How often do Budgies lay Eggs? Everything about Budgie Eggs

How often do Budgies lay Eggs Everything about Budgie Eggs

This article will give well-detailed facts about how often budgies lay eggs. To your relief, it’ll also explain everything about budgie eggs.

In a world where we’re into pet-keeping more, budgies are among the best buddies to have. These types of pets don’t require so much hard work, but it isn’t effortless either. Even so, relax. You don’t have to be an A-class pet keeper to succeed in petting it. All you have to do is to know what is best it, its worst, and everything in between. Like about their eggs. When it’s about taking care of birds, there are unlimited details, which you can’t grasp all at once. Experience is what will help you perfect it.

Probably you’re desperate to know the laying-life of your bird. And you’re skeptical about how all these will play out with you having no idea. Worry no more.

How many eggs do budgies lay?

The average number of eggs a female budgie can lay is between 4-6. However, it’s not an entire abnormality if it lays less than four or even surpasses eight. Budgies are opportunistic breeders, which means they can lay anytime, any number, as long as the atmosphere favors them. Now you have it. If your budgie is almost laying eggs, expect a maximum of six more members you’ll have to take care of!

Budgies in the wild breed only in spring and summer. But, in captivity female budgies can have up to 5 nests in a breeding season. It is very important to monitor female Budgie’s health. She can get very exhausted after one breeding season.

How do you identify budgie’s eggs?

Budgies are naturally small creatures. Expect their eggs to be small too. Their eggs are white, off-white or slightly gray. The average size is 1-2 cm wide and 2-3 cm in length. They are oval, but some get out circular. Don’t expect the eggs to look identical; they can come out in either of the two shapes within the same clutch.

How often do Budgies lay Eggs? Everything about Budgie Eggs
budgie laying eggs

Where do budgies lay eggs?

Budgies lay eggs in various places as long as the site almost resembles a nest. But for the egg’s safety, train it where it should do its egg-laying. The first-timers usually lay on the cage’s floor while wild types do it in a big-sized hollow log, tree, or fence post. Others can lay in the cage’s corner, food tray, or toy; this happens when the owner fails to provide a suitable nest for the mother.

What makes budgies to produce unfertilized eggs?

It’s normal for the hen to lay an odd egg, whereby no chick gets produced. This being something that can happen, don’t get worried about it. When an unfertilized egg is produced, you may be tempted to separate it from others. Don’t do that. Confiscating it discourages the hen from laying more eggs.

How often do Budgies lay Eggs? Everything about Budgie Eggs
Budgie Egg candling

After mating, how much time will it take for eggs to get laid?

Expect the hen to lay eggs within 8-10 days after it has bonded and mated with the male. At this period, she’ll start to spend most of its time in the cage. You’ll also notice she’ll begin looking for food rich in calcium, vital for healthy egg production. Once the first egg is released, the hen will start producing another egg every day-two until she reaches the targeted clutch.

How long does it take for the eggs to hatch?

Usually, the mother won’t start lying on her eggs until the second or, at times, the third, is laid. Each egg takes 18 days to hatch from the time the hen incubated it. Once the chick begins to hatch, it can take up to two days to fully release itself from the egg. Don’t be tempted to help in releasing the chick from the eggshell. Interfering with the process is unwise.

Any egg that remains unhatched in the nest even after the hen incubated it for 23 days has no chance of producing a chick. You may consider such as non-existing and throw it away.

No one can tell how many eggs will hatch. Not even professional breeders know. Sometimes, out of all the eggs, only one can hatch. You only need to wait patiently to count out the successfully hatched eggs.

The following are reasons that can make an egg fail to hatch:
  • Eggs not getting fertilized during mating
  • Problems occurring during incubation
  • Reproductive issues with either the male or female
  • The hen’s negligence on the egg
Hatched Budgie bird
Hatched Budgie bird

Is it possible for budgies to lay eggs without mating?

Yes, budgies can lay eggs without mating. But the eggs will stay unfertilized and give no chicks. It usually happens when the hen is kept alone or with other females with no male present.

