Budgie Playground and why is it Important?

Budgie Playground and why is it Important

Budgie Playgrounds are fun-filled and stimulating for your Budgie. Crafted with a variety of perches, ladders, swings, and other toys, Budgie playgrounds offer an opportunity to bond well with your bird. There is a wide variety of Budgie playgrounds available in the market constituting simple structures to complex designs. You can also make one at home with easily available items like ropes and wooden sticks. Making a Budgie playground is very beneficial for your bird. Let us find out how:

Budgie Playground Provides Mental Stimulation

Budgies are playful little creatures craving for your love and attention. Much like us, they get bored when left alone for long durations. This is because their minds are always active and need something to ponder upon. In the wild, the minds of Budgies receive stimulation from a variety of activities like searching for water and food at faraway places, interacting with their flock, and protecting themselves from predators. But at home, pet Budgies do not receive this kind of stimulation as all their chores are carried out by us. This calls for providing them a playground for healthy mental stimulation. When you mimic the natural habitat of your pet bird, he will be stimulated the most. Budgies derive satisfaction in searching for their food in the wild. The foraging toys added to his playground keeps him mentally stimulated for quite a long time.

Provides Physical Stimulation

Just like mental stimulation, physical stimulation is also important for your Budgie. Regular physical exercise keeps him fit and healthy as it prevents him from several diseases. In the wild, Budgies receive regular physical stimulation by swinging on the branches, pushing and pulling twigs and leaves, flying far away in search of water, and shaking trees in search of their food. But at home, our pet Budgies receive everything on a platter while in their cages. This limits their physical activity exponentially which can prove to be extremely harmful to their health in the long run. Budgie playground helps to meet your bird’s genetic demand for physical stimulation by providing him similar objects which serve the purpose well. Swings, perches, puzzles, ladders, and knotted ropes added to the Budgie playground are all physically stimulating for the pets.

Budgie Playground and why is it Important
DIY Budgie Playground

An Entertainment Source

Parrots are known for their sound-producing capabilities. It is an important part of their lifestyle and a source of entertainment for them. In the wild, they produce a wide variety of sounds either with their beaks or by beating hollow woods. They do produce beautiful sounds when at home but do not have any wood accessories at hand. Budgie playgrounds can be equipped with natural hollow woods to let your bird enjoy to the fullest. Since Budgies love all kinds of sounds, don’t forget to add some bells or little wind chimes to the playground. All the sound-producing toys in the Budgie playground keep him entertained throughout the day.

Improves your bond

Playing with your Budgie helps you spend time with him. Spend a few small sessions with your pet bird guiding him through the Budgie playground throughout the day. This together-time ensures to improve your bond with your Budgie and gives him immense happiness.

Helps in Budgie training

Budgie playgrounds carry a lot of different toys including the ones that teach something new to your little birdie. In the beginning, your Budgie won’t be aware of the ladders you include in his playground. With time, he’ll start using them like a pro. Similarly, it is difficult for baby Budgies to balance on balls. Such playgrounds help them learn the art of balancing while having fun. This also allows you to train your Budgie for the step-up technique. You can start with a wooden stick held in your hand to encourage your bird to step over it. When he learns to do it, teach him to step over your finger as well.

Budgie Playground Keeps depression away

Wild Budgies live in a flock of thousands of birds carrying out numerous activities together. They are, therefore, not used to living alone or with only a few other mates genetically. At home, Budgies feel lonely when they spend the majority of their time in their cage. This loneliness leads to boredom over time which in turn can cause depression to your Budgie. It is a serious psychological issue resulting in feather plucking disease in these birds. A Budgie playground helps you to keep your Budgie away from loneliness and the resulting psychological problems.

Prevents from getting obese

Obesity is a serious problem in Budgies. In the wild, these birds can fly when they want but as pets, they do not have this opportunity. This leads them to obesity which in turn causes fatty liver disease (Hepatic Lipidosis). This is a very common cause of death among the Budgerigar species. A Budgie playground is a very useful tool for keeping your pet active for long hours. It helps him remain fit and healthy by preventing the deposition of fat to his liver.

budgie playground
Mr. Snowflake and Cookie on Playground

Improve your Budgie’s vocabulary

Budgie playgrounds can be used to improve your bird’s vocabulary. Adding a talking toy that is fed with some words, phrases, jingles, or songs is an excellent way to help your Budgie learn some new words. You can record these words in your voice or buy a readymade ‘teach and learn’ toy for him. Consider interacting with him using the same words and songs as it will encourage him to try the words out loud. This is extremely helpful in developing your Budgie’s vocabulary.

Final Thoughts

Budgie playgrounds are an important part of your bird’s life. Spending long hours in a cage becomes extremely boring for your Budgie. The Budgie playgrounds allow them some time outside the cage to relax and get entertained. They are a source of joy and pleasure for them and keep them healthy at the same time. Enriching their lives with a variety of toys helps you bond well with them. In turn, your Budgie provides you with lifelong companionship and happiness.


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