Cuttlebone – Why Does My Budgie Use it?

Cuttlebone and Budgie? Yes, there is a strong relationship between the cuttlebone and the budgie’s health. If you are a Budgie Parakeet owner, you must know the importance of a cuttlebone in your budgie’s life. You might be providing a healthy diet to your budgie on a fixed schedule but if you have not yet added a cuttlebone to his diet, you are compromising with his health. There’s another good reason to add a cuttlebone to your Budgie’s life – they love to chew it up.

Let’s find out why.

What Is a Cuttlebone?

To learn the importance, first, you must know what exactly a cuttlebone is. These budgie-health supplements can be easily seen in pet stores.

Cuttlebone is not a bone of an animal. It’s a bone found in small squid-like cephalopods. It is an internal shell of a cuttlefish. It is widely used as a bird supplement due to it being rich in calcium carbonates. The other minerals it includes are zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iron. So it’s important to offer cuttlebones to Budgies. Not only because they like it, but also because these are a source of nutrition for them.

Why does my Budgie need it?

You might be thinking that even after you serve enough nutrients to your budgie, why does he need a cuttlebone? Ask yourself if you are serving the calcium he needs? It is believed that calcium is essential to strengthen our bones. The same applies to birds, and especially to our little Budgies. Cuttlebone works as a dietary supplement for budgies fulfilling most of their calcium requirements and providing them some minerals as well. It helps them in bone formation and blood clotting.

In female Budgies’ health, this cuttlebone has a more important role. When a female Budgie is laying eggs, she might experience the life-threatening disease of egg binding. This happens due to the lack of calcium in her body as much of it is consumed in the egg-laying process. The occurrence of this disease can be prevented by supplying her with the calcium she needs in the form of cuttlebones.

What are the dangers of not using a cuttlebone for my Budgie?
Cuttlebones should be treated as a common fixture in a budgie’s cage. A cuttlebone is a calcium booster for a budgie. If you will not let him eat enough calcium the results can be seen as:

  • Poor Blood Clotting
  • Bad Enzyme Processes
  • Nerve Transmissions Deficiency
  • Lack of Hormone Production
  • Feather Plucking

Calcium deficiency can cause serious health issues in female budgies as they require it in large quantities to lay eggs. Calcium deficiency will lead to the production of thin-shelled eggs and egg-bounding.

They really need it

Is too much cuttlebone okay for my Budgie?

Well, too much of anything can be harmful to anyone. As low calcium can cause health issues, a high calcium level can also create certain health problems.
Budgies love to eat cuttlebones. But if you let them eat too much calcium supplements, the results can be damaging. Excessive calcium in your Budgie’s body will lead to kidney problems and mineralization. Maintaining an adequate balance of nutrients in your little pet’s body is recommended to prevent any issues.

Is a it good for my Budgie’s beak?

Budgies do not only eat cuttlebones, but they sharpen their beaks with the help of a cuttlebone. Budgies are gnawers and nibblers. They enjoy chewing most of the time. When it comes to a hard object, they love doing this chewing practice. Cuttlefish bone is not sharpener but they treat it as a grinding stone. Therefore, in a way, cuttlebones help in grooming your Budgie’s beak.

A longer beak can make eating difficult for a budgie. Therefore, cuttlebones grind away the outer layer of the beak that can be problematic in eating. The shorter the beak, the easier they eat. So, with cuttlebones, budgies not only consume minerals but also exercise their jawlines.

You can buy it in the pet store

Can eating cuttlebone lead to health concerns for my Budgie?
Cuttlebone is a natural dietary supplement. Budgies eat them to enhance the nutrients in their body and sharpen their beak. Many people believe that cuttlebones may have contaminants. They think that it may not be safe for their budgie. But that’s not the truth at all. Your budgie needs the nutrients contained in a cuttlebone. These are natural and healthy for your Budgie. Using a naturally-occurring cuttlebone rather than an artificial one is advisable. Ensure that the cuttlebone you chose for your budgie carries no chemicals.

How to add a cuttlebone to my Budgie’s life?

You can add cuttlefish bone in your Budgie’s diet in several ways. If he doesn’t eat cuttlebone, you need to try various methods so that he knows he must eat what he’s watching.

  • The simplest way to add a cuttlebone in Budgie’s life is to place it next to his food dish. They know they have to eat the food. They’ll eventually know that the cuttlebone is there for eating.
  • You can place the cuttlebone near a perch. It will be easier for your budgie to gnaw on the cuttlebone.
  • An interesting idea is to grind some cuttlebones and make a powder. Sprinkle it onto your Budgie’s food to fulfill his calcium needs.
  • Stick a cuttlebone through the bars in his cage. It will seem to pop over the cage and make it easy for your Budgie to eat it.
  • Simply hang a cuttlebone in his cage. He will spend time finding out what to do with this, and finally, start chewing it. Place the soft side towards your budgie’s face since the hard side will be hard for him to chew.

The Final Words

Cuttlebones shall not be looked as a treat for your budgie but a necessity for him. They are useful in developing his health and preventing him from several illnesses. In a way, cuttlebone is an all-rounder in your Budgie’s life. From a health supplement to good exercise gear for their health, a chewable toy to a source of their endless curiosity, cuttlebones are a must for your Budgie.


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  1. My budgie is sick, I can’t take her to the vet because of lockdown. She can’t move one of her feet and she has kind of watery poop , she is refusing to eat anything. Please help my little bird, I am worried sick about her.

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