Budgie Treats, Favorite and Budgie Treats Recipe

There are various treats that you can give to your budgies. The most important thing to notice is which of these treats you give is your budgie’s favorite. Of course, don’t reduce the options to just one, try giving your bird more different treats so that the bird can absorb more nutrients that are useful for its healthy functioning.

After all, the most important thing is that your bird is happy and satisfied.

What can I give my budgie for a treat?

Treats are the best way to express pleasure to birds because of their well-learned behavior. After all, it is very important to have treats in your home if you have a pet, whether to make him happy or to teach him some new skill and then reward him with a treat. However, budgies are very picky birds, so they may refuse the treat you intended to give them. Owners can struggle to find out what their budgie’s favorite treat is. You will learn this best by giving your bird a variety of options, of which you will notice which treat your bird likes to consume the most.

Budgies love treats that have a distinctive color, shape, and texture like meat, fruits, and vegetables. Desserts can be made from seeds, dried fruits, eggs, and the like.

Budgie treats can be helpful while taming your budgie, to entertain your budgie too. Be aware, that some treats can be harmful to your bird.
Can Budgies Eat Beetroot? YES, they can!

Seeds like oats or cuttlefish bone will activate your budgie, and in addition to making him happy, it will provide him with all the essential nutrients that are essential to take in during a week.
In order for your budgie not to get overwhelmed with these sweets and decide not to eat healthy food, you must give the sweets once or twice a week.

Fruit is the best possible treatment for your bird because it will provide it with a sufficient amount of vitamins that need to be taken. It is very important that you do not overdo it, so follow the advice to give fruit once or twice a week. The most common are: apples, bananas, strawberries, melons, pineapples, grapes, etc. If the fruit has a stone, remove it so as not to endanger the budgie.
Vegetables contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that will contribute to the health of your bird. If you give the bird vegetables, it would be better if you made a mix of vegetables and served her a salad with lots of healthy nutrients. The most common are: carrots, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, etc.

If you didn’t know budgies are omnivores, but they only eat meat in nature in form of insects because they have only enzymes for them to digest them. So don’t give your budgie meat.

It is not necessary for them to eat meat, because they usually get protein from seeds.. The only animal products that they use are eggs but of course well-cooked.

Budgies love treats

Favorite treats for budgies?

Budgies like humans choose food, only these birds are even pickier. When choosing their food, it is important to include smell, texture, color, and taste. Budgies don’t like seemingly ugly food that is also tasteless. They choose food according to their appearance, if it has an interesting color, shape and smells nice, they will surely eat it. They usually like foods of light color and a slightly rougher texture, with a strong taste that is a little crunchy.

Budgie Treat Sticks, are they good for them?

Oh yes! Treat sticks are great treats for your budgie.

Budgie loves seed sticks, made from different types of grains and seeds, and can be purchased at almost all pet shops. Sunflower seeds, also oats and millet, are mainly used to make treat sticks.

Except for seeds in sticks, you can also find dried fruit seeds or egg pieces. If you are afraid that the purchased treat sticks grains and seeds are old and worn out, you can make this treat yourself in a few simple steps by pre-purchasing all the essential and fresh ingredients.

Budgie loves seed sticks

You will find the recipe for this delicacy below.

Budgie treats for Training

Using treats while training your bird will certainly help in this process of learning skills. It’s the same with pets as it is with children. If you want them to progress and continue their activities, you need to reward them in the meantime to motivate them to continue to persevere in their intentions. You can do this with birds easily, by praising them and making them happy with a treat after a well-completed training. This will make them happy and motivate them to be more productive and better in the learning process each time. They are usually given raisins, cranberries, and similar dried fruits as treats, followed by dandelion leaves, grass seeds, or millet.

For example, millet is very cheap to buy, and birds simply love it. After all, it is very economical because it is composed of very small grains, which birds need a lot of time to finish. It is better to buy millet that is darker because it contains a lot more antioxidants and fats. The best millet is the red one because it has a fairly firm shell that the birds open more slowly, which is great so that the birds do not consume too much of the treat.

Using treats while training your bird

Budgie treats Recipe

As we promised here is the recipe on how to make the perfect treat stick for your budgie.

You can really choose the ingredients you want depending on what your bird likes. Take the ingredients and put them in a bowl, in addition to seeds and cereals, you can use hazelnuts, dried fruits, etc. It is now necessary to combine all these ingredients and bind them together. Usually, honey or egg whites are used, or a combination of the two. You can shape the mix into balls or bars around the popsicle. Allow the mix to harden, which you can achieve by baking at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, for about half an hour. Or you can leave it to harden in the fridge overnight.

And here it is! Great treat! A wonderful and freshly prepared treat stick for your favorite pet!
We also have a recipe for fruit and peanut butter balls.

For this treat, you need half a cup of oats, a quarter of chopped almonds, a quarter of a cup of fresh and chopped apricots and raisins, and a quarter of a cup of chopped figs and cranberries, little chopped walnuts and that’s it! Mix the ingredients and add a little peanut butter to the mixture. After the mixture is well mixed, start making balls. Roll the balls in millet seeds and your treat is ready!

Can budgies eat honey?

Budgies can consume honey, but of course not in excessive amounts. It is also important to give honey as rarely as possible. It’s a bit risky because birds can become addicted to honey and start refusing everyday food.
But honey can be a great source of energy and an activator for your bird, of course in normal amounts. Usually, honey is used in case of emergency, when your bird is weak and lacks energy.

What food kills budgies?

You really have to be careful in the process of choosing food for your budgie. There are several types of food that are harmful to this species of bird, and some can be very toxic, while some can only be less healthy.

Take citrus fruits as an example, which contain a lot of citric acids, which can have a very harmful effect on your pet’s digestive system. Cherry and peach pits contain a lot of cyanide which can be lethal to your bird. There are a lot of foods that should really be avoided in the diet when it comes to budgies, and these are avocados, apple grains, citrus, undercooked meat, mushrooms, green tomatoes, onions, garlic, milk and dairy products, uncooked potatoes, excessive concentrations of sugar and salt.

Budgie treats can be helpful while taming your budgie, to entertain your budgie too. Be aware, that some treats can be harmful to your bird.
Don’t give meat to your budgies.

Do not give birds the food that will not be pleasing to their digestive system, as they may not have enzymes that can digest it all. Also, uncooked meat can endanger your bird especially if it contains parasites.

Don’t give meat to your budgies. Yes, they are omnivores but they don’t have enzymes that can digest nutrients from meat, they only eat insects in nature. They can get enough proteins from seeds. Using meat could of course lead to lethal consequences for your pet.

Nutrition is very important because it is the key to health. Therefore, you try to give the birds as much healthy food as possible, in order to provide them with a healthy life and all the essential nutrients that are needed for them to function normally and perform all additional life activities.

A healthy budgie is also a happy budgie.

In order to love your pet for as long as possible, always provide them with fresh, washed, and properly cooked food. Everything else can lead to certain consequences that may cause certain diseases in your budgies.

Always reward them with treats when they are obedient and train hard, so that next time they repeat everything the same and be as skilled as possible in their skills.


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  1. I have tried making these treats without popsicle sticks, as I didn’t have any at home. I simply mixed my budgie’s favorite seed mix with a mixture of peanut butter and a little honey. After I mixed it, I popped the mixture into a single-use piping bag and piped it into little thin strips on plastic wrap-covered plates. After freezing the sticks overnight, they came out perfect! So, for people who don’t have popsicle sticks, try using my method! Overall, this is a great recipe for effective homemade budgie treats, and everybody can create their own variations too! 🙂

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