Rescuing Budgies in the Aftermath of the Turkey Earthquake

On February 6, 2023, a massive earthquake struck the Turkish province of Afyonkarahisar, causing widespread devastation and claiming the lives of hundreds of people. In the aftermath of the disaster, rescue teams and volunteers have been working tirelessly to save lives and provide assistance to those affected by the quake. One group that has received special attention is a group of captive budgerigars, commonly known as “budgies”.

Budgies are small, brightly colored parakeets that are kept as pets all over the world. They are known for their playful and affectionate nature and are beloved by many families. In Turkey, budgies are popular pets, and many families have lost everything, including their beloved feathered friends, in the earthquake.

When rescue teams arrived at the site of the disaster, they were faced with a heart-wrenching sight. Many of the budgies had been trapped in their cages, unable to escape the rubble and debris that surrounded them. The rescuers, who had been trained to deal with a wide range of animals, including birds, knew that they had to act quickly if they were to save the birds.

A 13-year-old boy was rescued from the rubble 55 HOURS later. It was stated that he protected his budgerigar by holding it in his palm. (Source reddit)

With the help of local volunteers, the rescue teams began the arduous task of freeing the budgies from their cages and checking them for any injuries. The birds were then taken to a temporary shelter where they were given food and water, and their cages were cleaned and disinfected.

The budgies were given veterinary care, and those that were injured were treated accordingly. The caretakers at the shelter worked tirelessly to ensure that the birds were comfortable and well-fed. Over the next few days, many of the budgies began to recover from their ordeal, and their owners were reunited with them.

The earthquake in Turkey has been a devastating event, but the rescue of the budgies has brought a ray of hope to the affected communities. The story of the budgies has touched the hearts of people all over the world and has shown that even in the darkest of times, there is always a chance for hope and resilience.

In conclusion, the rescue of the budgies in the aftermath of the Turkey earthquake serves as a testament to the compassion and courage of the human spirit. The care and dedication shown by the rescue teams and volunteers have been an inspiration to us all, and the budgies themselves have become symbols of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

How to save Budgies from the earthquake

If you are faced with the task of rescuing budgies during an earthquake, here are some steps you can follow:

Assess the situation: Before you attempt to rescue the birds, make sure it is safe to do so. Check for any hazardous conditions, such as gas leaks or the possibility of aftershocks, that could put you or the birds in danger.

Secure the birds: If possible, try to secure the birds in their cages so they don’t fly away or get injured. If the birds have escaped from their cages, try to capture them gently and place them in a secure, covered container.

In Turkey, budgies are popular pets, and many families have lost everything, including their beloved feathered friends, in the earthquake.
A parrot was found alive in the rubble of a building destroyed by the earthquakes in Turkey. It was named “Miracle”. Source: Twitter

Check for injuries: Once the birds are secure, inspect them for any injuries, such as broken wings or legs. If you are not trained in treating birds, it is best to leave this to a veterinarian.

Provide food and water: If possible, provide the birds with food and water. It is also important to keep their environment clean and free of debris.

Transport the birds safely: If you need to transport the birds, make sure to do so safely and with the minimum stress to the birds. Place them in a secure carrier or container with ventilation, and keep the carrier as calm and stable as possible during the journey.

Seek veterinary care: Once you have transported the birds to a safe location, it is important to seek veterinary care for any injured birds. A veterinarian will be able to assess the birds and provide the necessary treatment.

It is important to remember that rescuing animals during an earthquake can be a dangerous and complex task. If you are not trained in animal rescue, it is best to leave it to the professionals. The most important thing is to make sure that you, and others around you, are safe and out of harm’s way.

.In Turkey, budgies are popular pets, and many families have lost everything, including their beloved feathered friends, in the earthquake.
Days after the catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, one rescue worker found a new friend in the rubble. It’s a little yellow bird – a budgerigar, or budgie. A Turkish disaster agency volunteer named Nevzat told reporters he was doing search and rescue work when suddenly the bird jumped on him. The little budgie was exhausted – as well it should be. It had survived five days in the wreckage of its former home. (Source: Youtube, Inside edition)

Can budgies sense earthquakes?

In recent years, there have been claims that budgies can sense earthquakes and other natural disasters before they occur. But can they really?

The idea that birds can sense earthquakes is not new. For centuries, people have reported that birds, as well as other animals, behave strangely before earthquakes occur. For example, some people have claimed that birds stop singing, fly away from their nests, or become restless before an earthquake. However, these claims have been difficult to prove scientifically.

The Turkish Red Crescent managed to rescue a parrot from the rubble of a collapsed building in the city of Malatya.
The parrot seemed to have a broken wing so they placed him in a cardboard box and took him away to check him and treat his injuries. . Source Today90

Several theories have been proposed to explain why birds might be able to sense earthquakes. One theory is that birds can detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, which can occur before an earthquake. Another theory is that birds can detect changes in the air pressure, temperature, or electromagnetic signals that precede earthquakes. However, these theories remain unproven, and there is limited scientific evidence to support them.

In recent years, some studies have attempted to investigate the relationship between bird behavior and earthquakes. For example, a study conducted in Italy in the 1990s found that the number of bird calls decreased in the hours before a significant earthquake. However, this study has been criticized for having a small sample size and lacking control groups.

In Turkey, budgies are popular pets, and many families have lost everything, including their beloved feathered friends, in the earthquake.

In conclusion, while there are some anecdotal reports of birds behaving strangely before earthquakes, there is limited scientific evidence to support the idea that birds, including budgies, can sense earthquakes. Further research is needed to determine whether birds or any other animals have the ability to detect earthquakes and other natural disasters. Until then, it’s best to rely on scientific methods, such as seismographs, to predict earthquakes.

Budgie Pets Survivors in Turkey Earthquake


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