What is the maximum amount of eggs a budgie can lay in a year?

Budgies are all-year breeders. Their breeding time is during rainy seasons when there are plenty of food, grass, and seeds. The breeding cycle varies, depending on the area’s climate. While natural seasons stimulate the process, it’s possible to induce the breeding environment artificially. To cut it short, the number of eggs your budgie will produce will depend on the given climate and your take in controlling the breeding. Don’t allow your bird to lay eggs frequently. A close egg-laying gap will affect the hen’s health.

In what age do budgies lay eggs?

It’s important to know when your budgie will lay eggs. This way, you can plan in advance all the necessary adjustments for the arrival of new members. Egg laying is so common in birds, especially to budgies. They can lay eggs anytime from five months to almost ten years of age.

Egg laying is a profound experience. Therefore, knowing the do’s and don’ts is essential to ensure your bird lays eggs in a healthy and the right way. surprisingly, you can control whether your budgie lays eggs or not. It’s simple. Provide a conducive environment for breeding if you want your pet to lay eggs. If not, take measures that’ll prevent egg-laying. It all depends on whether you’re ready for new budgies or not.

Budgie eggs are so small
Budgie eggs are so small

How do you make budgies lay more eggs?

If you’re in love with budgies and you want many of them, there is a trick for you. Make your budgies lay eggs. The more they do, the more you’ll get junior budgies. Increasing the chances of egg-laying is a throw-in for good measure. All you have to do is:

Go for a pair of budgies

Your female budgie can’t lay eggs if it doesn’t have a male beside it. When choosing a pair, ensure they are not related. Breeding of related budgies will lead to genetic problems. In turn, the chicks will come out deformed.

Go for healthy budgies, and at least one year of age. If you already have a pair and they have bonded, perfect for you. It means mating will come soon. But if the male and female haven’t yet gotten close to each other, give them time. They’ll eventually bond and give you small cuties. You may want to breed a particular color of budgies. If that’s the case, you can dig into your budgie’s genetic to determine how to get your desired offspring. Still, keep in mind nature always have its way. It’s not guaranteed you’ll get the exact chick-budgie you want.

Create a breeding environment for your bird

Now you have a pair. The next thing is to provide a breeding condition. Ensure you take your birds in an egg-laying-appealing-environment. Separate them from others. Doing so gives the pair time to bond and mate privately without any troubles from other birds.

Typically, the budgies should be alone in a large cage. You don’t want a small space to hinder their mating process. You may have to make some extensions if your cage isn’t big enough. The type of nesting box you’ll use entirely depends on your taste. you can design it anyhowly as long as the lid will allow you to check on the eggs and chicks. It’s better to place wooden conclave on the bottom of the nests. This is to ensure the chicks won’t hurt their legs in any way once the eggs hatch.

Ideally, budgies like to breed in the rainy season. You can trick them to breeding by frequently spraying them with water. Ensure the dieting is in check. Provide water and food, while increasing the quantity per the broody period, pregnancy, and when the chicks are born. Give the female softwood to gnaw on to encourage her to breed.

How often do Budgies lay Eggs? Everything about Budgie Eggs breed
Female and Male Budgies taking care of eggs in nest box

Mating budgies

As a budgie owner, eye out for any signs of your hen being ready to breed. Normally, the top part of the beak that appears like nostrils becomes thicker and crusted over. The surest sign to show the mating process was of success is when the hen starts nesting. She will begin rearranging its nest until it gets to what she wants it to look like. Do not get disturbed when the female begins to throw out chippings. It merely communicates that it doesn’t want it in its cage.

As soon as it fertilizes, wait for about ten days for the eggs to appear. It’ll lay one egg each day until it finally accomplishes the egg-laying process. The hen will begin to stick to the nest once the first egg comes out. You’ll have to adjust missing it moving around in your home for a while. As much as you’ll be eager to monitor the progress, try to avoid checking on it. You’re not to interfere with the proceedings in any way. Again, don’t touch the eggs. Human hands might have bacteria that will harm the delicate eggshell. One quick touch and damage will ensue. The eggs will begin hatching between 18 to 23 days after the first egg is laid.

