Hand-Tamed Baby Budgie? Easy Taming Mode

When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. Taming Two or more budgies is challenging because they distract one another.

How long does it take to tame a budgie?

It usually lasts three days to four weeks to tame a budgie. Every budgie is unique and how fastly it will be tamed depends on a variety of things such as its past experience with people and its distinctive temperament. Because of bad experiences with humans, some budgies may be too timid and others can easily adjust to being around people. It takes time, persistence, and a lot of patience.

Hand-taming a baby budgie

When a bird is young, hand taming is easy but it takes time. Simply interacting with them will make them feel good around humans. There are several ways to hand tame and one popular technique is feeding from hand. When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. The other way is keeping your hand in the cage for 6 to 8 minutes depending on how wild your budgie is. You must perform this practice every day until your bird jumps on her finger on his own. When he begins sitting on your finger practice this lots of times a day. You must maintain your hand’s stillness while your bird sits on your finger and reward him with treats when he learns to do it. He will certainly be tamed.

Letting your budgie settle in

Your budgie needs to feel comfortable in its environment before you even think of engaging with it. A change in environment may be quite distressing for this bird. It will take some time for them to adjust to the new environment. Make sure to meet all of their needs including water, food, toys, perches, and a safety cage.

When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. Taming Two or more budgies is challenging because they distract one another.
A change in environment may be quite distressing

Building their trust

During the adjustment period interact with your budgie from outside of its cage. Engage in conversation with them and spend time with them. When you are conversing with them gently raise your hand to the bird’s cage to help them become used to seeing your hands.
You shouldn’t tap on the cage or put your finger through the wires as doing so is invading their secure place and it can make them feel stressed.

Being aware of your body language

Budgies can’t truly understand our words or body language, but they are quite intuitive, and can they can sense your intent from your voice tonality and body language. Keep your voice even and mild in tone. They may lose their trust in you if you produce loud or unexpected noises. Maintain mild and quite open body language. It is crucial that your body language remains steady while you train your budgie. Avoid facing them front on with your shoulders parallel if they are pretty tense. This can come out as aggressive or dominant. Rather make a gentle turn to your body and still be open to them, then you’ll come out as calm. If you withdraw or feel uneasy they will feel it, catch up on it, and feel uneasy as well.

Understand their body language and behavior

It is important to be aware of your budgie’s body language as this will help you modify the way you interact with it and it will also help you with how you develop their training. You need to give your bird some space if they are clearly stressed and trying to flee from you. Once they have adjusted to the last change, only put new challenges to them. For instance, wait until they are comfortable with you outside the cage before opening the cage and approaching them. A calm bird will cheerfully engage in interaction with you. When they do not respond unfavorably to your moves outside the cage, you will realize they are ready to engage in physical contact. By trying to give them a treat through the cage wires you can check this out. If they take the treat from your palm they are ready for the following step!

When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. Taming Two or more budgies is challenging because they distract one another.
A calm bird will cheerfully engage in interaction with you

Tips on hand-taming a budgie

It is advisable for just one person to train the budgie, allowing them to form a bond and become familiar with this person.

You should always strive to approach your budgie at eye level rather than standing higher than it.

Start by speaking to your budgie from a distance, then eventually get closer as you talk to it.

Never raise your hand over the budgie’s head.

Try to perform training with budgie every two hours for around five to ten minutes, but if you’re away from home throughout the day a ten-minute training in the morning and evening should be enough.
Don’t ever rush the training, give it time to develop, and know that some training elements will take more time than others.

Two or more budgies are challenging to tame because they distract one another. You can work with each separately, but if they are really attached they can spend the entire training period calling or looking for one another.

When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. Taming Two or more budgies is challenging because they distract one another.
Don’t ever rush the training, give it time to develop

Risk of taming baby Budgie

By forcing budgies to be tamed and friendly you are risking losing trust permanently. Yes, they can even hate you for being pushy. You never ever try to force tame your budgie. Taming baby budgie is easy and there is no need to force, in most cases taming baby budgie can be done in a day or two after settling in his new cage.

One of the risks of taming a baby budgie if you have a large flock of budgies is to a newly tamed budgie be overly attached to you and he may even find other budgies as enemies. In the worst-case scenario, other budgies or flocks of budgies may find him an easy target and they may attack him every time. This will scare your new tamed baby budgie and will never want to join others. So what can you do about it? Do not separate your new budgie member from the flock completely. They must be aware of a new member so he can socialize with others too. Make a balance, between time spend with your taming and time spent with other flock members.

When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. Taming Two or more budgies is challenging because they distract one another.
20-day-old baby budgie (Hand feeding)

How do you tame a wild budgie?

Taming a wild budgie is difficult but not impossible. Believe it or not, the wild budgie is much smarter than you. You need to think much more before making any move and if that move will make a bad reaction to your wild budgie. Never approach your wild Budgie without speaking to him all the time.
Remember, to your wild budgie there is no such thing as humans being friendly to budgies. They may find you as their enemy.

sometimes it is better to wait for him to come to your hand before you ever try to hand tame him.
Do not ever try to reach your hand to wild budgie unless you are holding their favorite snack, apple, millet bar, or some seeds.

The best time to gain more taming points from your wild budgie is in the early morning or evening when he is hungry. Do not hold an empty hand to your budgie, this way you are not sending him any message that we are out of food and go away! So, always offer some food, talk gently, and do not make direct eye contact.

Notice fear in budgies’ face

If you notice fear in budgies’ faces, because you can see fear in budgies face same as humans, stop what are you doing, or change position and be more gentle.

When feeding always be absolutely motionless, they are smart and scared, they are watching every tiny single movement you make.

Never and ever close your hand when your new wild budgie starts eating, do not move any finger, not yet. If you close your hand or move a finger you are risking instantly flying budgie away in fear and he will not return.

Never allow other friends or people to be near your new budgie while you are taming your budgie, or at least you need to be with them. Your friend can ruin everything you accomplished and you will be back on day one of taming, and you may even get more scared budgie than before.
Do not be discouraged by your taming failures, everyone fails in taming budgies at the beginning. You two have so much time so do not waste it. In time you will enjoy in benefits of your hard work.

Taming old Budgie is very difficult but not impossible

Can you tame old budgie?

At any age, budgies may be tamed or trained. Surely young budgies are simpler to tame since they lack defined patterns of behavior and expectations of what is regular.

Older budgies may be more challenging to tame since they already possess certain behaviors and characteristics that are hard to change.

The taming procedure cannot be sped up. Keep your habit of placing a non-threatening hand inside the cage and using gentle words which can help the budgie accept its owner and its new surroundings in its own time.


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