Choose a Budgie Bird from the Pet Store

You can choose your budgie as a pet in every pet shop. We recommend buying budgies from a well-known seller or breeder.

When you choose a pet for yourself, you want it to be the most beautiful and best pet ever. However, the choice cannot be perfect, because birds are also living beings with whom you must learn to communicate and connect with. Budgies have their own needs that need to be met and that’s why you have to be aware that having a pet is a responsibility that you have to find time for. Usually, the choice of bird is based on one’s feelings.

It should always be remembered that although you may like the appearance of the bird, it does not have to be the key to your choice.

What is certain is that if you have decided to have a pet, then give it as much as you can to make your bird happy.

Budgerigar Characteristics

Budgerigar is a species of bird that originates from warm Australia. They got their name from the aboriginal word Gamilaraay, which means quality food. We can say that budgies are a widespread species and can live in different areas of Australia.

They are mostly found near water because it is an excellent source of liquids and nutrients, but they also inhabit savannahs, grasslands, open forests, and the like. These birds can drink huge amounts of water in the morning and can last for a long time without it, even when the only source of water is the morning rose. These birds feed mainly on plants, consuming various seeds, grains, and nuts of various autochthonous plants and grasses, which is made possible by the structure of their flexible tongue and strong beak.

 You can choose your budgie as a pet in every pet shop. We recommend buying budgies from a well-known seller or breeder.
budgies are a widespread species

Its natural color is greenish-yellowish, and all the other beautiful colors you can see in these birds are the result of accidental or intentionally induced mutations.
They can weigh about 30 to 40 grams and be about 20 cm long, so we can count them in the group of small birds.

Budgies are very social birds, they enjoy the company of other birds and they are monogamous animals. They breed throughout the year, usually after rain. Females lay from 4 to 8 eggs, which hatch after 18 days, after which males have the role of feeding the young chicks.

These birds have greatly contributed to scientific research and genetics in the field of inheritance of certain characteristics that are defined through Mendel’s laws. Budgies are not endangered species according to data from the IUCN.

Budgie Lenght and Cage Size

How many cages you will build or buy for your budgie depends on how much money you have, how much space you plan to house your pet, and how many birds you have.
What is important to know is that budgies are very playful and social birds that like to play and train their flying, so the bigger the cage you can make, the better for them of course.

The optimal cage size is somewhere around 18.5×18.5×18.5 inches. This applies if you only have one budgie as a pet.

 You can choose your budgie as a pet in every pet shop. We recommend buying budgies from a well-known seller or breeder.
The bigger the cage you can make, the better for them

How long do budgies live?

The answer is of course very relative. According to scientific research, their lifespan is 5-8 years.
However, it all depends on how you treat your parrot, and what kind of health and living conditions you provide it. Unfortunately, your budgie may get sick and the disease is fatal for him, and it is not your fault at all.

What do Budgies eat?

Every living organism needs a certain amount of nutrients to meet its needs and establish homeostasis. By nutrients we mean: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Budgies get all these nutrients mainly through plant food. Plants and their fruits and seeds are excellent reservoirs of all these key substances. Commercial seed products contain about 2 to 8 types of seeds. However, they selectively choose from those 8 types, they usually choose the 2 they like the most, which are usually millet seeds.

Seeds are not a great source of nutrients, so they should not be constantly given to birds. In addition to seeds, there are also fruits and vegetables as excellent sources of vitamins.

They have certain products that these birds should not eat, such as avocados, which are toxic to them.
Also, constantly provide them with a certain amount of water during the day so that they don’t get dehydrated.

 You can choose your budgie as a pet in every pet shop. We recommend buying budgies from a well-known seller or breeder.
Fruits and vegetables as excellent sources of vitamins

Get One or Two Budgies?

To begin with, if it is the first time in your life that you have a pet, then take only one. The reason is very simple. You must first acquire a sense of responsibility and the habit of taking care of a pet.

When you get into that habit, get your budgie another one, to provide a budgie friend with whom he will surely be happier. They are very social birds, so they will certainly enjoy the additional company.

Where can I buy a budgie?

Every country has a pet shop. You can choose your budgie as a pet in every major pet shop.
Also in certain states, there are wild markets where these birds are sold. So, a great opportunity to save a bird from harsh environmental conditions is to buy it from a place that basically shouldn’t exist at all.

