Budgie poop and observing changes in your pet’s droppings is essential in ensuring it is always healthy. Some cases must be reported to a veterinarian!

Budgie owners, like any other pet owner, love their cute birds. Budgies, also known as parakeets, are unique, affectionate, awesome, and amazing bird pets. Additionally, if you train it properly, it can mimic your speech. Isn’t that lovely? No doubt the bird pets are popular around the world. However, they need to be taken good care of.

This involves proper feeding and constantly monitoring them. Since they feed, we expect them to poop. A keen look at their poop can tell a lot about their health. So, what should you know about their poop? Please keep reading to find out more to ensure your cute budgie stays healthy.

Budgie Poop Color

If you are a budgie owner, then you have seen your pet poop, or at times, have yourself pooped on. Therefore, there is a color of a healthy poop that you are accustomed to. However, what if the color changes? Should you be alarmed? Normally, the pet bird’s poop should be green.

The feces should be of a nice green color that is even or olive green. Nonetheless, the poop has the feces from the intestines which are green, the urates from the kidneys which are white, and the liquid portion, urine from the kidneys. However, there are times when your cutie will produce a poop of a different color. Whenever you discover such a change, you should know that something is wrong with their health.

Budgie Poop Color
Budgie Poop Color

For example, if the poop is dark green, tending towards black, then this can indicate that your budgie is not eating. Therefore, the droppings consist of bile alone. Importantly, the color of your budgie’s poop may change due to a change in diet. This should be temporary before it resumes the normal green color. So, you have to ensure you monitor your lovely bird to see the changes. In this way, you get to call the avian vet when the need arises.

Do Budgies Eat Poop?

Unlike rabbits, budgies rarely eat their poops, but if they do, it could be as a result of a behavioral problem. In most cases though, these pet birds crumble through their dry poop to get them away from the cages and perches. They mostly use their beaks when doing this hence it may look like they are eating them. However, this act is purely to clean their cages. Notably, if at all you observe this in your bird, they don’t ingest the droppings. So, you don’t need to worry, these cute pets rarely eat their poops, and if they do, then there are some minerals they are lacking in their diet. If you observe this, you can try improving their diet to provide them with the essential minerals and nutritional elements.

Do Budgies Eat Poop
Do Budgies Eat Poop?

Does Budgie’s Poop Smell?

If you have interacted with most mammals, then you might have experienced their poop smell. How about your pretty budgie? Whenever it releases that dropping, should you expect a smell or not? Well, most of the food eaten by your pet bird consists of less meat.

Naturally, meat protein has sulfides which are responsible for mammal’s smelly poop. However, the diet of your budgie mainly contains fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they lack a cecum and fermentation in their guts, hence no gas and odor production. Therefore, with these cute creatures, expect no smell from their poop. What’s more, the non-smelling poop and their cleanliness is sure a relief, don’t you think? So, whenever you get a smell from their poop, you need to seek veterinary service since it might be sick. No one would want to have a sick unhealthy budgie.

Does Budgie’s Poop Smell
Does Budgie’s Poop Smell?

How Often Should a Budgie Poop?

Taking a keen interest in your budgie pet means you notice even the slightest changes it undergoes. An example is its poop pattern and how often it does so. Knowing the number of times your pet budgie poops may differ depending on its size. In most cases, smaller budgies poop more frequently than the larger ones. Therefore, if your cute bird is still small, then be ready to do cleaning more often.

Typically, a budgie may poop 40 to 50 times in a day. Furthermore, they may do so after about 10 to 20 minutes. Besides, some poop a little more frequent than that. Sounds a lot, right? This frequent excretion is due to their high metabolic rate and increased speed of processing food.


Additionally, they fly often, and to be efficient in this, their weight should be light. Therefore, pooping now and again makes it easier for them to fly and have a very lightweight. On the other hand, some circumstances may make your little friend not poop as often as expected. This can be experienced in a female budgie that lays eggs.

