My budgie Cicero suddenly died out of nowhere

I’m sorry to hear about Cicero. It must be really tough for you and Sparky. It’s challenging to know exactly why Cicero passed away without more information. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, young birds can have underlying health issues. If it continues to happen, consulting with a vet who specializes in birds might help figure out if there are any specific concerns or precautions you can take in the future.

My budgie only eats millet nothing else. How to make it eat something else?

Have you tried mixing some millet seeds and other foods together? Decrease the amount of millet seeds in the other foods over time. Hopefully she’ll get used to other foods and try them.

(With vegetables/fruits you can put some water on top and then put some millet on there)

I’m not sure it’ll work with your bird, but I think that’s how I got mine used to my food in the end.

(I’m also a fairly new budgie owner)

Let me know how it goes!