Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store and they can give you all love. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.

Thinking of getting yourself a pet? Parrots and birds can be good options. These amazing little friends are great companions. Importantly, you need to be prepared to take good care of them. Having one of your own can increase your love for animals. Also, from your close interaction, you will appreciate them more.

Besides, you will learn more from them and their tactics too. Additionally, it is fun watching your pets mimic your behavior and even play around. However, knowing the right buddy you can purchase may be tricky. Well, worry no more, this article discusses the top 8 parrots and birds you can buy from a pet store. Keep reading to find out if you can have one or two to enjoy the experience.


This bird has a cute feather pattern and comes in different varieties. Most of its breed can live up to 4 to 7 years. If you want to keep a friendly, chatty, and energetic bird, you can never go wrong with getting yourself a finch. Additionally, they are small and don’t need much space. Also, these birds are easy to care for. However, if you want to purchase this pet, you need to get at least a pair. You can get a pair for $20 to $100. They love the company and enjoy being in groups since they are very social. So, if you can take care of a larger group, the better for your dear pets.

Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store and they can give you all love. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.

Just have a cage huge enough. You can go for the same gender or get a female and a male, which may breed eventually. Getting finches of the opposite sex means making arrangements for their babies too, so be ready. Moreover, buying these beautiful birds means additional costs. There are the food, veterinary costs, and other expenses you will cater for. The veterinary cost depends on the type of illness your pet is suffering from. Suppose you notice your finch having nasal discharge, motionless with the eyes closed, breathing heavily, or with feathers puffed, you should inform your vet.

You want a healthy and bubbly friend, be responsible. Therefore, if you want a cute pet that does not need much of your attention and socialization, finch is your solution. Get a pair or more from a pet store.

Pet Finches


This group of parrot species comes in black, pink, white, and grey colors and has a lifespan of 30 years. Therefore, you can buy a large or medium size of this social pet. If you want a smart and beautiful pet, get a cockatoo. However, since it is very noisy too, you need to get ready for that. This bird costs an average price between $500 to $16,000. The price varies depending on the pet store. If you are in love with intelligent parrots from this species, you can buy Black Palm, Galah, Goffin, Major Michelle, Moluccan, Sulphur Crested, Triton, or Umbrella cockatoos.

Purchasing a cockatoo is one step, the next is its comfortable housing. You need to invest in a cage that can last long enough since a cockatoo has a long lifespan. Also, the higher the quality, the better and cheaper it is for you as the pet owner. This bird has a powerful beak that can destroy any poor quality cage. Moreover, you can purchase a traveling cage for your intelligent friend in case you want to visit your vet. Moreover, for you to have a healthy cockatoo, you need to prepare for veterinary and food costs.

A cockatoo needs a fair quantity of food from fruits and vegetables to pellets. Moreover, you will spend on its toys and a DNA test if you want to know its gender. Therefore, before you buy a cockatoo, be ready for the costs involved to ensure your pet has a happy life.


Want a colorful parrot? Think of rosellas. You will surely enjoy whistles from these parrots. Moreover, they are small, chatter, and have a lifespan of up to 30 years. If you require a pet with a striking and captivating appearance, a rosella will be a good choice. These parrots of Australian native require space and good feeding so that they can thrive. Buying one means having a large cage with the right spacing bars. Moreover, these colorful pets love bathing, therefore, ensure you have a dish with water for them. It ought to be shallow though.

A standard diet of these lovely companions consists of fruits and vegetables. You can enjoy the experience of hand-feeding your beautiful friend. The good thing is that with proper training, a rosella can sit on your shoulder calmly even when you are eating and in this way, you become great friends. Consistent interaction with rosellas makes them sociable. Also, they may get fungal and intestinal worm infections.

Therefore, you will need to regularly have a vet check up on your pet to determine the health condition. You can choose the one you want from the two most common of the eight available species. Get either a golden-mantled (Eastern rosella) or a crimson rosella from a pet store. It will cost you around $300 to $600 to get a rosella bird. The prices vary depending on the parrot’s age, health, and plumage. Importantly, for you to enjoy the whistles and constant chatter of these beautiful pets, be ready to take good care of them.

Domestic Canary

Simply known as a canary, this is the perfect bird for any beginner in the bird-owning world. It is very cheerful and pleasant such that you can’t stop loving it and its companionship. If you want a soft and melodious song from this friend, you will get it when it communicates.

Moreover, there are various breeds of this bird, with different colors, singing methods, and sizes. The good news is that this bird is affordable and can be gotten from a pet store. The prices of a domestic canary range from $25 to $150. Additionally, you need a cage for your new friend. Therefore, you need to prepare for the costs of getting the right size of a canary cage.