How to take care of the chicks

After a series of combined effort, you’re finally almost getting what you wanted. Chicks. However, this is among the most critical phases in the whole breeding journey. Give attention to your hen as you’ve never before. Watch out to identify any unusual movements. Ensure your hen well takes care of. Failing to do so will make her distressed, leading to chicks getting out dead or alive but featherless. Both the cock and female should get proper feeding. In turn, they’ll also feed the chicks appropriately. Check the chicks delicately and regularly after they’re hatched. Confirm if they’re well fed and the siblings are not hurting each other.

Don’t be alarmed if the chicks appear differently. They hatch in varying times, days apart; hence, their development can’t be the same. If the number of chicks is unmanageable, take some to other breeding pairs.

In 10-15 days after hatching, the chicks will start having feathers. This is the time to change the bedding and pay attention to their limb development. While doing so, gently place the chicks in a soft cloth inside a bowl and take the shortest time possible to clean up. The mother won’t take it well to be apart from its children for a long time. At the age of twenty-days old, the chicks will begin to move around, even out of the nest. Therefore, you’ll have to provide them with energy-boosting foods. At this point, you’ll revisit your early training on the budgies. Such as teaching them how to perch on shoulders and fingers. When the chicks reach six weeks old, their baby time is over. Transfer them to another cage, far from their mother. They’re fully feathered, and the only thing remaining to be super mature is learning how to fly. Put them with older budgies to fasten their flying progress and to toughen them up to be like the rest.

baby budgie getting feathers

The Bottom Line

Let up the idea that budgie-keeping is a whole troublesome journey. With this type of pet, understanding the bird is the crucial thing. Once you learn how to take care of them, everything else falls into place. It only takes your effort to keep your buddy satisfied. Remember that once your budgie is happy, it’ll cause you no trouble in taking care of it. Hopefully, this article has fed you with what you needed to know. Looking for this post means you care for your pet, and you’re determined to make it a happy bird. Keep it up, and enjoy your breeding experience!


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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  1. Still didn’t answer why I clicked this page. So how many times due budgies breed in a year?. Depends right. Now say maximum and average atleast.

    1. Budgies in the wild breed in spring and summer. In captivity, she can lay eggs even up to 4 or 5 times

  2. Hii
    I have budgies which are 5 months old and I think a pair has mated and is gonna lay egg. Is it appropriate for a budgie just 5 months old to lay eggs or should I discourage them to mate further to avoid health issues.

    1. U should discourage that budgies can lay eggs from 6 months age but it is good to start breeding from 12 months age to avoid health issues

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    Can i ask what should i do if my budgies start laying egg after only six weeks from hatching their bunch of baby budgies??
    I don’t know how it happened but this morning i realised that the mum laid anegg in the breeding box that i kept fixed to the cage for one of the poorly babies?? Please let me know what should I do?? Should i just take off the breeding box?? Will the mum be ok??

  4. Hi
    Please help. We’ve got a pair; a boy and a girl. Our girl is now about 13 months old and she’s been broody. The boy is about 9 months. We really don’t think that they’ve mated although they get along with each other. Without us realising, she’s made a nest in our cereal box! We thought she was just playing or something. From your article, you mentioned that females have eggs, even though they’ve not mated. Will she get depressed if she laid an egg and it doesn’t hatch? Is this why you’ve suggested to remove the unfertilised egg? Also, how do we know if our bird is egg bound? What should we be looking out for? We really don’t want her to be upset or in pain. We love them both very much so we’d really appreciate any advice.

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    I have a one pair budgies they are mating daily but female budgies is not laying eggs after one month of mating my cage is so big i have build three nest for them but that female budgie didn’t laying egg at least she is not looking for nest not going near to nest what i have to do for that please give me suggestions and advice i love budgies so i need baby budgies

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