How to make budgie nest box?

How to make budgie nest box

The budgie nest box is a little box availed by budgie breeders as a place where budgies in confinement can lay their eggs. They’re sometimes created of wood or plastic. And are kept inside or attached to the outside of a cage. Budgies search for a nest box that fulfills the required conditions. However, a breeding parakeet looks for any sheltered area to lay her eggs once she experiences the desire to nest.

This may include laying on the floor in a cage corner, laying in a seed tray or inside a toy or log.
You may then inquire why it’s important to give a nest box. There are a couple of reasons. Nest boxes give as near the perfect settling conditions outside of a characteristic tree. This assists with keeping the eggs and chicks shielded from the climate, predators and different budgies. It assists with keeping the eggs at a consistent temperature while they are being brooded and it invigorates the parakeets reproducing impulses, urging her to keep thinking about eggs and chicks.

In case you’re intending to breed your budgies, the consideration of a nest box fundamentally builds the odds of your budgies really laying and effectively raising a solid grip of chicks.

Selection of Nest box

While choosing the correct nest box for your requirements there is not one type of size that fits all. A great deal boils down to individual inclination, the sort of reproducing arrangement you are utilizing and your entrance to or capacity make new nest boxes. If you’re as of now acquainted with nest boxes, at that point click the connection to head straight finished and look at the surveys of our most loved boxes, in any case here is a guide on the most significant focuses you have to consider while choosing a nest box, beginning with choosing the sort of nest box to utilize.

budgie laying eggs

Types of nest boxes

The important thing you’ll have to decide which kind of nest box you will pick. There are 3 choices, wood, plastic and cardboard. Every type has some aces and con’s to be aware of. There is no set in the stone decision since the sort you pick accommodates your reproducing set-up or confine.


By a long shot and away the most well-known sort of nest box is the wooden box. Wooden nest boxes come as close as conceivable to recreating the characteristic conditions that budgies hope to discover in nature. On the off chance that you’re simply beginning, at that point a wooden nest box is your best decision.

Wooden boxes come in numerous shapes and styles and can be bought or adjusted to suit any rearing pen set up. They are modest and are broadly accessible in most enormous pet and pet stockpile stores. These sorts of nest boxes have great protecting properties that help keep up a consistent temperature inside for the eggs and chicks. A portion of the drawbacks of wooden nest boxes is that they can get worn and harmed after some time, particularly whenever utilized by parakeets who like to bite. They can likewise be increasingly inclined to form and parasite pervasions if not kept spotless and dry. When buying or building a wooden nest box select regular and untreated wood or overlaid compressed wood.

bird nest box pet shop
bird nest box pet shop

Plastic nest box

Plastic nest boxes have picked up ubiquity as of late because of their sterile properties and simplicity of cleaning. While generally saw as a poor substitute for common wood, the structure and nature of current plastic nest boxes are delivering similarly as great, if worse rearing outcomes for certain reproducers. By and by plastic nest boxes arrive in an assortment of shapes and styles, contingent upon the brand you pick.

On the off chance that you will pick a plastic box, at that point you need to guarantee you give a profound layer of settling material (3cm (1in) ought to do it) for example, untreated saw residue or wood shavings, to forestall chicks creating spread legs on the hard plastic floor.

Additionally be careful that plastic will, in general, be more slender than wood and is certifiably not an extraordinary protector so the temperature inside the nest is probably going to vacillate more, particularly if your nest box is outside or you live someplace that encounters limits in temperature.

Cardboard nest box

The least well-known sort of nest box is the nest made cardboard box. A cardboard nest box can be made by basically choosing or making an estimated box, cutting a round gap in the side and putting it in the confine. While they are phenomenally reasonable (if not free) and they can be discarded after use, making them fairly increasingly clean, they accompany some genuine downsides.

Settling parakeets love to bite and they will make short work of biting gaps in the sides and the floor of the container.
The additionally gotten spongy and self-destruct once the eggs bring forth and chicks begin delivering waste in the nest. Cardboard nest boxes are not prescribed for the genuine budgie raiser. However, if you choose to go down this way ensure the crate you pick (or make) utilizes thick durable cardboard and you place it on the pen floor or a rack with the goal that eggs and chicks don’t fall through the gaps that will frame in the base of the case.

cardboard nest box

Features that every nest box needs to have;


Each nest box needs an opening to permit winged animals to enter. Stick with a round opening that is just huge enough ridiculously to enter. 50mm (2in) breadth functions admirably for a budgie. The opening ought to be situated high up in one corner of the nest box, ideally at the uttermost end from where the parakeet will lay her eggs. Ensure it’s at any rate 225mm (9in) from the floor to debilitate adolescents from leaving the nest too soon.


A perch on the outside of the nest box, just below the entrance hole, is required with the goal that the male budgie can stand guard thus he can jab his head inside and feed his mate while she is brooding eggs.

12mm (1/2in) round dowel is perfect however you can likewise utilize 18mm (3/4in) on the off chance that you cannot get the littler size. 5 – 10 cm (2 – 4in) is long enough for a budgie to remain on.

Door or opening for inspecting the nest

You’ll need to ensure your nest box has an entryway or bring forth or opening that makes it simple to look inside the nest while it’s being used. For some nest boxes, this can be a pivoted entryway, a sliding board or just a roofless nest box that slides out of an opening like a pantry cabinet.


Just as an encased space murkiness is one thing that your parakeet will search for when evaluating nest locales so ensure that whatever nest box you pick allows in just a negligible measure of light.


This one is less of a basic and to a greater extent a pleasant to have. An inward is adjusted wretchedness in the floor of the nest box, at the farthest end from the opening, where the parakeet will lay her eggs. The possibility of the inward is to forestall the eggs moving around the nest box and stalling out in a corner as the parakeet moves around inside. A few raisers consistently use boxes with a curved and some never use them, it’s a matter of individual decision. Many off the rack nest boxes accompany a sunken previously incorporated with the floor yet don’t be frightened on the off chance that you cannot discover one; a profound layer of delicate settling material will do a similar activity.

What is the ideal size for a nest box?

When it comes to nest box size the main priority is making sure there will be sufficient space for an at any rate 1 parent budgie and a grip of chicks, recollecting that those chicks will have developed near grown-up size when they leave the nest and you could have up to at least 6 in there at once.
As a guide utilize the following dimensions as a minimum:

  • Height: 225mm (9in)
  • Width: 200mm (8in)
  • Depth: 177mm (7in)
  • Round opening: 50mm (2in) diameter


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  1. Hi! I have a question about my budgies. My budgies have been together for 3years now, and recently they showed interest in each other. I noticed that my bird looked like it was possibly with egg, so I got them a nesting box. I did not intentionally breed them, they just kind of did it before I even got a nesting box. I didn’t want them to have babies because I am not an experienced budgie breeder, and i didn’t want to chance anything. So, my bird has layed 8 eggs, and only 1 has hatched. I just am wondering how to get rid off the eggs that have not hatched. My bird also has not really been tamed. She has trust issues. Thank you for your time!

    1. Hello, If you don’t want to breed or you are not experienced Budgie Breeder just remove Budgie nest from the cage 🙂

      1. hallo kannst du mir sagen wann die ellensittiche anfangen zu brüten wenn man den nistkasten rangehangen hat.

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