The 10 Best Budgie Toys you can buy from Amazon

The 10 Best Budgie Toys you can buy from Amazon

A lot of great stuff for our Budgies is from Amazon, toys, budgie baths, food, millet, mineral block…, unfortunately, Amazon does not ship Budgie toys to Bosnia & Herzegovina 😥 All toys I have is from eBay or local Pet store. This Article is my wishlist I would get for my Budgies, and recommendation for you and your fluffy bird.

Entertaining your budgie bird has to be a priority for any Budgie owner and if you’re a new Budgie owner budgie toys are a must buy. There are way too many Budgie toys to choose from, which is why I collected Amazon’s best Budgie toys and what makes them so appealing. I use a lot of Budgie toys, foraging toys, and these are the best to start with.

Here’s the list of most beautiful Budgie toys to keep the fluffy budgie bird entertained for days.

1. Rattan, Wood and Shredded Paper

All types of birds have a natural tendency to peck at trees and chew on bark. There are a variety of reasons a bird may peck or chew; to avoid them pecking at their own feathers or at other feathered friends, the best choice is to add an entertaining, chew and peck safe toy in their cage.

SunGrow Bird Toy

With a rainbow of colors from red and orange to blue and purple, the vibrant and colorful bird toy is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you see it. 

 In order to keep your pet birds fully entertained, there are a few different pet-safe materials used to create the Star Shredder Bird Toy from SunGrow. There are sturdy wooden stars and blocks, exciting shredded paper strips to pull out, a rattan woven ball and jingling metal bell.

Brightly Colored Playtoy of Rattan

Inevitably, your pet will pull out and destroy the colorful paper straws twisted into the wood pieces of the Star Shredder Bird Toy, as that is the ultimate purpose of the plaything. Thin strips of crinkled colored paper can be used to replace the original shreds of parchment for even longer use.

2. Budgie toy Made of natural loofah grass

This type of toy consists of a strand of ropes and a bell on the bottom will make a sound to attract budgie’s attention. Made of natural loofah grass, it is safe for budgie bird. 

Loofah Cuttlebone

Material: Corn Leaves + Loofah Grass + Cuttlebone + Metal.

I really love the idea of placing Cuttlebone on a Budgie toy, you get two in one.

3. Crinkle Crinkle Little Star

I love this looking budgie foraging toy it is made from natural vine components, colorful plastic beads, crinkle shred, and bell. This toy will engage your little Budgie bird no matter how calm he is. He will shred this toy to pieces.

Relieves boredom – Budgie toys are “playthings with a purpose” that help to ward off boredom, depression, aggression, and destructive behaviors in Budgies by stimulating physical activity, curiosity, and mental engagement.

Super Bird Creations

Be aware, this toy will be shredded to pieces, Maybe only metal bell will survive 😂 This toy is best selling Budgie toy from Amazon.

4. Featherland Paradise, Knots ‘N Block

This chewing toy is made for larger parrots, but I noticed there is smaller options for Budgies. Budgies will have an Exceptional Quality Time Gnawing and Chomping on the Colorful Wood Blocks with Multiple Layers to Climb and Explore.

Featherland Paradise

Created from Pet Safe Materials, including 100% Cotton Rope and Natural Sisal Rope; attaches easily to cage with a Quick Link Fastener; what more you can wish for? Makes a Great Gift for the Bird Lover in Your Life.

5. Sea grass Mini Activity Wall from Amazon

This interesting wall is decorated with natural vine rings, porcupine balls, pacifiers and an array of colorful plastic flowers and beads.

amazon budgie toys

Not only they can climb they can chew flowers and beads. One interesting fact is that it is made from natural grass. Beautiful colors and textures for munching fun. The result is a really nice natural looking cage toy. What we noticed from past owners is that the dyed natural material would transfer dye onto hands, and would definitely stain a bird’s beak. Color is safe for Budgies do not worry.

6. Step Ladder 

This ladder is made from natural wood, 100% handmade, and safe for any pet bird. It is advertised as visually appealing to pets. Budgies’ favorite toys are often those that are brightly colored and have movable or chewable parts. Budgies see the full spectrum of colors more colors than we humans.

amazon budgie toys
Colorful Step Ladder Swing

The colorful ladder is encouraging pet exercises by developing balance and coordination. It provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb. Proper exercise not only improves the skills of pets but also makes them feel good.

7. Chewing swing Toy from Amazon

This is interesting, but be aware, this is a shredding toy. Chewing and shredding is a natural behavior that is associated with foraging and nesting, which promotes your bird’s physical and emotional health.

amazon budgie toys
Bird Swing Toys

It is stuffed with brightly colored crinkly paper, he will be willing to pull them out just for great fun. Entertaining enough to keep birds busy for a long period and they do enjoy playing with it.

8. Mini Shopping Cart

I would be definitely buying Shopping Cart for my budgies from Amazon, do you know why? It will be a great place where I can place vegetables and fruits.

You can put food, snacks, toys in it to activate the bird’s interest.

9. Pineapple Foraging Toy

It looks really beautiful, I mean look at this? I can not believe it is a budgie toy.

The pineapple foraging toy is made from colorful palm leaves formed into a fun pineapple shape your bird will love so will you?

What is more interesting everything is made with natural materials that your budgie bird would find in their natural environment. There are no metal parts just a natural loop

A very well made and designed bird toy, even good for decoration for any purpose.

Great for medium-sized birds. Budgies may find this too large and get scared of. Apparently there are various sizes even for the Budgie birds.
The small size is perfect for budgies. It’s really well made, too, with many layers of stuff for them to discover. Budgies would probably enjoy chewing on it too.

This is our favorite Amazon toy for Budgies.

Expensive Budgie toys?

10. Make your own Budgie toys

You can always make your own Budgie toys. Here are two ideas from our Youtube Channel.

Awesome Budgie Toy with Toilet Paper Rolls, cheap and really fun for you and your beautiful pet birds

I hope you find this article very useful and found your perfect budgie toy for your little fluffy bird. If you want more interesting stuff for Budgies from Amazon please comment bellow.

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  1. I just ordered one of the smaller shredding toys. I’ve had my little guy for a year, and he is still suspicious of anything new, so I stick to smaller toys. I have that bridge, but after a few weeks I took it down. He was so afraid of it, he wouldn’t go near it. I had it on the outside of his cage, but I didn’t hang it the way it is in the picture. Maybe I could try it that way. This is a great article. Love the ease of the Amazon links you provide!

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