Breeding English Budgies? LEARN NOW!

It is time to learn to know everything about breeding English Budgies, same as regular American-Australian Budgies.

English Budgies are popular among bird lovers. This always keeps them in demand. And breeders are always at work breeding them to meet budgie lover’s needs. But do you know that you can even breed one at home?

Budgies are not very shy when it comes to breeding but it’s not that easy either. From selecting a pair to looking after Budgie chicks, you have to stay mindful and take proper care of them at every stage. The right pair, the right environment, the right food, and the right steps will make it easier for you to breed happy and healthy English Budgies. Let’s learn it all the right way.

Breeding English Budgies

Prerequisites of breeding English Budgies

  • For a successful breeding process, it is a must to take care of certain aspects beforehand.
  • Adopt your pair of Budgies from a reputed breeder only. Check the environment the breeder keeps the bird in. It must be clean and well-maintained.
  • Make sure the Budgies you’re going to adopt are healthy. You can have an expert’s advice to confirm this. Only healthy Budgies will produce healthier babies.
  • Consider the age of the Budgies you’re going to adopt. Budgies can breed only after they are one year old. For a perfect breeding pair, look for a male between 1-6 years age group, and a female in 1-3 years.
  • Make sure both the breeding birds aren’t family members. It increases the risk of the pair contracting multiple diseases during breeding.
  • If the two Budgies already know each other, they’re more likely to breed quickly.
  • Once you take them home, offer them their privacy. Do not interrupt them more often.
  • The cage size for breeding Budgies must be big enough for a successful breeding session.
  • Breeding season for Budgies starts when the weather cools off. In some regions, birds breed throughout the years, but the main season for English Budgie breeding starts in October and runs until April.
  • And lastly, only a good bond between both the birds would lead to them mating with each other. Channelize all your efforts to let the birds strike that loving bond.

How to Breed English Budgies?

The Right Breeding Environment

For Breeding English budgies, the first thing to do after you have your Budgies is to set a suitable environment for breeding. Separate the pair from the flock. This will keep the hen budgie safe from other males while she is in breeding condition. Placing them separated from others will offer them their privacy. They can, hence, create a loving bond and mate in private. Keep the breeding room’s temperature at around 65 degrees.

Though Budgies enjoy each other’s company, they need their time alone too. For their good mental health, it’s important to keep them in a cage big enough to offer each of them ample space. The ideal cage dimension is 24Ă—16Ă—18 inches.

Add a nest box on the side or back of the cage. Though, it’s your personal preference which kind of nest box you want for your bird, it must give the pair a snug-fit. The most preferred one is a wooden conclave in the base of nesting. This can prevent Budgies from getting splayed legs.

Breeding English Budgies

Things to take care of while breeding English Budgies

  • The cage, nest, and perches must be clean and left in the sun for a day before placing them to the breeding room.
  • Add mineral blocks, water feeders, and cuttlebone to the cage.
  • Use square perches as they run criss-cross at mid-cage height on each side. This helps Budgies to have rooms to fly back and exercise. You can find them at hardware stores. These perches offer the female budgie a better grip and easier time during breeding.
  • Use a wood nest box and do not add any perch inside it. Attach it to the side or rear end of the cage with some cable ties.
  • Keep little flat plastic plates for uninterrupted freshwater supply. Keep them clean all the time, sanitizing may be the best idea.
  • Now, leave the pair of Budgies together in the cage and observe their behavior. If they keep fighting, take the hen out of the cage and place her in a separate cage but near the original cage where the male is kept. In a few days, they’ll start getting along by striking a comfort level. A bond will, thus, be formed. Now keep them together in the same cage.
  • Once you see the female Budgie going in and out of the nest box, dumping the wood or paper shavings, consider it your first success.
  • Humidity is essential for birds during incubation and hatching. Now is the time to keep a humidifier that runs 24Ă—7 in the breeding room. Too much dryness can make the chick die inside the egg.
  • Provide more and more calcium to your Budgies. Cuttlebone is just not enough during breeding sessions. The hen needs extra calcium for forming eggshells. The easiest way is to administer liquid calcium. An egg-bound budgie may not survive, and even if she does, she will not be able to lay eggs.
  • Budgies breed in privacy so you must not catch them mating. All you have to do is keep an eye on the signs from afar.
  • You can see your budgie’s cere thicker and crustier than before. It’s the sign that she’s ready to breed.
  • After fertilization, expect your hen to lay the first egg in around 10 days. Then, she will lay eggs regularly until she has laid them all.
  • The baby Budgie will start to hatch after about 18-22 days from the first egg laid.


Breeding English Budgies need patience. Optimum temperature and a conducive environment are the prerequisites to set up a breeding room. Rest, leave it to the bonding between both the birds. English Budgies are not shy in nature to breed. All they need is their comfort and privacy. Do not disturb them and keep their cage and nest clean. Provide them their proteins and calcium and simply wait for more such beauties to join your


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  1. Hai Alen i have pair of English budgie’s last year they mated well and lied 4 eggs one after other but unfortunately hen cracked the eggs before laying other egg ,i used an earthren pot as a nest having 2 opening,and should close 1 opening or leave it

  2. Hi Alen I might be getting a pair of english budgies from a quality show breeder. I am hoping to breed them this year/next year. Should I keep them in my room where it is quiet or can I put them beside my other budgie aviary in the main room? Btw i also emailed you about some advice for my sick budgie.

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