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Why is my Budgie so hyper all of a sudden? all o=

This has also been happening to myself. There are two wall lamps in my front room, and my budgie flies backwards and forwards to each one several times before stopping and becoming more relaxed. I don’t know why they do it, but Im sure its nothing to be worried about.

My Female budgie collected small paper

What kind of small house? If you have a small house inside a budgie cage, it’s better to remove it. She may lay eggs, infertile eggs (If you don’t have bonded male). It’s not vise to have anything associated with the budgie nest box inside the budgie cage.

Budgie wings

She is missing flight feathers. It takes more time to grow flight feathers, but it’s better to consult your vet. It is better to know if there are any health problems with her wing. Good luck


Do you have a female budgie? Also, Male budgies like to bite for playing, you need to provide more toys, foraging toys for your budgie.

Budgie cere

Thanks alen axp for your help. Thats what i thought too. He bobs his head all the time so i think he’s a male.

please help me soon

It’s alright to get her separate so she can rest and calm down. also, check if you have enough space for all of them. Females may be territorial and need more space in cages. Good luck

Irregularitiy in behaviour

It is better to take your Budgie to the vet in your town, even maybe budgie breeders or pet store owners can check your budgie. They can also give you proper medication or vitamins for strength. Wish you all the luck and your budgie gets well soon!