It should be spacious enough for it to fly around and toys to play with too. Concerning diet, you can feed domestic canary fruits and vegetables. Depending on the species of the canary you buy, you need to give it the best care possible. These delicate birds are better watched, admired, and listened to. Get one of these birds and enjoy their nice singing. However, the female doesn’t normally sing. Therefore, if you want a bird that doesn’t require much handling, a domestic canary can be handy.

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

This bird is also referred to as the blue-and-gold macaw. It is beautiful with a blue body and yellow chest with a black beak and green feathers above it. Can you miss noticing such a cute bird? Blue-and-yellow-macaw has a lifespan of up to 30 years and above if kept healthy. Moreover, the blue-and-yellow macaw is very social. Therefore, for an interactive, pretty, and vocal companion, this bird will not disappoint you. If you have this bird of South and Central America native as a pet, you need to feed it on a balanced diet with the needed nutritional requirements.

Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store and they can give you all love. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.

Pellets, seed mixes fresh vegetables, and fruits are good for it. Furthermore, this huge and colorful bird has an interesting personality, they are very vocal. They scream and produce very high sounds especially at dusk. Therefore, be ready for the noise before getting one. Being around these wonderful creatures gives the owners time opportunity to enjoy love and adorable acts from them. What’s more, this friend will mimic and repeat the simple words and phrases from you.

You can get this amazing bird from your pet store for a cost of between $1000 to $3000 depending on the mutation and age. Besides, you will need to cater for the veterinary costs to ensure your pet is healthy. So, if you notice any health problems in your blue-and-yellow macaw, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinary.

Blue-and-yellow Macaw from Pet Store


Lovebirds are small species of parrots that are very active and social. They live true to their name by having a loving and caring bond and relationship with their mates. These chatter birds are native to Africa and can live up to 20 years. These parrots require huge cages for them to exercise. Additionally, since they are very active, they need toys to play within their cages. Notably, you can purchase those that withstand chewing and aren’t dangerous since these awesome pets love chewing.

Importantly, they should be fed a well-balanced diet to help their overall health. Feed your lovebirds a formulated diet with vegetables, fruits, and table foods that are healthy for them. Therefore, it is not appropriate to offer them a complete seed diet since they may lead to malnutrition. It is also wise to inquire from your veterinarian about the right foods for your little companions. You can purchase a single lovebird or a pair.

If you get one, ensure you give it a human companion for its social life and lots of toys. Therefore, you can get one of these chatty and singing friends from a pet store for a cost ranging from $40 to $130. Once you have one or a pair, take good care of them.

Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store and they can give you all love. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.


A cockatiel is a small bird that is native to Australia. It is also referred to as a weirdo bird and is known for its whistling. Additionally, it is a member of the cockatoo family. If taken good care of, a cockatiel can live up to 15 to 20 years. In rare cases, their lifespan can be 30 years. Moreover, when you buy this bird, you will need to tame it so that it can be more comfortable.

Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store and they can give you all love. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.

Also, for its exercise, a cockatiel needs a large cage and perches. Giving them toys to play with within the cage will also help in their exercise. Interestingly, you can tell the mood of your little friend from the way it moves its feathers to various positions. A cockatiel is also a curious creature.

To ensure a cockatiel is healthy, you need to watch you feed it. Offer pellets and a variety of fruits and vegetables to your pet. Buying a cockatiel from a pet store can cost around $150 to $250. Its price differs depending on the breed, health, and age of the cockatiel. You can get one, and be ready to spend a lot of time with it for the companionship it needs, or get a pair.

Other additional costs involve food and veterinary expenses. Therefore, you can get yourself this affectionate pet and care for it.


A budgie also called a parakeet is a very social and active small bird. This Australian native bird is also very playful and can live up to 10 years when taken good care of. Moreover, it is also a chattering bird that can learn phrases and words. Additionally, it whistles and can repeat words with the male being the better at talking. Also, its diet should contain healthy pellets, vegetables, and fruits with fewer amount of seeds.

However, a budgie can be affected by obesity, scaly face, tumors, and intestinal parasites among other diseases that affect their health. Therefore, a potential budgie owner must be ready to cater for the veterinary costs. You can enjoy the company of this cute little chatter friend by purchasing one or multiple from a pet store. This bird is inexpensive and can cost around $10 to $35. Therefore, you can get yourself this wonderful companion easily and look after it.

Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store and they can give you all love. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.


Pets are great companions to humans. Therefore, pet lovers have a variety to choose their companions from. Some parrots and birds can be bought from a pet store as discussed in this article. They vary in length, size, species, and lifespan too. Interestingly, most of them can live long enough for you to develop and enjoy your friendship.

Also, their prices are fair and there are additional costs incurred in the construction or purchase of their cages, their food, and veterinary expenses. Importantly, a pet owner should provide a well-balanced diet to ensure the new friend is healthy. A healthy pet together with a happy pet owner is a great combination.


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