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  • Signs of a lonely Budgie and Signs of a Happy Budgie
    Budgies, like any other animal, can be lonely. When your budgie is lonely, he hides and tries to be far from everyone else. Budgies are adorable, small, and affectionate birds that are also one of the most popular
  • Hand-Tamed Baby Budgie? Easy Taming Mode
    When you feed them from your hand the baby will get socialized with you instantly. Taming Two or more budgies is challenging because they distract one another. How long does
  • Where do Budgies like to be Touched?
    Does your Budgie like to be touched? Pet them on the head, under the wings, chest, and neck area. Is this possible? They must be really tamed you think? Often
  • 10 Weird Budgies Facts
    Some weird but very interesting Budgies facts. Budgies can turn their heads up to 180 degrees and they have Monocular Vision. They can sleep upside down Did you know that
  • Did you know Queen Elizabeth had a Budgie?
    You are right, Budgies are royal pets, Did you know Queen Elizabeth had a Budgie? I know you are probably just sitting on your rolling chair and sipping down a
  • Male or Female Budgie to have as a pet?
    Male vs Female budgie as Pet? You need to know their behavior, which you can learn to talk and tame easier, who is friendliest? So which is better? We often
  • Yellow Budgie | Lutino Budgie
    Yellow Budgie is rare same as Albino, but do you know how is a yellow budgie called? What makes them special? What is Lutino Budgie? You’ve been debating for a
  • Rare Budgie Colors
    Did you know about Rare Budgie Colors? Anthracite budgie, rainbow budgie, and helicopter budgie are very rare Budgie mutations. Budgies do show a huge amount of variety and diversity when
  • Budgies and Lemon as Medicine
    Budgies and Lemon as Medicine can help you with some health problems in budgies. Lemon can be dangerous to Budgies’ health but in the right concentration … If you are
  • How to Tame a Budgie in 30 minutes?
    As a Budgie owner, you want your new pet Budgie to be tamed, and the question is How to Tame a Budgie in 30 minutes? Budgies are social birds, very
  • Budgie or hamster? Which is better?
    Budgie or hamster? The question is a bit unusual to answer, right? However, if people want to get a pet, they often wonder which of them would best suit their
  • Do budgies poop everywhere? How to stop them?
    The owners‘ usual complaint is, ‘My budgie is pooping everywhere and I don’t know what to do.’ You’re probably wondering if there’s a way to stop that. If you read