Budgie diary – Life of a bird with humans

This tiny bird getting comfy in his cage at night, taking out his little budgie diary and a pen – just to write what it is like to live with humans.

What comes to your mind when you hear about the word Diary? Let me put your thoughts into words. It is probably that deadly writing which no one understood other than us, pretty basic grammar mistakes, and a Hello diary at the start. Am I right or were you not normal like the rest of us people? We have all had our fair share of regrets but at least there are some memories to relive.

Diaries have evolved and proved to be the best friends of people in many ways. It might sound strange, but there are people who are addicted to filling up their diaries just like a person addicted to Nutella. (I mean I understand the hype of Nutella, but seriously?).

Diaries are the shining armor

Keeping a diary can increase self-awareness. This means getting to know yourself in this way can give you the opportunity to feel and enjoy your true self. Current daily research shows that writing behavior provides a tool to release thoughts and emotions that people easily let go of without notice. How many things do you think you have ignored so far? Apart from getting the chicken out of the freezer when your mom asked you to while she was out.

budgie diary vlog

I know a lot of us to keep forgetting, so let me tell you that Logs have shown that working memory can be improved by allowing long-term storage of information which is triggered when a person writes. The American Psychological Association says that this effect is modest, and that expressive writing frees the working memory space by eliminating the idea of ​​forcing and escaping. I think this is where we put a full stop bragging about the diary and come to our point.

Imagination, please?

It is always fascinating reading someone’s diary (although very unethical, we should never do that), but you know, we are curious beings. Imagine reading the diary of a girl you have had the longest crush on, and as you read through, you get to know that she is madly in love with you too. What I mean is that a diary could be a true reflection of someone. Now take a break and sip on water. Um, imagine our pets being able to write diaries of everything they have to face when living with us “Humans”. I would kill to read that.

I am not sure if that will be about all the good we do or the times we ignore them. Have you ever thought about birds writing their diary? Well, this is where we bring our imagination to accelerate.

The budgie Diary

Budgies, the tiny creatures which are too adorable to not have as pets. If I were to go on Mars and was allowed to take one thing with me, it would surely be my budgie. Just imagine this tiny bird getting comfy in his cage at night, taking out his little diary and a pen – just to write what it is like to live with humans. if I run my mind a little harder, this is what I think a budgie diary would look like.

They think I don’t see

We are writing this from the budgie’s point of view, so here it goes.
Why aren’t they used to the fact that I can count up to three! What is hard in it that they don’t understand? What does hiding my treats give them? Okay, you can do it once to know that I can count but why do you have to do it daily? It pisses me off and then you ask me why am I not starting to talk. Well, it is clearly because you annoy me, Alen.

I do talk

Why are you, humans so inpatient? You keep saying that I don’t talk and keep comparing me with my fellow budgies. I do talk – it’s just that it is mixed with my chitter chat sound here and there. If you had focused on me as you focus on your Fortnite game or when your girlfriend is mad at you and you are trying to make it up to her, maybe then you would have noticed me talking.

Let me out of the cage – I won’t fly away if you love me enough

I get why you humans are worried that I might fly away, is it because I am too quirky inside the cage, or is it the fact that you saw me filling my Budgie diary at night? either way, let me out of the cage. I mean, I do have the tendency to fly away and taste freedom, but if you love me enough, don’t hide my treats, clean my poo, feed me seeds and delicious fruits, sing to me, and make my cute videos (upload them with a caption of I love you so much) – I won’t fly away. I mean is it too much to ask?

Yes, my whole day with you

At the end of the day, I do talk about you and how well you treat me. If I wasn’t for the care given by you and the three different girls who visit you regularly throughout the week, (God knows who they are), I would have taken off by now – you know I can be pretty cold if I have to. I am also sorry for biting daily but stop annoying me.

So hey, dear diary.

This is my budgie pouring my heart out on the things that happen throughout the day which these humans are not smart enough to understand. Let’s keep these things between us and let them imagine why I don’t speak. After all, its fun to know everything, and pretend as if you don’t know anything at all.


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