What do Budgerigars need in their Cage?

What do Budgerigars need in their Cage

Budgerigars need a lot of stuff, they are not as simple pets as you might think. They need before all that a lot of attention and love. Budgies, as we all know, are the most famous bird pet courtesy of their lively and playful behavior. Their little antics are enough to rejuvenate us when we come back home to them in the evening after a long and tiring day. But while we are away for work, we must make their day a fulfilling one in that little home of theirs.

A budgie’s cage is his home and he must have everything handy he might need on a typical day, to say the least. Though it could be made a little less-cluttered place in the night for his sound sleep. So, a daytime cage of a budgie must have every such thing that is imperative to keep him entertained and comfortable.

budgerigars need perches

Budgerigars need variety of perches

Perches are a part of the habitat of any bird when they are in the wild. They might seem unnecessary to be specially installed in a cage, but lack of them might make your little bird physically unfit rather sooner. And all of the same kind, length, and thickness isn’t a great idea either. The main aim is to make your bird’s grip stronger and his flexes better. Hence, their varying shapes and sizes.

The perches must be installed in the cage at an appropriate distance so that the bird can take small to medium flights comfortably. They must be made from non-toxic wood material so as not to harm the bird if he tries to chew them. To ensure this, avoid picking them up from the roadside as it might have traffic fumes.

Not all perches must be soft enough to be chewable. Install one sturdy perch where the bird can wipe its beak after having food. This helps in grinding his beak naturally as in the wild. Similarly, install one perch that brushes against the toenails of your bird to keep grinding them regularly. You can make a zigzag pattern of the perches as per your bird’s liking. It all depends on how comfortable it is for the bird.

Budgerigars need Feeders

There are three important feeding needs of the budgies. Seeds, water, and fruits and vegetables. And the feeding bowls to fulfill all these three requirements must always be there inside their cage. Since, budgies metabolism is quite fast, keep them always filled or have a backup bowl of each of them, in case the first one goes empty. These feeders also come with clippers in case you want to hang them on the cage bars by clipping them.

Seed or sprout mix bowl can be filled with either a market-made premix or you can make your mix. But variety is the key here. Do not feed them just one type of seed. Say, a mix of oats, millets, quinoa, and buckwheat in almost the same quantity is a great idea. Soak them for a few hours before feeding them to the bird.

Budgerigars need feeder

The availability of fresh drinking water all the time is a necessity for the budgies too. Keep a feeder filled with filtered water inside his cage. Do not forget to fill it afresh every time.

The third feeder can be clipped or kept on the cage floor to fulfill his daily needs of fresh fruits and vegetables. Serve it chopped, diced, pureed, or sliced, as the bird likes. But don’t let him eat them if they have been left uneaten for more than an hour or so. This time is enough for the veggies to go bad. Moreover, they lose their nutrients too after getting oxidized for so long.

Budgerigars need Supplements

Unlike in the wild, budgies don’t get all the essential nutrients while they live inside our homes. Hence, it becomes all the more important to supplement their diet with minerals and nutrients. The best way to feed them all the left-out nutrients is to keep mineral blocks inside their cage. There are many high-quality mineral blocks available in the market that have all the nutrients in a perfect mix.

Additionally, the cuttlebone is a must for your budgie to fulfill his calcium needs. That will keep his beak conditioned and bones strong and healthy. Install the cuttlebone holder in the cage to keep it in place while the bird chews upon.

budgerigars need toys
Budgerigars need toys

Budgerigars need Toys

Like any living being, budgies also need entertainment. And lack of toys will make your bird dull, physically and mentally. He will lose interest in life and will soon fall into depression. Hence, toys are their biggest necessity.

There are varied toys available in the market for budgies like swings of varying shapes, small wooden ladders with interesting patterns, rope-like hanging toys, or sparkly toys with mirrors and bells on them. All these interests these little birds a lot. Also, the foraging toys, where they have to unwrap or dismantle the toy to find a hidden treat are a big hit among budgies as they stimulate budgies mentally.

But if you are not the one to spend on market toys, you can always make them at home for your little birdie. This way you can personalize them as per your bird’s liking. Soft wool-ball toys with sparkles and mirrors over it, snake-like swings to hang inside the cage, or foraging toys with your bird’s favorite nuts inside are the few kinds that can be a hit. Make sure that all the toys, market-made or home-made, are made from non-toxic material and colors.


Cage is the place where a pet budgie happens to spend most of his time just like all of us spending our time at home in our bedrooms. The way we make our bedrooms entertaining, the cage of your budgie must be high on entertainment factors too. And its self-sufficiency must be taken care of without being mentioned in the first place. So, a cage that can make your little bird not miss anyone or anything while he inside happens to be the one that can be the most self-sufficient. Take note of all the things of his needs carefully to keep your bird happy and engaged.


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