step up on your finger.

  • Do some calm and smooth movements on his chest with your finger. After a few sessions, he will understand what you want him to do.
  • If he hesitates, put their favorite food over your hand and try to make him step up on your finger.

Keep Calm

Don’t move your hand too much, otherwise, he won’t be able to stay there.

  • Whenever you try to lift him on your hand, offer him a treat after doing that. Repeat this process several times a day so he gets used to this and every time offer him some treat.
Budgies needs to feel free and fly!

Let Your Budgie Spend Some Time Out Of The Cage

Don’t bound your Budgie just to the cage. Take him out of the cage on the regular basis and also take him to other rooms of the house while keeping them on the finger.
⦁ On the first try, he will hesitate, maybe try to go again into the cage because he finds the cage as his comfort zone.
⦁ If he does so, don’t chase him as this will cause disturbance for him.
⦁ When your Budgie gets calm, again try to move him out of the cage on your finger with a calm attitude and soothing voices.
⦁ It may take a week or so to make him comfortable without his cage. You have to keep patience and do everything calmly.

Do Budgies Forget Their Owners If They Leave Them For Several Months?

Budgies are intelligent and smart birds. They have a unique and extraordinary memory. They always remember you even if you leave them. When Budgies live with their owners, a special bond is developed between them. That is the reason Budgies will never be able to forget you and they will recognize you even after months or years.
When you leave your Budgie for a long time, he’ll be able to recognize you and will be happy to see you again.

How Would You Know That Your Budgies Are Comfortable With You?

Budgies are social birds and get easily attached to their owners. They adopt many ways to show their affection and love and also want to get attention and love from their owners. These birds are maybe shy at first, but with your attention and calming tones, your Budgie can be trained and he will show his love in several ways without any hesitation.

Some of the ways of Budgies for showing their affection are listed as under.

Sitting on your arm and shoulders

When your bird gets comfortable with you, he enjoys sitting on your shoulders. He also wants to cuddle with you. So let your bird come so close to you for making a strong bond with your pet

Likes Singing With You

Budgies like to sing and their cute voice can make your day. If you sing in front of your bird or play any music, he’ll try to sing himself in the same tune. It shows that they have developed an emotional bond with you

Blow Whistles

If the bird feels happy and satisfied in your presence, one of the best things you’ll notice is whistling. It is also an initial step of a Budgie to start taking.

Likes Talking To You

Budgies have also got a skill of talking. They can learn those sentences and phrases which you often use in its presence. Budgies love to talk to you and even answer you if you talk to them.

Some Body Movements Can Also Show Your Bird’s Happiness:

⦁ If your Budgie is flapping his wings frequently, it shows his contentment and happiness around you.
⦁ If Budgie has got a relaxing body posture, it means he is relaxed and comfortable. If your bird has a stiff body posture and doesn’t seem relaxed, it means something is teasing him or he is not comfortable with you.
⦁ If the bird is hanging upside down on the swing in its cage, it shows its trust and comfort zone in your presence.
⦁ Also, notice your bird’s tail. If it wags his tail often, it shows that he has built a loving connection with you. So this up and down movement of its tail shows his happiness around you.

They are gentle birds and that must always be on your mind. Never force your Budgie to do anything, some budgies need a lot of time than any other. Patience is the key! Provide all love you got and you will not fail! You will get attached to you a beautiful pet bird and a friend.


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