Do People live longer with Budgie birds? Do they make us happier?

Do People live longer with Budgie birds Do they make us happier

Budgies are beneficial for people in general. They do more than just provide valuable companionship for their owners. They can also make them feel less depressed.

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, many people are increasingly finding that keeping a bird as a pet is equally satisfying. This has led many people around the world to adopt birds from all species as pets. Many people believe that doing so helps them live longer – they especially believe that this is true with the Budgie bird. However, is this really the case? Read more to discover the truth.

What is a Budgie bird?

This species of bird stands in a class by itself, even among birds. People love them for their amazing ability to display the classic human emotions of understanding, respect, empathy, and the ability to express sympathy in difficult situations. These interesting birds are small and belong to the Parakeet family.

Benefits of having a budgie bird

While there is no direct evidence that keeping a Budgie bird as a pet will help the owner live longer, the many benefits that pet Budgies bring their owners certainly seem to suggest a strong link between keeping a pet Budgie and living a long and happy life. It’s now time to explore each benefit in detail:

Budgies tend to lower the overall stress levels in their owners. The fact that they are very vocal, emotional, and empathetic may account for some of this.

People who own Budgies tend to be far less depressed. This is crucial since people who are constantly depressed tend to have shorter life spans. Either they die from a critical disease/illness that depression can cause (heart disease and diabetes) or they commit suicide.

Budgies have been known to improve the overall heart health of their owners. This is important because good overall heart health is one of the key factors leading to living longer.

Do People live longer with Budgie birds? Do they make us happier?
Budgies lower stress levels in their owners

These birds can sense when their owners’ health is deteriorating. Just as dogs can often sense an earthquake long before, Budgies can tell when their owners are getting sick long before they (owners) show any discernable symptoms. They can alert their owners to get medical help right away either by acting up or by acting differently.

Budgies keep the elderly company. The elderly tend to live alone and that can breed social isolation and loneliness. Budgies offer their elder owners constant companionship. They also shower these people with constant attention. Repeated studies have shown that there is a strong link between companionship and happiness because of the endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that companionship releases in the brain. This can indeed help people (and especially elderly ones) live longer.

Budgies talk owners to happiness

Well, this shouldn’t be too surprising since most species of parakeets are capable of comprehending and speaking human languages. They make their owners feel special by engaging in conversations with them. The conversations may consist of simple two to three-word sentences or repetitions of spoken sentences but this is enough to keep their owners’ morale high.

Budgies are very loving. Indeed, they accept everyone who they meet for who they are and never judge. It’s this kind of unconditional love and acceptance that makes many people (especially owners) feel special. This directly contributes to good mental health.

Having good mental health is key to living longer.

They are like the animal Sudoko for the brain. Sudoku is a series of word and numbers games that helps keep the mind sharp and fit. This is especially true of older people. And people who have healthier brains tend to live much longer!

Do People live longer with Budgie birds? Do they make us happier?
Budgies help with depression

Budgies help with depression

As mentioned earlier, pet Budgies help people with depression. This is crucial since many people die either from depression-related illnesses or by killing themselves. So it’s time to delve deeper into this phenomenon.

People don’t even need to own a Budgie as a pet to live longer. The mere act of going outside and seeing lots of Budgies flying around can dramatically lower overall stress, depression, and anxiety levels quickly. This has been backed by many studies. One of these was undertaken by researchers at the University of Exeter in Britain. They teamed up with the British Trust for Ornithology. Researchers from the two institutions conducted monitored tests on many species of birds.

The birds were measured and identified for species and for concentration during various periods of the day, notably breakfast and lunchtime. They surveyed many neighborhoods in three southern English towns. They measured and tested the five nature characteristics that these towns had in common. The results of their study both amazed them and confirmed what they had believed all along about birds and depression.

Flock of Budgies in the wild

People who saw lots of birds outside in the morning or during the middle of the day reported feeling less depressed, stressed, and anxious. They also reported feeling better. Incidentally, this dramatically improved their overall productivity.

Being less depressed also makes the brain much sharper. This leads to greater and more effective critical and cognitive thinking, therefore, people with sharper brains tend to solve problems much more efficiently and much more often. They also find that they don’t have to solve problems nearly as often as their more depressed peers.

