Fountain Bathing for Budgies: Why is it easy to bathe using a Fountain?

Fountain Bathing for Budgies Why is it easy to bathe using a bird Fountain

Budgie Fountain Bathing? You probably already seen it, it is great and fun for Budgies and other parrot species.

Have you ever wonder that how should you give a bath to your parrot? If your answer is a “NO” which most probably it would be. We’ll tell you how you should do it and that too; in the right way.

Fountain Bathing

I personally, with my experience would suggest you try fountain bathing. Fountain bathing makes sure that your bird is not only taking bath but also enjoying it and that too; on the next level.

Nowadays there are so many ways through which you can give your bird a bath but we’ll tell you some of the amazing facts about fountain bathing that why it should be your top priority and why is it better than other bathing tactics you use in your everyday life.

diy fountain for budgies

Fountain bathing is a fun experience for your budgie

Fountain bathing is definitely a fun experience for your birdie but for you too. The dripping of water and its feel doesn’t only excite your bird but it also works as a “mood changer” for him. It surely makes your bird wants to go for a bath not as a necessity but as a fun thing for sure.
You, being an owner will also find it a good sight to see your bird by taking bath without having your manpower involved.

Everything About Budgie Fountain Bathing: Why is it easy to bathe using a fountain?

Fountain bathing is definitely attractive than boring bathing ideas

Fountain bathing is way better than traditional ways of bathing your good friend i.e your budgie of course. The fountain bath on its own is attractive for birds and fountain bathing is definitely what they do not experience in old traditional bathing ways which are boring and tiring too. They do not just act as a turn-off for your budgie but are tiring for you as well. So why go for those old, unattractive, and tiring ways of bathing when you can opt for fountain bathing.

An easy and innovative way of bathing your budgie

As mentioned earlier; fountain bathing is innovative as well as an easy way for you to bathe your little one. You just have to make or purchase a fountain birdbath for your little friend and make him sit in his new and exciting fun place i.e fountain bath. You will surely notice that your budgie won’t just enjoy the fact that he’s bathing on his own but he’ll also do bathing as a fun task. You’re definitely aware of the fact that how innovative the idea of fountain bathing is.

You don’t have to take your little fellow and pour all the water by yourself. You don’t have to even care about the fact that whether it’s risky or not (obviously it’s a risk-free idea so you better do not worry). All you have to do is just make your budgie sit under the fountain bath and let him do the rest of the work on his own.

An easy and innovative way of bathing your budgie
Super easy for Budgies to bath

Fountain bathing ensures proper cleaning

Fountain bathing ensures proper cleaning unlike those old traditional ways of bathing in which you give a bath to your budgie but later on, you notice that sometimes his wings still need to be cleaned up properly. Sometimes you may feel that his body isn’t properly cleaned as it should be. Fountain bathing, on the other hand; makes sure that your budgie is properly cleaned up now and that the water dripped on each part of his body (be its head or be its claws or be its wings, etc).

When you leave your birdie in the bath where water is dripping from the upper side which’s the fountain; your birdie just not enjoys that kind of innovative and refreshing experience but he also cleans up himself on his own. The only thing you have to do is just to take your little fellow to his new bathing destination which should definitely a big yes for you.

Fountain bathing ensures proper cleaning
Fountain bathing ensures proper cleaning

You should not have to force your budgie

You should definitely not have to force your birdie to take bath when you will have a fountain bath in your home. Forcing is required when your birdie doesn’t want to take bath or when he’s not in the mood to do it so. This happens when you go for conventional, uncomfortable, and old ways of bathing. Obviously, when you’ll have a fountain bath in your home; your little champion will love that experience without you having to force him to do so.

Everything About Budgie Fountain Bathing: Why is it easy to bathe using a fountain?
You should not have to force your budgie

Fountain bathing prevents stagnation

Fountain bathing also prevents stagnation; ensuring that water is dripping on each part of your budgie. When water drops on every body part of your budgie; it automatically makes it a whole new kind of exciting and “must-have” experience for you budgie which he thoroughly enjoys with zeal and zest. Not only he will enjoy it with all his soul but he’ll become happier and “easy to go with” bird as he’s now happy to his core.

