Budgerigars or as they are commonly called, budgies, are the most loved birds in the world. They are the small colorful species of parrots native to the Australian continent for 5 million years. Although their introduction to Europe and the eventual popularity is credited to a naturalist John Gould and Charles Coxen, his brother-in-law, around 1838, their first-ever mention was by George Shaw in 1805. Soon after their entry into Europe, they became Europeans’ favorite and found a way to wealthy homes.

How Cold is Too Cold for Budgies? [Alen AxP]

From the past 50-70,000 years, budgies have been cohabiting Australians and have recently gained popularity in other parts of the world. It’s only about in the 19th century that they started living inside homes as pets. Their bodies have been genetically engineered to live in the not-too-cold surroundings as they’ve always inhabited semi-arid regions of …

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