Budgie or hamster? Which is better?

Budgie or hamster? The question is a bit unusual to answer, right? However, if people want to get a pet, they often wonder which of them would best suit their home.

It is great if you inquire, before buying a pet, because that way you will know best what that pet requires of you and how much it costs to maintain it. Also, if you do not have too much free time, as a pet you will not take too many social animals, which constantly require your presence and attention.

Therefore, it is best to present all the advantages and disadvantages that this pet may have in maintenance before buying a pet.
If you have more free time and enjoy the birds chirping and the sounds that budgies produce, then these very social creatures are ideal pets for you. They require a lot of attention, love to have company, and don’t want to feel lonely.

When it comes to maintenance, it is very important that, as with any pet, hygiene is at a high level, that the bird cage is properly cleaned and that food and water are changed regularly. Of course, you can buy additional treats for your bird, which will make it happy. If you can, it would be great if your budgie had at least one friend by his side who would constantly keep his attention and have fun with each other.

However, on the other hand, hamsters are also small, cute, puffy animals that don’t require too much of your presence. They spend most of their time sleeping and resting, and when they are active, they like to have gadgets for running and climbing. They like to clean their hair themselves, so you can often see them licking their fur, even after playing with them. They can be a bit messy, so you have to clean the cage very often. They are not so many social animals, but if you want to get them a friend, they must connect first. There may be some conflicts, but it is similar to birds. If you put a female in a cage, you will get a few more small hamsters very quickly.

Which is better budgie or hamster?

Hmmm, it would be very illogical to say that our answer is: hamster. The answer is of course BUDGIEEEEE! If you have to choose between these two great pets, if you ask us, choose a budgie, and if you can have both, that is a great option. Why budgie? The answer will be very long. Budgies are very social birds. They love strong company and are constantly active, they spend most of their time playing and having fun, and if you are there they will love to land on your shoulder and play with you. What is great about budgies is that you can teach them many tricks and communication.

Budgies can memorize words, and it has been scientifically proven that some of them can compose complex phrases. If you are relaxed by the chirping of birds and their beautiful humming, if you have budgies, you can listen to these sounds every day. If you feel lonely, these birds will surely make you feel loved and happy and will be great company for you. Find them a corner in your home and place their cage where they will spend most of their time. They sleep up to 12 hours, so you won’t be able to hear them doing anything and distracting you overnight. They love toys, so you can easily make gadgets for them to play with, land, and have fun in a cage.

Budgies are very smart birds. They have no problem overcoming the obstacles you put in them during the particular training you prepare for them. Budgies have excellent cognitive abilities. According to the Guinness Book of Records, California’s budgie Puck broke the record by learning as many as 1,700 words.

Budgies can live quite a long time, even 7 to 15 years if you take care of them. Somewhere, data have even been recorded, and some have even turned 20. Budgie Charlie from England lived for 29 years and therefore broke the Guinness World Record.
Budgies are very cuddly creatures and love to spend time with their owner, and in the meantime, a wonderful and unbreakable bond will be created between you and such sweet creatures.

Budgie or hamster? The question is a bit unusual to answer, right? If people want to get a pet, they often wonder which of them is the best
Budgies are very smart birds.

They show sexual dimorphism, so it’s really easy to distinguish males and females.

Budgies love sweets, and you can make them sweets from different types of grains, fruits, and vegetables.
If you have children, budgies can teach them responsibilities. Thus they can become aware that animals are also living beings and that they require special care just like them. You can give them smaller tasks, such as changing food and water, playing with them, and the like.

What is important to mention is that they require special care and time, just like any other animal. You need to clean their cage every day, and change food and water, so as not to get some kind of infection and thus weaken their health. Also, make sure that the area where they are located is quiet and does not make a lot of noise, so as not to get stressed.

It is important to keep the room temperature and humidity optimal.

Spend at least some of your free time teaching them tricks and words so they don’t get lonely.
Take them to veterinary check-ups regularly to check their health. So if they are sick you can act quickly and preventively.
Every animal, in addition to requiring time and special care, also requires money. So before you buy a pet, try to see if you are in a financial situation to have a pet.

They require special care and time, just like any other animal.

Do hamsters and budgies get along?

Hamsters are not carnivores, so they can be found in the presence of birds. Some people say they can even get along great. However, if you want both pets in your home, you must initially observe their behavior in the presence of each other. The only danger can be posed by territorial males who do not want any other animal in their presence and their territory. However, whether they will socialize with each other is a rarity. They will usually ignore each other, as in nature. Primarily because they do not benefit from each other, and secondarily because they simply do not experience each other.

They can be in the same room, but never in the same cage. Especially because they eat the same type of food which of course can lead to certain conflicts.

So the final answer to this question is YES, they can live together, but in separate cages, or the same cage with a partition, to mark the territories in which they will live, primarily to avoid conflicts over food and drink, because their diet is almost the same.

Are budgies scared of hamsters?

Budgies are not afraid of hamsters. They do not even notice them in the normal world and nature, in the sense that they do not socialize together, which of course does not necessarily mean that there are no exceptions. Budgies just don’t like too loud animals and the sounds they make, and that can only scare them, and since hamsters are very calm, there’s no way budgies could be scared of a hamster.

Budgies just don’t like too loud animals

One thing is for sure, both hamsters and budgies require special attention and care. Some may be more, some less, but these are living beings who must be loved in any case and never neglected. If you decide to have a pet, you must understand it as a really big obligation, you cannot neglect the animal in any case. You must not forget to clean their cage regularly or change their water and food, because if you are the owner, you are responsible for the health of your pet. Your pet will be healthy if you take care of him as much as possible. Every pet requires spending time with them, so take at least some time during the day to play with them. Provide your pet with favorable living conditions, and adjust the appropriate temperature, light, humidity, and the like. Don’t make too much noise and give them unnecessary stress. Treat them as you would children.

A bird, a hamster, a dog, a cat, it’s all a living thing. So be careful and caring, just as parents should be to their children.

If you feel and notice that your pet is not feeling well, that he is making strange noises, that he is constantly sleeping, has difficulty moving, does not move, or is aggressive, it is certain that he is ill and may even be ill. So watch your pets, and dedicate time to them. If similar changes occur above, take them to a veterinarian to diagnose them and give them adequate therapy.

In any case, take your pet to regular veterinary check-ups to prevent disease.

It doesn’t matter which pet is better, but which one will suit you better and which one you will get along with better. Just like with people!


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