7 SUPERSTAR we’d love to recruit for Budgie bird team

Imagine not being in love with the pets? Yes, correct. We just can’t. And now, imagine not being in love with the superstar? Dang! We could never. Lastly, imagine your favorite superstar with your dearest pet. Oh man, that would be a sight to behold, wouldn’t it? A Budgie superstar. Everyone loves pets and we find them even more adorable when we see them with our beloved celebrities – they just fit perfectly, from the way they interact, all the way to how endearing and irresistible their pictures are.

Cats? Dogs? No, we are here to talk about budgies. Attractive, flamboyant, and their friendly easy-going personality makes budgies, the most popular and affectionate pet among humans. They are quick-witted and funny, and they can form a long-term bond once they are attached to you. If you are patient enough, you might hear their alluring voice speak wonders. But what makes them the best pet for the celebrities, is their matching personalities. Read further to learn more about their harmonize nature.
They are insatiable curious and funny

Budgies are fun and frisky but also very inquisitive.

Have you ever thought about pets sharing personality traits with celebrities? Although it is important to understand the pet’s personality, it can also be very useful to understand that there could be some similarities between them. You’ll be amazed to know that celebrities are the most interesting, inspirational, and curious human being throughout history, making them a perfect pair with the budgies. Budgies are fun and frisky but also very inquisitive. That means extremely curious about learning new things, touching what they shouldn’t touch, destroying furniture with their sharp beak, and pooping every 15 minutes to God knows where, but could be trained with some endurance. Even if the most well-kept budgerigar decides not to be caged, they love to jump around and discover their surroundings.

Like celebrities, they go through adolescence. Test their limits and be stubborn, and even belligerent when they feel like it! Fortunately, they don’t do drugs, wear all black or listen to loud metal music, when the downfall happens. But if you are patient enough, you will see them learn all those smart tricks and win the audience all at once.

Jennifer_Lawrence budgie superstar

Jennifer Lawrence and Budgie superstar

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence, right? It’s not difficult to become a fan of The Hunger Game actress, she could simply be entitled to be the best movie stars of the decade. In a short shock period, the actress captivated us with her memorable characters. Her background and achievements are not only impressive but also her fun-loving nature makes her in our top list. Apart from being a talented actress, she bounces off an energetic, funny, somewhat smart-aleck vibe and seems to have an incredible sense of humor in every area of life, make her a perfect fit with the budgies. Now let’s imagine her with a colourful budgie sat elegantly on her shoulder, making her red-carpet interview 100 times more amusing and engaging – from explaining her dress in a salty way, all the way to her love for food.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has been known as the big star for over thirty years, though he’s quite famous in the industry, he never forgot his humble origins. At many places, Hank has revealed that he likes to connect with new people and discover more about humanity. Having this degree of patience is exactly what we need when raising a budgie. I would kill to see Tom hanks parent a budgie, pouring his empire-building and open-minded qualities, giving us a mini Hank – which would be ever-striving, leading to the top, and enjoying an enterprising, ambitious and determined personality to do things well, and an unyielding dedication to his plan until the goals are achieved – and just maybe giving us another box office hit with its birdy appearance. Getting a true budgie superstar with Hanks.

budgie superstar

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres always leaves us in fits of laughter, but not only that, she continues to use the platform to make the world a better place. DeGeneres is known for her genuine and open personality, and always encourages others to be friendly to each other. But what most of you don’t know is that, Ellen is always associated with animals. She not only encourages viewers to post pictures of their adorable pets – for which we truly love her, but also advocates of animal rights and been an owner of the entire foundation. Her humorous and playful personality makes her the perfect pair with the budgie bird. Imagine, Ellen starting her show with a colourful budgie, mimicking her lines and pumping us with its bouncy dance moves, believe me that would take the show to the next hit!

Chris Evan

Who wouldn’t love to see a superman with a super bird by his side, right?
Even though we are absolutely in love with Chris Evan’s doggie pal Dodger, we still prefer him with our heroic bird – budgie superstar. Just picture, our favorite superhero fighting our ultimate enemy Thanos, and just before the fingers were snapped, our courageous budgie saves the day (and most of our tears) by poking its sharp pointy beak right into the Mad titan’s eye, making this world a lot better and happy place to live in. Man, I literally just teared up a little with that imagination!

Gal Gadot

Did you say Wonder woman, or wonder bird? Well, the answer doesn’t matter, because Gadot and Budgerigars – both are just too wonderful to us. Just envision, an adorable budgie with a mighty tiara and magical shield giving a natural goddess look to our wonder woman, heightening our excitement to the next level!

Cara Delevingne

Classy, elegant, and talented. There is only one name that rings in our head, and that is – Cara Delevingne.
The British model and actress could be the proud mother of our beloved budgie bird. From her 44 million followers on Instagram, we already know her new birdy pet could be the eye candy and win its own fanbase in a blink of an eye. Making her ramp walks, all the more captivating and appealing with its noticeable beauty, from its magnificent long tail and all the way to its exquisite rainbow-like wings.

Selena Gomez with Budgie superstar

budgie superstar

Since the high time of being quarantine is making us bored out of our minds. Who wouldn’t love to train a budgie with her magical voice? Yes, we are talking about the ever-famous singer Selena Gomez. Gomez is all about kind heart and amazingly alluring voice, that has spellbound us throughout the years. Imagine, Gomez, giving us a brilliant hit with her new song, featuring the sensational voice of her budgie pet – believe it or not. That would be a perfect welcome back gift after this pandemic! Budgie superstar and Selena superstar, what more you can wish for.


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