What do Budgies like?

Budgies like to play, sing, eat and sleep! Also, budgies like to play with you, did you know they like music?

In this article, we will talk about food and treats that budgies like, their favorite toys for playing, their cages, and different music genres. Stay tuned to find out more about this topic!

What do budgies like to eat?

If you’re wondering what kind of food is your budgie’s favourite, read this paragraph. If you spoil your budgie, obviously they will become very picky when it comes to food. But generally speaking, even if your budgies are not picky, they can prefer some type of food over the other. What budgies like to eat the most are different kind of fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, carrots, and lettuce.

Apples are good for budgie because they have vitamins that are good for budgies’ health. The exact vitamins that apples contain are ‘vitamin C, fiber, polyphenols, vitamin A, and sugars that are beneficial for gut health. But keep your eyes open when it comes to apple seeds and apple skin because they are life-threatening for your budgie. Make sure you remove them before feeding your budgie.

Budgies like to play, sing, eat and sleep! Also, budgies like to play with you, did you know they love music?
What do budgies like to eat?

There are several reasons why oranges are beneficial for your budgie. Oranges are full of vitamin C which makes your budgie less stressful; vitamin A which is good for your budgie’s eyesight; potassium is good for their bones and blood pressure; folate for their energy; vitamin B1 for their coordination. Do not give your budgie too many oranges because it can harm them. Too much sugar and citric acid can be harmful for their stomach.

Budgie like carrots because they are rich in ‘vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, b vitamins, and various antioxidants. Make sure to limit the intake of carrots and peel the carrots before giving them to your budgie.

Lettuce is also one of the budgies’ favorite vegetables. Lettuce is especially good in order to keep your budgie hydrated but it also has many beneficial vitamins. But again, limit the amount of lettuce because too much lettuce can cause diarrhea.

What treats do budgies like?

Every animal loves treats so do not be surprised that your budgie expects treats. Treats can be used to reward your budgie for its behavior and there are different kinds of treats. Treats should not be given too often in order not to spoil your budgie. If your budgie gets used to treats, then it may reject other healthy food.

‘Budgies like treats with intriguing colors, textures, and flavors, including fruits, vegetables, and insects. You can make treats with seed sticks, dried fruit, sprouts, and eggs. Also, millet, oats, and cuttlefish bones can keep a budgie engaged while providing health-boosting nutrients. These are some of the example of possible treats, but there are many more.

If you want to know what treats will your budgie love, here are a few tips. Treats should be ‘rough or wavy textures, tangy flavors, bright colors, crunchy exteriors.

Budgies like to play, sing, eat and sleep! Also, budgies like to play with you, did you know they love music?
Budgies like treats with intriguing colors

What do budgies like to play with?

Budgies like to play with different kinds of toys. These toys could include ‘play gums, natural chew toys, balls, swings, cardboard, ropes, birdie bangles, bells, ladders, and shredding toys. You don’t have to buy all of these toys, but most of them can be made at home.

Your budgie won’t be in the mood to play all the time. Budgies may sometimes be sad, angry, nervous, or just stressed. If your try to play with them during these times, they would probably appear uninterested.

Toys are useful for budgies because they can ‘encourage budgies to move and exercise, enable them to fulfill their natural foraging instincts, challenge budgies to solve problems, prevent stress and boredom, create a bond between you and your budgie when you play together.

Budgies like to play, sing, eat and sleep! Also, budgies like to play with you, did you know they love music?
Your budgie won’t be in the mood to play all the time.

What do budgies like in their cage?

First of all, the cage should be spacious. Your budgie needs to feel that it has enough space to move. The size of the cage usually is 18.5 inches for a single bird. ‘A budgie will need several things in his cage: perches, feeding and drinking bowls, something to chew, a swing, some toys, a bird bath, and something to line the base of the cage. Besides bowls for food and water, you should place some toys in your budgie’s cage. Also, you can use a sheet to cover your budgie’s cage at night. In this way your budgie will feel much more calm and safe.

Also, it is recommended to place some plants in the cage. Your budgie will then feel like in a natural habitat. When it comes to perches, they have to be subtle in order not to hurt your budgie. At least 1 perches should be placed in the cage, but 2 or 3 are always recommended.

Another interesting thing is a bath. Budgies love baths and not just for the sake of cleaning but for playing. Bath should be enough for your budgie to be able to enter it and there should not be too much water. Heat lamps are necessary if you live in countries with cold climates. Even though a lot of people recommended placing a mirror in your budgie’s cage, believe us, that is risky. Your budgie can become obsessed with their image and spend most of the time looking themselves in the mirror. This means that they won’t move away from the mirror which is not good.

If you want your budgie to feel happy and comfortable, follow our guide for their cage organisation!

Budgies love toys

What temperature do budgies like?

The most important thing to remember is that your budgies can die as a result of cold temperatures. Here are some signs that can help you to find out if your budgie’s cold: ‘puffing up into his feathers, crouching, loss of appetite, lack of movement, lethargy, heavy breathing, not flying, and fluid from the eyes and nose.

Your budgie is a sensitive creature and that’s why taking care of temperature is extremely important. They are small and their feathers cannot warm them enough. It is important that there are no big temperature oscillations. Using heaters and de-icers is not always a perfect solution. It can harm your budgie’s health. The perfect temperature should be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Anything below or above it is not healthy for your budgie.

Budgies like to play, sing, eat and sleep! Also, budgies like to play with you, did you know they love music?

What music do budgies like?

Music is good for your budgies because it can relax them and make them feel less stressful. Believe it or not, your budgies prefer classical music. In the beginning, it is recommended to start with classical music and once your budgie gets used to it, you can use other genres. An interesting fact is that budgies love the sound of violins and pianos. Also, you can use rock, pop, and jazz. Don’t be surprised when you notice your budgie likes it really loud and don’t worry about it because loud music cannot harm them in any way.

Do not always use the same music genre but rather try to experiment. Do not overwhelm your budgie but try to play shorter melodies. If your budgie doesn’t like classical music at all, do not worry! Every budgie is different and as human beings they can have different tastes in music. Listening to music with your budgie is also a great way for you to spend more time with you budgie.
‘According to Cognitive Science, budgies can understand various aspects of music, such as melody and rhythm. This means that budgies know how to differentiate between different genres and instruments as well.

Hope you enjoyed our article for today and hope it will be helpful to you! Follow our guide and you will secure a happy life to your budgie.


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