Let’s imagine what if Budgie bird is a superhero bird?

The only thing I remember about my childhood could be written in a few lines. Since I know most of us are interested in what goes on other people’s life (sorry for being Salty), you might like this one. Welcome, you are cordially invited to a shortlist of things that I normally would have hidden, but since I don’t have any control over me when I write, I once fell through a banana peel and landed on a girl – first-hand embarrassment.

But that’s not why we are here today. Other than this, I remember being hooked on superheroes to a point where my heart would jump out of my shirt if I came across a website that had a little deeper information about them. Please don’t tell me I was the only one.

Apart from running around wearing capes and beating up my younger siblings just to pretend they were the enemies of the world, I even had a superhero tooth brush and a water bottle which I would proudly hang around my neck and walk towards school. It was fun and tell me one person who wasn’t in love or isn’t in love with superheroes? Or don’t tell me, because I might lose my temper and trip.

What if Budgie bird is a superhero bird?

Let’s loosen up our imaginations a bit

We love our pets, don’t we? and trust me I am one of those people who are guilty of getting their cats and dogs dressed up as superheroes. (cats could be a better version of batman just because of their ears and adorable features). But what if the birds had this degree of importance and heroicness to them?

Do you remember Zazu from The Lion King? He was literally a superhero bird in my eyes for the amount of information it gave. My point is that I kind of want us to reflect on the thought that what if (not any bird) budgie bird was a superhero? If you ask me, I would say that the world would be a better place. I can’t clearly imagine the view where they would be wearing underwear over pants, capes, and masks, but it sure could be a great sight to witness.

They would never be late to a crime scene

This tiny bird may look too sweet and adorable to be the one to have a thrill of action, but let me tell you that budgies can make the best superheroes. Imagine a crime scene where most of the time police are late to hit the scene, which happens, right? these tiny bodies may not look like much but they can fly and creep up on people very smartly and steadily. To all the people who have them as pets know exactly what I am talking about.

Did anyone say they don’t bite?

People might think that the sharp pointy beak is there to only eat their food – but tell me honestly, do you think that is the only reason? I say they bite when they have to – tell me what cause is bigger when you are a superhero bird and your duty is to save the world? I know their beaks are not strong enough to penetrate human skin – but I am about to be inhumane and say that the eyeballs are never safe. Our superhero birds can do their trick to save the world by penetrating their pointy beak into the enemy’s eye.


What about the power of talking?

Remember how we talked about budgies being in Guinness book of world records for their vocabulary? When do you think this will come in use? Well, now! Do your cats or dogs have the power to talk? The last time I checked, mine didn’t. This is when we consider budgie birds to be our superheroes.

Imagine chaos going around in some area and our budgie gets the sight of it while he was strolling around in the wind, enjoying the wind. He notices that there are many people to be taken down, so what do you think our budgie would do? He could talk and gather help. Please don’t come to me and tell me that any pet could do that because I won’t believe it.

Use their attractiveness:

We have mostly seen how girls get to lure people in by their attractiveness – it is not anything but a trap and God know how many people have revealed their real faces this way. Do you think only girls get to do this? I don’t think so.

I say budgies could do it better

Sharp bright color, adorable size, and the charm to their chatterbox, do you think anyone could resist that? I know there might not be a lot of options when it comes to budgie birds being superheroes but there is still a lot they can do. If I were a robber, I would easily get distracted by a bird this cute and adorable and might break the rule to stay silent at a robbery by saying “AWW”.

Final thought

The world needs saving and a bird as smart, clever and easily tamed like budgies could be of great help. You might be laughing right now thinking that I have lost my mind but what is wrong with using our imaginations and asking ourselves what if?

You might be more curious to know about my story where I fell through a banana peel, but let’s leave that for another day and focus on what you have just read. Imagine a budgie with a cape and eye mask, tell you didn’t fall head over heels for that sight.


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