Birds are healing your soul

There is another interesting way that Budgies can help their owners feel less depressed. They can help their owners feel motivated to get out and explore nature more often. These people often feel motivated to ‘walk’ their birds in the same way that dog owners walk their dogs regularly. ‘Being one with nature can do wonders for people’s mental health. This is especially true for people who own Budgies.

Exposure to fresh air helps stimulate the brain by triggering the release of many chemicals that help the brain feel better. These chemicals also help the brain become sharper and more analytical in nature. There is another unintended health benefit that is worth a mention – people who are regularly exposed to fresh air from nature tend to experience better overall health.

They suffer from far fewer respiratory problems – this includes asthma. There is ample proven medical evidence that .shows a strong link between having good respiratory health and living longer. People who are out regularly in nature are also fitter and have better heart health. Both directly contribute to living longer and healthier lives

Happy bird and happy owner

More about Budgies improving overall heart health

People who suffer from heart disease – either congenital or acquired – or heart problems don’t live as long. Either they get depressed or die from a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure. Medicines can help, but cardiologists have found that more natural and holistic options are far better for healing the heart.

That’s where birds, and especially Budgies, come into the picture. They can help keep people suffering from cardiovascular problems (heart disease) feel better and less depressed. This is crucial since excessive depression and anxiety can actually cause certain types of heart failure. Additionally, feeling better can boost the body’s overall immune system. This can make people who are suffering from cardiovascular problems healthier.

There is also a link between feeling better and having the medicines that people take for cardiovascular disease work better. Since Budgies reduce the incidence of depression in people, they can actually help these people heal faster by having their hearts be healed faster and more effectively by medicines like digoxin and lisinopril.

Never alone again!

Budgies help with loneliness

Elderly people who own a Budige as a pet may actually feel motivated to be active in their communities. This is because Budgies offer valuable social interaction. It’s the social interaction that makes people feel better about themselves. They also have higher self-esteem and self-confidence. These people are depressed less often. But constant social interaction has another benefit – it motivates people to interact with others more often.

Humans are like social butterflies, they need to be interacting with living things (not necessarily human) to feel good and be healthier and more productive. Budgies often serve the role for the elderly that little kids do for their parents – they keep them busy and make them feel important. This alone can reduce the incidence of depression and boost morale and good feelings. One of the reasons why is because constant activity releases a constant stream of endorphins in the brain. This is a natural mood stimulant and stabilizer.

Finally, people (and especially the elderly) who are always active in the community feel better because they feel as though they are being productive with their time, doing something constructive, and giving back to the community. Elderly people, especially, are prone to becoming depressed easily and staying depressed for a longer period of time because they tend to be more socially isolated. ‘Giving back to the community can help make elderly people feel better and it can add years to their lifespan by dramatically improving their overall health.

Do People live longer with Budgie birds? Do they make us happier?

All you need is love

The reference to a popular Beatles’ song notwithstanding, all most people need is love to feel better about themselves. Love also can heal a person’s physical and mental body and state of mind. This helps them live longer because it helps make them healthier and more productive people. Budgies are an excellent source of love. They are especially known for their ability to listen to people’s problems for hours at a time with a great deal of empathy and understanding.

Research has shown that people who talk through their problems regularly feel better. They are also much more likely to find solutions to their problems. This is one of the main reasons why many people like to talk to therapists and licensed professional counselors. Sometimes Budgies inadvertently say brilliant things that can lead their owners to think of innovative and clever ideas and solutions that will solve their most pressing issues.

Love also triggers the release of many feel-good chemicals in the brain. This does more than just make people feel better. It can also help improve their health by stimulating certain damaged and diseased cells in their bodies to regenerate into younger and healthier cells. This alone can help these people live longer and healthier lives.

Do People live longer with Budgie birds? Do they make us happier?

Budgies do people good

The interesting pun on the 1980’s jingle in a popular American milk commercial ‘Milk, it does your body good’ notwithstanding, Budgies are beneficial for people in general. They do more than just provide valuable companionship for their owners. They can also make them feel less depressed.

They can also improve heart conditions for people suffering from congenital or acquired heart disease by improving their overall mood and by helping their medicines work much better.

All of these play an important role in helping their owners live much longer, healthier, and happier lives.


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