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In the wild Budgies, the life span can be around 7-8year top.

But we have pet Budgies they can live up to 15 years if you take them properly. Give them healthy and fresh food, clean water. Also never forget about flying, they need to fly, and play on the Playground with a lot of toys. Want to learn more about the lifespan of a budgie? read here

I might rehome my budgie.

I made already an article about Budgie biting, maybe even soon make a video about that topic. Budgies love to bite and chew an especially Female Budgies and young Budgies. They need attention, and care, it is easier to rehome but getting bonded with your Budgie you will get the best buddy for life. My Nibbler bites my hands and hurts really bad! But never wanted to change that, that is her nature and I love it. Now, she is a gentle and curious little lady.