The rate at which she poops will be reduced since it will do so maybe twice or thrice a day. This is because it holds the droppings for a long period. If that is not the case, the pet bird will just poop quite often. However, since their poop doesn’t smell, does their pooping too often bother you? Moreover, if they can’t poop, they might have a blockage in their gastrointestinal tract. This might need special attention. So, they rather poop as often than refrain from doing it.

Healthy Budgie Poop

Observing changes in your pet’s droppings is essential in ensuring it is always healthy. It makes it easier for you to detect whenever there is a problem and seek a solution to curb it as soon as possible. However, how does one know that a budgie’s poop is healthy?

Healthy Budgie Poop

To begin with, a sign of a healthy budgie poop is in the shape and color. It should be round and green or olive. Furthermore, the urine should be clear and the urates white. Also, the green and white portions in their poop should almost be equal in amount. How about the poop position? A healthy budgie’s poop should be able to stay in the exact position it was dropped by the bird. Besides, it should be stiff with soft consistency to keep it in shape. Importantly, the portions of the droppings might change as a result of a change in one or two components of the poop.

budgie poo

However, as a budgie owner, you should not be alarmed when you notice a slight and temporary change in the poop. This could be a result of a change in diet such as the introduction of commercial supplements. The good news is that it can be corrected after some time for the poop to go back to its normal color. Nonetheless, if you want to know that the poop is healthy, you can look at the texture. It should neither be too wet nor too dry. If it is in a paste form, the better, not too liquid though. Lastly, as mentioned before, the droppings should produce no smell. All these calls for extra attention to your amazing pet birds.

Abnormal Budgie Poop

A keen look and observance of your dear pet for some time may make you know what the normal and healthy poop looks like and what the abnormal and unhealthy one is. Furthermore, if you experience certain sudden changes in their droppings, it could be a sign of a health problem, hence, it would be wise to inform your avian veterinary doctor.

To begin with, if the color of the dropping is almost black, you need to get alarmed. Your precious might just be excreting bile. On the other hand, if the urates appear yellowish-green, this could be a sign of a disease. Moreover, if they are red with blood, it could result from lead poisoning.

normal droppings budgie
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Furthermore, another unhealthy poop is one that is watery and contains too much liquid. This can make the poop appear too loose, but retain the consistency, a condition called polyuria. Importantly, you need to know that it is different from diarrhea which forms when the feces are formless and lack consistency. Also, there may be large portions of undigested food on the droppings and this could be a sign of a digestive problem.

Notably, if you increase vegetables, colored pallets, and fruits on your budgie’s diet, its poop may be watery or have a different color. In this case, you do not need to be worried. This change in dietary habits of your cute creature could be the cause of all that. However, if the situation continues, seek the guidance of a vet.

unhealthy poop is one that is watery and contains too much liquid.
Unhealthy poop is one that is watery and contains too much liquid.

What if a Budgie’s Poop is Stuck on the Vent?

Have you experienced this with your pet? You may observe its poop stuck into the feathers around the vent, or bottom. It may be as a result of a diet full of fruits, an upset stomach, or just a disease such as diarrhea. If you decide to help your little one clean up, you can do so by holding it carefully, then use wet cotton wool balls to clean the area. Furthermore, you can wipe the feathers from the root to the tips.

Budgie’s Poop is Stuck on the Vent

Importantly, you should avoid adding anything to the water used since it may irritate. Also, budgies tend to have their poop stuck on their bottom if taken to a new environment. Therefore, if you observe this in your newly purchased pet, you do not need to panic.

If this is the case, you can make it comfortable for it to feel relaxed and get used to the new environment.

After How Long Should You Clean Budgie Poop?

These cute pet birds have non-smelling poop. However, does this mean that the owner should take days, weeks, or months to clean the droppings from their cage? As much as they are not dangerous, if left for a prolonged duration, they may grow bacteria and fungi. These are dangerous when they dry since if inhaled, they might lead to respiratory infections.

