My red eyed lutino female budgie dont eat anything.

As a responsible budgie owner, it is important to take action if you suspect that your bird is sick. Taking your budgie to an avian veterinarian is the best way to ensure that your bird receives proper care and treatment. The avian vet has the expertise and equipment to diagnose and treat illnesses in birds, and can help you determine the best course of action to keep your budgie healthy. By being proactive and seeking veterinary care as soon as you notice any signs of illness, you can give your budgie the best chance for a full recovery.

My budgie is scared of me

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Your budgie might be scared of you because of a lack of socialization and bonding. Budgies are social birds and need time and attention to get used to their surroundings and the people in it. A scared budgie might display behaviors such as fluffing up its feathers, hiding, or flying away when approached, but with patience and gentle handling, you can help your budgie feel more comfortable and confident around you.

I am trying yo decide

What should you get Cockatiel or Budgie? I made already a video on this topic, which should help you decide, watch it here ▶️

Whether you should get a cockatiel or a budgie depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Cockatiels are generally more social and affectionate birds, but they are also larger and need more space, while budgies are smaller and more active, but maybe nippier.