Budgie Food Recipe | Homemade budgies food?

Do you know a good Homemade Budgie Food Recipe? How do you make homemade budgie food? Did you know Eggs are good for budgies’ health?

Budgies are beautiful little birds, which require a special kind of diet. Their diet must be such that it can adapt to their small stomach and the enzymes that will be able to process it. Food is needed to be easily accessible to birds so that they can be fed at any time when they feel hungry. It is also necessary for the food to be healthy and fresh because if it is spoiled, it can make your bird sick.

So change the food container regularly, clean it and refill it with fresh food. Many natural recipes are easy and very quick to prepare for your birds. Budgies are very omnivorous species, which means that they use all types of food in their diet, from meat to plants. If you want to combine different types of food into one dish, there are many ways to do it. This is great for satisfying all the essential nutrients your bird needs during the day.

To know what to give your bird to consume, you need to know what it can and likes to eat.

Among the favorite fruit is a tropical fruit, these birds also like to eat bananas, apples, melons, pears, mangoes, raisins, nectarines, kiwis, and the like. If it is a stone fruit, of course, you need to remove the stone beforehand so that your bird does not accidentally go to eat it or choke with it in the worst case.

Of the vegetables, they mostly consume cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, peppers, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower, and the like.
Owners mostly give their pets seed mixes. You can test whether the seeds are fresh by taking a certain number of seeds and putting them in water. Put them on wet cotton wool and leave them on warm. If more than half of the seeds start to sprout, throw them away.

Do you know a good Homemade Budgie Food Recipe? How do you make homemade budgie food? Did you know Eggs are good for budgies' health?
Budgies need vegetables and fruit

How do you make homemade budgie food?

A great example is the Budgie mix salad. You can use a mix of moist fruits and vegetables to make the salad, you can also add germinated and dried seeds to the salad.

Budgie cakes and sweets are great treats that you can give to your pet, of course, if you like to prepare and cook food. The basis for this delicacy is organic wheat or corn flour that can be mixed with certain nuts, cereals, and a little baking powder and combined all this mixture with a certain amount of water. You can make biscuits and cookies with all ingredients above but only without the baking powder.

Food with a high percentage of protein is great for your bird because it will give it enough energy that your bird needs to perform all life activities during the day. This food is also great during a bird’s time of molt or after exposing your pet to a certain type of stress.

An excellent base for this dish is a boiled egg mashed together with seeds and chopped vegetables. With this mix, in addition to protein, you will give your bird a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Do not give this protein mixture to your bird more than once a week.

In addition to all these foods, it would be good to avoid sticky foods such as porridge and soup because birds do not like to be dirty or their beaks to get dirty. So there is no point in giving them food that will give them that uncomfortable feeling. Of course, it’s a matter of your choice.

Of course, the most important thing is not to use food that contains toxins, a large number of microorganisms, and which is indigestible to budgies.

The above recipes should serve as a basis for making food for your birds, and not as a necessary rule.

Do you know a good Homemade Budgie Food Recipe? How do you make homemade budgie food? Did you know Eggs are good for budgies' health?
It would be good to avoid sticky foods

Budgies soft food

Soft food is food that is easily digestible and that cannot damage your bird’s organs when eating. Natural wild cocktails are made by catching insects to provide a sufficient amount of necessary protein, so to compensate for that amount, eggs are mostly added to food as a good source of protein. A portion of good soft food should contain sufficient amounts of all necessary nutrients from carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

In addition to all these nutrients, calcium is needed for the absorption of vitamin D3 is needed. Carbohydrates and fats are essential for providing the body with enough energy.

However, excessive amounts of protein intake can destroy their liver because they are just being stored in it. Budgies cannot digest milk so do not mix their food with this product.

Budgie seed mix recipe

In natural conditions and wild budgies consume unprocessed seeds. Seeds are a food that is otherwise very rich in fat and calories, and in combination with other favorite food of your birds can be a problem. The seeds are not poisonous but must be used carefully and responsibly.

The proportion of seeds in prepared food should not exceed 20%. If you decide to give your birds seeds during the day then make sure to remove the seed pot at night to make sure they are hungry in the morning when you give them another type of food.
Seeds should not be a common food, such as fruits and vegetables, they should be given in smaller quantities.

It is recommended that the seeds be given to smaller budgies or those that are developing because due to their smaller size, they can fly longer distances in the cage and thus burn the calories obtained by the seeds.

For a fantastic seed mix, you can use ½ lb of millet, quinoa, one cup of oat groats, one cup of hemp seed, one cup of chia seed and rolled oats, and half of cup of whole brown flay seed and rapeseed.

A quality seed mixture should contain only seeds and grains. Often, manufacturers add unnecessary ingredients to the mixes that do not have any nutritional value, they are most often twigs that just add to the weight of the packaging and the price and nothing else.

The composition of all seeds is quite similar, they all contain a certain amount of fiber, vitamin E, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids. Some seeds only have more sodium and potassium, but they must be excellent sources of minerals. Fiber keeps cholesterol and blood sugar levels normal, while omega 3 prevents heart disease.

Do you know a good Homemade Budgie Food Recipe? How do you make homemade budgie food? Did you know Eggs are good for budgies' health?

Budgie egg food recipe

Budgie egg food recipe is a great source of all the necessary protein and carbohydrates needed for your pet. Usually, rice is mixed with chicken egg. One chicken egg provides as much as 13 grams of protein and about 5% calcium, while cooked rice will provide about 28 grams of carbohydrates and about 1% calcium. This mixture should be avoided on summer days due to the rather high temperatures which can, of course, cause your made mix to spoil sooner which is of course the worst possible option.

For this mix, you need one chicken egg and about half a cup of rice. Cook the egg for about 5 minutes, and you can cook the rice for about 10-15 minutes at a time. If after 15 minutes your rice is soft it means it is cooked and ready to eat. Peel an egg and mash it in a bowl as finely as possible, then add the cooked rice to the bowl with the mashed egg. Take the bowl you use for the birds and move the resulting mixture into it.

Give the amount of the egg that the bird will be able to eat during the day. This type of food cannot stand for long at room temperature and can spoil very easily. Every time you give this mix to your bird it must be completely fresh.

Do you know a good Homemade Budgie Food Recipe? How do you make homemade budgie food? Did you know Eggs are good for budgies' health?
Boiled egg recipe is a great source of all the necessary protein and carbohydrates

Homemade budgie treats

The fruit is of course very rich in water, minerals, and of course various vitamins. They also have a certain amount of healthy sugar in them. Birds should avoid citrus among other fruits though. Nuts are rich in fats and calcium like almonds and cashews. From these ingredients, you can make a great treat for your budgie. From fruits, you can take bananas, apples, and pears, and from nuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. Wash the selected fruit properly. Cut the fruit into slightly larger pieces, crush the nuts, and mix them with the fruit. And serve this wonderful mix to your bird.

Since we have given you a lot of ideas and tips on how to make certain food mixes that your bird will be able to consume, we hope that you will use them and that your budgies will be very happy about it. You don’t need a lot of time to prepare them, so take about twenty minutes of your time and make these sweet treats for your bird. They will give enough energy to the birds that will be able to fly carefree and perform their activities during the day.

Also in the end, we want to mention that you carefully clean food containers and change them regularly so that your birds do not accidentally eat spoiled and worn-out food that can only harm them and not help. Be conscientious owners and give your birds love and care.


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