Fountain bathing prevents diseases

You may be thinking right now that how is it even possible that a fountain bath will prevent diseases. Well, my friend; this is absolutely true and I’ll tell you why. A fountain bath ensures a continuous supply of water; hence discourages the breeding of larva and other microorganisms which are harmful to your budgie for sure.

The breeding of microorganisms can make your budgie sick and it could be worse honestly. So why you have to rely on old conventional ways of bathing which could be dangerous too. Why, not switch to an exciting, innovative, and safer method i.e fountain bathing.

Fountain bath could attract other birds too and it could be therapeutic too

Fountain bath could attract more birds? If it is true then how?
Yes, you heard it right. Fountain bathing should be your top priority if you do not want your budgie to feel isolated and alone. See usually, fountain baths are larger and stylish. They have a very soothing sound of flowing water too; which doesn’t only make you and your budgie feel refreshed but will also attract other birds around the corner too. So better be ready for a bird party in your house if you’re going to have a fountain birdbath in your home.

The chirping sounds of the bird gang will not only lighten your mood but will also act as an anti-depressant in this busy era. So, do consider the fountain bath a big blessing for you and your birdie too. In hustle and bustle of the busy life; isn’t watching birds chirping and playing in front of you less than a blessing to be thankful for?

In an era, where people do go for psychologists and therapists; where people are having anti-depressants. How good and therapeutic it would be to watch birds chirping, bathing, and having a party in your house.
Imagine having a really hard day at work or imagine having a hard time with your boss or clients or even people you work with and coming home after all the hectic schedule. Now imagine that birds are chirping and bathing in your home. Won’t you be thankful to Almighty for such a relaxing atmosphere He has provided you with?

All birds love taking a bath!

Fountain baths make you feel attached to nature

This, if you think is another blessing that you get when you have a fountain bath around you, in your place. The sound of your budgie along with the refreshing sound of water dripping in your home. You just have to close your eyes and focus on the surrounding atmosphere sitting next to the fountain bath. Imagine how close you will feel to nature which could be definitely a plus when comes to fountain baths. Moreover, the fountain gives immense pleasure to your budgies.

Fountain baths add value to the scenic beauty of your property

Most of the time, fountain baths are immensely beautiful which could play their part as a beautiful decoration item in your house too. As they are beautifully made or sometimes handcrafted, so they do act as a value-adding object in the furniture of your house which’s definitely a hidden plus point of having a fountain bath in your house.

Now, as you are well aware of the benefits of fountain baths and bathing your budgie through a fountain bath; we’ll now tell you about some of the common types of fountain baths that are available in the market so you exactly know that what to have for your budgie. So let’s get straight into it.

There are basically three main types of fountain baths i.e. Electric fountain birdbath, solar fountain birdbath, and conventional fountain birdbath.
So, without wasting your time. Let’s dig it deeper.

Solar fountain birdbath

As its name alone makes it very obvious that a solar fountain birdbath is a bird bath that actually drives the pump of the bath through the energy that it creates through sunlight. So basically, a panel is installed inside or outside the bath which collects the solar energy from the sun during the daytime and hence making it an innovative idea when it comes to giving a bath to your budgie.

Solar Birdbath

Electric fountain birdbath

This is the most common type of fountain bird baths which are available in the market everywhere. There is an electric panel installed in the birdbath which drives the pump through electricity. You will find them in abundance in the market as they are preferred and extensively used by bird owners.

Fountain Bathing for Budgies Why is it easy to bathe using a Fountain

Conventional DIY fountain bird bat

This too is a very common type of fountain birdbath. They are old school and simple obviously as hinted by the title. People often make the by themselves using stones, pieces of wood, cardboard, cement and the list goes on. They’re comparatively simple and closer to nature than solar fountain birdbaths and electronic fountain birdbaths. You don’t have to worry about your electricity bills or the price of solar panels if you’re thinking about going for a DIY fountain birdbath.

In this article, we’ve tried our best to give you all the details of fountain birdbaths, fountain bird bathing, and its benefits. Now you know which kind of fountain bird bath you need and what good it’s going to bring your budgie and your home.


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