Extend Budgie life – Tips to Longer life for pet birds

Extend Budgie life? Pets are the most loyal companions. They are with us through our thicks and thins. And when that pet is the most favored feathered pet in the world, budgie, chances are that he’ll still be with us at the end of two decades. Each pet can have a varied life span courtesy of the combination of their genetic engineering and human care extended by the pet parent. We found Tips to Extend Your Budgie’s Pet life

Parakeet Lifespan in the wild

When in the wild, a budgie’s life is not at all protected the way it is at our homes. He has to face all kinds of struggles like searching for food and water himself, protecting himself from predators, and getting cured naturally in case he falls sick or gets wounded accidentally. Due to all these hardships, he has been recorded to live for around 5 years when in the wild.

Extend Budgie's life

Parakeet Lifespan in captivity

With all the care and protection from their parents, budgies live longer in captivity than they do in the world. Many of the pet budgies have been recorded to live for 20 years while in captivity with great care. But the average age remains much below this and is around 8-10 years, accredited to improper care and neglect by the parents.

Extend Budgie's life
Budgerigar at the zoo

Factors that decide to Extend Your Budgie’s Pet life

With so much difference between the lifespan of budgies, while being in the wild and in captivity, there surely must be some reasons. Many factors decide how much a budgie is going live. We are always seeking to Extend Budgie’s life.


The lineage of budgies is one of the most important factors deciding their age. For instance, English budgies also are popularly known as show budgies have a lifespan of almost half that of American budgies.

Extend Budgie's life
Sleeping Sunny


The breed of your budgie will also have a great impact on his lifespan. Its direct relation is with his genes. Just as a shorter lifespan of our great-grandparents and grandparents would mean a shorter life expectancy for our parents and us, budgies’ breeding genes is surely going to impact his longevity.


Health is an important part of Extend Budgie’s life. Health is a combination of many things. Feeding your budgie a well-nutritional and balanced diet, providing them space to spread his wings and take flight, meeting his companionship needs by devoting time to him for his mental well-being, taking him out in the mild sun, all are just a few ways to keep him healthy and hearty.


Providing a safe and protected environment to your budgie would also impact his lifespan. Keeping him away from all the heating and air-conditioning vents, protecting him from in-house predators like cats, are the signs of a danger-free environment.

How to increase the lifespan of your pet budgie?

Just as the average age expectancy of humans has shot up from 40 to 60 years in the past few centuries, it is not impossible to stretch the lifespan of your budgie. And by leading by example, budgies may start to live longer in the years to come. And it isn’t that tough either. You simply have to buck up to take care of your little birdie to extend Budgie’s life.

Providing him a healthy feed

Providing a healthy diet to any living being is the key to his good health and long life. You can always make your budgie live longer by feeding him a diet that has all the nutrients he needs. Seeds, nuts, pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables should all form part of his healthy diet. But don’t forget to keep it balanced. An overdose of seeds and nuts would mean fat accumulation in his body and would make him obese.

When we emphasize on all the do’s in our life, the don’ts shouldn’t be ignored either.

Extend Budgie's life
Cookie eating wild strawberry

Toys are a source of Budgie’s happiness

For an active and playful bird-like budgie, physical and mental stimulation is a basic need. This will help in keeping your budgie in good health, both physically and mentally. And the biggest stimulation for budgies is their toys. Leave these little birds with them around and you’ll see them happily chirping and playing all day long.

For their physical fitness, install some ladders, ropes, or bird gyms inside the cage. Puzzle toys and foraging toys with hidden treats inside them are a great option for their mental exercise. Don’t forget that a disease-free and stress-free life equate to a long life and you Extend Budgie’s life.

Provide them a safe and comfortable living space

Provide a safe living space for your budgie protecting him from all the probable dangers. Keep his cage above ground level so that it doesn’t get kicked by anyone. Do not keep it in the hallway either so that it doesn’t get knocked over by someone accidentally.

Avoid keeping it in an extremely noisy room as your little birdie might feel intimidated by loud voices. But make sure not to leave him alone in quiet and bring spare room alone as it might make him feel depressed. A depressed budgie will start plucking his feathers sooner than you realize. He needs your attention and being left alone is heartbreaking for him.

Take him out in the sun to fulfill his Vitamin D requirements so their bodies can synthesize calcium to prevent arthritis. UV rays are important for budgies.

Let them fly

All birds are born to fly and our budgies are no exception. Letting them spread their wings well at least once a day is a must for their well-being. Ensuring their safety during this period is your responsibility.

Extend Budgie's life

Pay regular visits to the vet

Like all living beings, an annual full-body medical check-up is a necessity for budgies too to successfully arrest the disease at its first stage only. Maybe one of the important tips to Extend Budgie’s life

Wise Words

Genes play an important role in determining the age of any living being and it certainly is the case with our budgie too. But never forget the fact that his age spectrum has two ends: lower and higher. If you are determined to have your feathery companion with you the maximum you can, all you have to do is simply love him and care for him the way he does this for you: unconditionally. And you’ll always have him by your side.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

5 thoughts on “Extend Budgie life – Tips to Longer life for pet birds

  1. My budgerigars don’t live to see 20 years of age and I don’t know where you got your data from, but it is inaccurate. I have kept budgerigars for over 30 years and I know everything about budgerigars. I have always kept sky blue budgerigars, cobalt blue budgerigars and dark blue budgerigars. The two sky blue budgerigars that I had lived for ten and half years. The darker blue budgerigars lived to around 5 years and one lived for 6 years. I mollycoddled my birds and they got the BEST OF EVERYTHING, including love and attention. During summertime, they were kept cool during the heatwaves and during wintertime, they had their own heating pad. I loved my birds and they loved me. So where do you get the 20 years from? You must be referring to a parrot, now they will live for 20 years. A healthy British budgerigar will live for 3 years guaranteed. Anything after that is a bonus and ALL my birds exceeded that age. I have never kept a natural green budgerigar with yellow head, it is possible that they might live slightly longer, but doubtful, because my sister knew a relative who had a green budgerigar with yellow head and that bird only lived to be about 3 years of age. It would be nice to have my bird for all those many years, but in reality, it just isn’t possible and reaching double figures in 10 years – that is a milestone for my birds.

  2. Guinness Book of Records; Oldest Australia Budgies/Budgerigar lived 29 years and 2 month, his name was Charlie.
    We have alot to learn from Budgies about how “to be Love and Compassion”. My Budgie had a vocabulary of about 30 words and lived a little over 7 years (Oregon USA) At about his age of 5 years old I brought him a 3 month old female Budgie, to which every morning on awakening he would go to the females cage and ” tell her that he loved her and every night before he went to his cage to roost, he would go to her cage and tell her that he loved her”…SSooo remarkable. After about a month of the female being caged separately, they where free to be with each other.

  3. According to the Guinness Book of Records the oldest budgerigar ever lived in England. He was called Charlie, and he reached the ripe old age of 29 years and 2 months.
    Burke’s Backyard › au
    Australia’s Oldest Budgie – Burke’s Backyard

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