Locate a reputable Budgie breeder or Pet Store

However, what we recommend is that you still buy budgies from a well-known seller with a good reputation and ratings. In this way, you will be sure that the budgie was kept in good living conditions and that it is not sick, and that it will not make your other birds sick, for example, if it has an infectious disease.

Ask the seller about birds care

If you are buying a budgie for the first time and you already have a pet, ask the seller how to take care of it. A seller who is responsible and reliable will give you useful information about how to entertain your pet, how to make a cage for it, which vet to contact, and the like.

Examine the cage and Budgies that are in

When the budgies are in the cage, check on them constantly. Do not forget about them, knowing that they are in a cage and that this is potentially their safe area. They can get hurt by flying or playing.
They can also get sick and if you check them in time you can react very quickly.

Bring them food and change their water. Provide them with a clean cage and surrounding environment.

How do I know if a budgie is healthy?

If your budgie is healthy, he will be playful and happy, he will love your presence and he will have the energy to do all of life’s activities.

He will also consume the food you offer him and the water you give him. It will move from place to place.
When a budgie is sick, it is usually very still and does not move, does not consume food, and has no energy. Symptoms such as ruffled feathers, loss of feathers, swelling on the body, and the like are also visible.

When you notice something like this, quickly go to the vet so that he can adequately care for your pet and prescribe certain medications to prevent the spread of the disease.

Body language?

Gender usually determines your pet’s behavior, but it doesn’t have to. Females are proven to be slightly more aggressive than males. Males are calmer and more social. You will know that your budgie loves you and enjoys your presence, he will simply enjoy being in your arms, being touched, and feeding from your hand.

However, the problem arises when the budgie is naturally a little more aggressive due to the conditions in which it previously grew. When they are aggressive they bite, they look a bit bloated, and they flap their wings uncontrollably and this is a sign that something is wrong. Then you have to start taming your budgie, by trying to get closer to them more and more every day.

When they are aggressive they bite

How do you pick a good budgie?

If you want to choose a good and healthy budgie, you have to take a good look at it. A budgie is great if it is louder, more playful, and more social. Also, if he has beautiful feathers that are not ruffled, this indicates that he is not aggressive and does not fight with other budgies in the cage.

Also, if he breathes evenly and quietly, this is a sign that his internal condition could be good.
Clean nostrils and beaks are a sign of adequate care for the budgie, as well as its vent.
Of course, check if everything is in order, such as fingers that can be lost due to inattention.
These are just some of the signs.

Budgie’s temperament

Budgies are naturally very social birds. They enjoy the presence of other birds and people in general. They like the game and if you want to train with them. Males are a little more suitable and not so aggressive, unlike females. They are very tame and adaptable. So they are a great choice for a pet.

Choosing a Baby Budgie

If you get a budgie from a breeder, you will have to wait until they are old enough to be separated from its mother. This is sometime after 8 to 10 weeks after hatching. A young bird will have stripes on its head that are the result of its first molt.

When you take young birds, you have to train them and watch how and how much they feed, but such a bird is easier to tame.

A young bird will have stripes on its head

Decide on a Male or Female Budgie

If you don’t know if you would take a male and a female from the previous text, you could conclude that females are much more aggressive and demanding than males, it is simply easier to anger and irritate them with your behavior. However, this does not have to be the case, many females do not behave like this, but are very social and calm.

Males are more social and calm, but as for females, this does not have to be the case, because they can also be aggressive. All this usually depends on what kind of environmental conditions they were used to before you.

What is important is that your bird is your concern and that you dedicate part of the free time you have to taking care of your pet. They need love, care, and attention just like you.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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  4. I have enjoyed your youtube channel since the days of Cookie, I miss him. Very nice advice here. I am trying to find information, on about 10 mos old male rainbow spangle sky blue in a nice petstore. I have lost my Tweety who I raised at 8 weeks and he was tamed and flighted, we spoke to each other and he had a couple of phrases< whatcha doin and pretty boy….and our special recall and whistles…..the bird I am looking at seems to be bonded with his female in the cage and I am afraid he would not care to be my pet and he would grieve his friend. What do you think as he is a beauty.

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