Do budgies poop everywhere? How to stop them?

The owners‘ usual complaint is, ‘My budgie is pooping everywhere and I don’t know what to do.’ You’re probably wondering if there’s a way to stop that. If you read our article, your problem will be solved!

Why are birds pooping everywhere?

First and foremost, we will explain why birds need to poop so frequently. Birds fly all the time, and they cannot fly if they are overweight. They need to get rid of excess weight by pooping. As a result, this is also a precaution they are taking in order to fly. Birds get rid of excess weight by pooping, and this is how they save energy. They require a lot of energy to fly. Their metabolism is much faster than ours, which additionally explains why they poop so frequently.

They poop everywhere, and you must be prepared to clean up after them. Don’t worry, their poop can be easily cleaned. It does not leave a stain. It can be cleaned up with water, baking soda, and vinegar. You most likely believe that pooping everywhere is abnormal. However, this is normal because bird poop is beneficial to plants. It aids in their development. Birds poop everywhere in the wild, and this is how they improve plant health. As you can see, they play an important role in the wild.

The frequency of pooping is affected by the size of the bird. The more frequently a bird poops, the smaller it is. This means that your budgie will poop frequently due to physiological needs. Pooping is completely normal for him because he has to. The interval between pooping is about 15-20 minutes.

And, yes, you can potty train your bird! You can place paper towels in various corners of the cage. The closer the paper towels are, the more likely it is that your bird will poop there! We’ll get into this topic more specifically later.

The fact that birds usually poop after eating can be useful to you. But keep in mind that they poop after eating healthy food. This means that budgie pooping on a regular basis is perfectly healthy! There are some pooping signs that can alert you when they are about to poop. They squat, raise their tails and ruffle their feathers.

The owners' usual complaint is, 'My budgies poop everywhere and I don't know what to do.' Is there a way to stop that?
The interval between pooping is about 15-20 minutes.

Can birds control when they poop?

Of course, they can, but it is also up to them. Before birds poop, they begin to experience bowel movements and they usually move a lot. They can hold it in, but they poop frequently in order to fly. They must be lighter if they are to fly.

They can have up to 50 bowel movements per day, and how long they can control them depends on their size. Birds can be trained to control their pooping, but this is risky. We’ll explain why.

As previously stated, birds must poop frequently, and if they are trained to control their pooping, they may adhere to the rule so strictly that they injure themselves. Instead of teaching them to control their poop, teach them to poop in a specific location.

The owners' usual complaint is, 'My budgies poop everywhere and I don't know what to do.' Is there a way to stop that?
Teach them to poop in a specific location

Can you teach a bird where to poop?

Yes, a bird can be potty-trained. However, not all birds can be potty-trained. Some are extremely difficult to train, and others simply do not work. If it makes things easier for you, budgie poop leaves no stains and is very easy to clean. We do not recommend keeping your budgie in his or her cage all of the time. That is not a viable option.

You can also secure yourself by placing newspapers in specific areas of the room where your budgie is. This will make your job easier and save you from having to do any extra work.

Before you get started with the training, keep in mind that you must be extremely patient! This is not a simple task, so be prepared.

Training younger budgies is usually much easier and your bird has to be at least a year old in order to train it. Training is always fun, and it allows you to spend more time with your bird. However, you will have less cleaning to do! Observe your bird and its pooping schedule to accomplish this. Look for warning signs and try to get everything ready before it happens. The usual signs include raising their tails, ruffling their feathers, and squatting.

The owners' usual complaint is, 'My budgies poop everywhere and I don't know what to do.' Is there a way to stop that?
Training younger budgies is usually much easier

Shouting at your budgie for pooping all over the place will only make your budgie distrust you more. This will destroy your relationship, and as we all know, screaming never solves a problem. Punishing is not an option as well. When attempting to change this behavior, it is critical not to scare your bird. He or she has no intention of making a mistake. Your bird will let go of the old behavior if you positively encourage it.

How many times a day do Budgies Poop?

Budgies typically poop 40 to 50 times per day, every 15 to 20 minutes, or every 3 to 4 hours. This is most common during the day, as they do not poop much at night. Their first poop is in the morning, so make sure your budgies have pooped before letting them out of the cage.

However, it is entirely dependent on their size and weight. You can detect any health issues by observing your budgie’s poop schedule.

Budgie poop is green and white in color. It has the consistency of toothpaste. It does not stink because budgies eat seeds, fruits, and vegetables. If you detect any odor, your budgie may be suffering from a medical condition. Poop that is dark green, red, yellow, or red indicates a variety of health issues. Another issue is if your budgie isn’t pooping enough.

Their diet plays a significant role in this, so you should be cautious about what they eat. Their diet should be diverse. If you want your budgie to be healthy, read our previous article about homemade budgie food.

The owners' usual complaint is, 'My budgies poop everywhere and I don't know what to do.' Is there a way to stop that?
If you detect any odor, your budgie may be suffering from a medical condition.

How do I stop my budgie from pooping everywhere?

Potty training your budgie is one option. The first step is to choose a command, but make sure you always use the same word with the same intonation. You must pronounce it the same way so that your bird will remember it. For example, you could say something like ‘poop now’ or ‘pooping time’. Whatever you find catchy.

When you see all of the signs, take your bird and place it over the toilet you’ve prepared for him. It could be a basket, a scrap of paper, or a stack of old newspapers. Whatever you want. Then you say the command, and applaud your bird for pooping. Then let your bird out. His greatest reward is being let out of the cage. This will teach him that if he poops in the same place every time, he can go outside. Repeat the command several times so your budgie remembers it.

You’ll have to do this training a few times until your bird gets it. Be persistent and do not give up! A few times of the same process should be enough. If not, then sorry but your budgie is that rare exception. In most cases, your bird will learn the command in 72 hours. Allowing them to go outside is their main motivation. So, keep in mind that you have 15 minutes between pooping. If your bird is not in his cage after 15 minutes, take him to the toilet.

When your budgie is trained, you will be able to hear him singing while on his way to the toilet, attempting to repeat your command. Their attempt to mimic your voice is both amusing and intriguing. This act will strengthen your bond with your budgie. If they are outside their cage, you will see them flying back to the cage seeking the toilet. This means that your task was successful.


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