Moreover, if the poops accumulate so much, they can release huge amounts of ammonia which also leads to respiratory diseases such as lung infections. Furthermore, a budgie can pass on an infection to other budgies or human beings through its droppings. Therefore, do you see the need for keeping a clean cage by constantly cleaning the pet’s poop? No one wants to be at risk of a respiratory infection from a pet bird he or she loves.

After How Long Should You Clean Budgie Poop

What is the Amount of Budgies Poop?

As much as they poop frequently, you need to pay attention to the amount released. Typically, the quantity of poop produced depends on the size of your budgie and should be consistent. If yours is small, it will produce smaller droppings compared to bigger budgies which produce larger ones. Moreover, the diet may also change slightly the amount and volume of poop produced. If the volume increases, then there is a component of the poop that has increased. You need to find out which one it is. For example, an increase in the green portion, the feces, could be an indication of a digestion problem.

On the other hand, if the volume of urine increases, your pet might be suffering from diabetes, kidney diseases, or just has an excess intake of water. If all the portions increase though, then your cutie might just be holding the poop for an extra-long time. However, if the changes are so sudden and abrupt, it would be better to seek help from an avian veterinary doctor.

Therefore, when you are cleaning the cage, be keen on the amount and size of droppings to help you know what’s normal to your pet and what is not.

budgie poop healthy


Owning a pet requires attention, keenness, and concern. Furthermore, one has to be very observant to notice what goes around the pet and in case there is even the slightest change from its normal behavior. Furthermore, their health should be taken as a priority. One way you can tell if your little friend is healthy is by looking at its poop.

In this article, we have dug deep into the budgie world of poop to ensure they are always healthy. Furthermore, some cases must be reported to a veterinary officer once they are noticed. Therefore, take a look at your cute budgie’s poop to know the state of its health.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.


  1. I had a question about the picture under the abnormal budgie poop title. If your budgies poop looks like that, what could be the issue possibly? Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi
    My new female budgie is pooping undigested seeds. I am worried. Please give some suggestions…

    1. Hi Anne. I am not quite sure but I would suggest vary the diet of your budgie eg. greens, vegies, fruit with occasional seeds and see if the same thing happens. If it does, go see a vet for a checkup!

  3. Hello. My female budgie’s poop is a little bit watery and the urine looks a bit greenish when it dries up. I’m using paper. Is it normal?

    1. Mine has started experiencing thus. Larger, oblong poop that is all white. Did you discover what the cause was. We’ll see a vet this week.

  4. i brought home a 1 year female parakeet 5 days ago. she has not even anything. i offered her some millet she took a few bites on the third day but has not sinced and have not gone to her food tray as much as its in her cage. Should I be concerned or leave her a little longer to get her acclimated??

  5. Hi my budgie stomach has no hair and I saw her dropping has changed to dark watery large dropping. Please if you can give any advice I would really appreciate it.

    1. Hello Soneya,
      Your budgie situation must already be done by now… but in case not, if you see watery poo that is black you must take it to the vet immediately to check for blood in the stools. That could be internal bleeding and possibly fatal if untreated.

  6. Mine has started experiencing thus. Larger, oblong poop that is all white. Did you discover what the cause was. We’ll see a vet this week.

  7. Pashi’s poo is yellow and runny, I think it could be something to do with the pancreas, crop or kidneys. Please help her!

  8. I have noticed a much reduced amount of poop in cage the last few days. Neither my Budgies will eat fruit but do have greens. One is moulting.

  9. Hi, so I got a male budgie which is 7 or 8 years old but I’ve noticed his droppings have been looking different then his usual droppings because he’s dropping look more watery then usual but there has been no change in his diet and my budgie doesn’t eat any other food but his seeds and his calcium bar

    1. My bird has a very dark green, almost black dry poop. This happend right when we switched to harrisons pellets. He’s also stressed out because his partner died. What can be the cause of these irregulities in poop. We switched to harrisons at the same time as her death. What can be done? What can be the cause?

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