Which Birds can Live Together with Budgies?

Keeping Budgies together with other birds can be possible, even though it is best for budgies to have a cage mate of their own species. The key is to choose birds of similar size and personality.

Budgies can live with other birds, however, this depends primarily on your bird’s temperament and the environmental conditions your bird has learned to live in.

If your bird lived in a very peaceful environment and from the very beginning was used to being alone and not surrounded by other birds, then the best solution for you is not to buy another bird for your budgie, or you need to teach your bird over time to the company of another bird. You achieve this by not immediately putting them in the same cage, but cage to cage, purely so that your birds see each other’s presence. After a certain period, you can put your new bird in the cage with the budgie, but at a shorter time interval and you can increase this time every day more and more until the budgie gets used to the new company. It is usually always a positive outcome because budgies are very social birds, they like the company of other birds and they like to play with them and train them.

How the birds will behave also depends on whether it is a female or a male. Compared to males, females are a little more aggressive and fight for their space, while males are much calmer and easier to adapt to. However, this does not have to be the rule, adaptation primarily depends on how accustomed your bird is to its presence and how ready it is to adapt to a new society. Of course, you can see this by observing your bird every day, paying attention to it.

When you add a new company to your existing pet’s cage, you need to change the size of your bird’s living space as well. You must have a larger cage so that your birds will have more space to live and fly.
Also, if you want to have another kind of bird as a pet, and you already have a budgie, you have to pay attention to the characteristics of the bird you want to buy if you want it to get along with the budgie. For example, a budgie and a canary could live together and adapt to each other primarily because they are small birds, no one will feel more dominant, so they will be able to establish a normal relationship, but also because both budgies and canaries are very calm in character birds. However, a budgie and a parrot could not live together because the budgie is a much smaller bird compared to the parrot and because the parrot is much more active than the budgie.

Can budgies be friends with other birds?

Of course, budgies can be friends with other birds. They are best known for being very social birds and socialize quickly. They love company and love to play. Of course, they need a partner to play with, and next to you, another bird could make excellent company. Budgies can live alone, but they can also become depressed about it. Therefore, if you are able, of course, it would be better to buy other birds, but as mentioned above, you must pay attention to what type of bird you are buying. It must be similar to a bird you already own.

Since budgies are very calm, but also active animals, a similar bird would be welcome in their company. Also, a less aggressive one can quickly adjust to sharing a cage with someone. The bird also needs to be a similar size to your budgie just so it doesn’t feel less dominant than a larger bird. The size of the cage and the space that the two birds share must be equal. Of course, you have to be ready to set aside a larger amount of money for food and treats, as well as for players and hygiene.

Keeping Budgies together with other birds can be possible, even though it is best for budgies to have a cage mate of their own species. The key is to choose birds of similar size and personality.

Can canaries live with budgies?

Canaries and budgies could live together, and they could even adapt to living together due to the similarity of living conditions, however, their certain habits and activities can be very different, which can negatively affect their relationship. So opinions are divided on this. But we will give certain advantages and disadvantages, based on known experiences.

Based on their external characteristics and appearance and size, budgies and canaries can hang out together. They are similar in size and neither of them feels more dominant than the other, so it shouldn’t cause aggression.

However, this combination also has its negative sides. The canaries have much softer beaks than budgies, whose beaks are more hooked, so they can dig in and hurt the canary when biting. Because of their soft beaks, canaries would not be able to defend themselves against budgies.

Budgies can produce a little dust with their wings, which can significantly affect the air quality of the space where canaries live, which have more sensitive lungs than budgies.

Therefore, if possible, it would be better not to put these two species in the same cage, but you can keep them separate.

Can lovebirds live with budgies?

Unlike the previous answer, this one is a bit more specific. No. Do not keep lovebirds and budgies together. Lovebirds are territorial birds and therefore become very aggressive if the same species, let alone a different species of bird, is found in their environment. It’s just that these two species don’t speak the same language, and they don’t communicate the same, so it’s not good to put them in the same cage. Your budgie can be left with no fingers or ruffled feathers! Budgies, unlike lovebirds, have less sharp beaks and are unable to defend themselves against their attack. Lovebirds, out of love for their young, will do their best to fend off other birds and somehow establish dominance.

If they can’t be in the same cage, then see it as a good thing that they can be in the same rooms, but of course, if their cages are far enough apart. Lovebirds usually like to be on top of the cage, so they will not like it if other birds are near them.
Lovebirds simply have that instinct and innate sense to defend themselves when they sense discomfort or a potential predator.

Can cockatiels and budgies live together?

These two species are very similar to each other. Primarily because both species have a natural habitat in Australia, whose nests are very close, and their flocks can also feed close to each other. Both species are very smart and quick learners, and they love company and love to be active.

However, although they are very similar, it is not recommended to keep them together in the same cage. To establish any kind of relationship between your birds, a great deal of mental stimulation is required. Budgies can be hyperactive and this can greatly affect cockatiels. Also, these similarities between birds can represent interference between individuals of different species.

How many budgies can live together?

How many budgies you can have depends on how much free time you have and how well you can take care of them. Even one parrot is enough to worry about, let alone more of them. Of course, it also depends on how financially you can fight for the expenses that your pet bears.

There can be a lot of budgies in a cage, they can live together because they are very social and love each other’s presence. However, if the bird is not used to company, you will have to slowly adapt to it. The most optimal option would be 2 to 4 budgies, but if your heart desires more company and if time and money allow it, get as many budgies as you think you can have. The main factor is you and the characteristics of your bird.

Can budgie birds live alone?

A budgie can live alone, that’s inevitable, but every living thing needs company to survive and be happy. Especially for these highly social birds, who welcome any kind of interaction. They can live alone, but they can also become very depressed and lonely over time, so it would be better if possible to get your pet at least one friend so they can play together. Everything is better in the company, and the best feeling of security is that someone is there to defend you and that you are not alone. It’s the same with birds, they simply naturally live in flocks, so they can’t forget that innate feeling, because it simply lies in them. By adding a company, you can extend the life of your bird.

Keeping Budgies together with other birds can be possible, even though it is best to have a cage mate of their own species.

And finally, to sum it up, budgies are social birds and love company, but you have to be careful what company you put in their cage. Although they can get used to the presence of other birds, it might be best if they get individuals of the same species to hang out with. With the combination of budgie and budgie, you have very little chance of making a mistake in your choice. Be dedicated and you will succeed in anything you set your mind to.


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