My budgies started mating a week ago when i set up pots in the main colony. I then seperated them from the flock and placed them in a bigger cage. Now they are still mating and the female laid a egg two days ago. The female looks a bit stressed, it bent in a way that she is going to lay an egg in the afternoon and was panting. it did not lay the egg. it is active and is sitting on the first egg.

I got multiple questions so please bare with me.

1) The second egg was supposed to be laid today, the abdomine of the female looks flatter than before. Will it continue to lay eggs?

2) She already had 9 eggs and 3 babies came out of them, She raised them without the male as he died. All this happened in july to august of 2023. She also laid few infertile eggs in the november of 2023. Now the same female is breeding with her new mate. Is this ok, I know we need to provide some gap between breeding but they are active so i had to put the pot for them.

AlenAxp Answered question May 18, 2024
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