Budgie flock – Story of Denny the Budgie

denny the budgie

Hello! I know I was supposed to share a story here but I want you to meet my budgie flock! 😜

My first budgie was Denny. Denny is a cinnamon clear-body budgie and he couldn’t fly as you know. 😕 He was very gentle and he never bit me. He trusted me, he liked to sleep on my arm, finger, and he would shake his little tail every time he sees me.😌 I remember the start, he was very scared and lazy. I have only a few photos of baby-Denny and I wish there is more… As a 2 months old chick,🐥 he came to our house.

His voice was very gentle and soothing listen to! He did not like to take baths but he liked eating so much! Millet and apples were his favorites! For the toys, he chose always the rainbow ones and the straw toy that I made was his favorite. I still have it today. He got trough many bad happening and I made big mistakes in the beginning. 💔 He died, sadly, this year (2017-2020) and I can’t explain the feeling… I miss him so much. 😔

My second budgie is Benji!

Very smart, dark green budgie! I got him on the 14. October and he was born on 5th October. He was 40 days old when I got him and he just left the nest! He grew up very quickly and when I got him, even if he was a baby, he had dark blue cere! 😂 He is calm and you can hold him in the hands and he will be calm and will not bite. He liked striches but now he only likes only it when you touch his belly.

Benji goes crazy for greens and dandelion leaves are favorite to him! I was also surprised because he started bathing a few days later after I got him but he chirped after 5 months. Very noisy sound from a little budgie. I can’t wait for more years to spend with him and he is my mum’s favorite budgie!

My 4. budgie is Daisy and I got her on the Statehood day of Bosnia (25. November) My older sister Džana named her Daisy and I really liked that name.😇 I went to the budgie breeder near my location with Džana & Denis – sister and her husband. She was the only yellow-pied and I remember that she was very calm. I tamed her right away and that night I stretched her for the first time. Even today, she likes it when I groom her, kiss, and when I talk to her. I wish you can see her behavior, she is too calm and gentle. Daisy doesn’t sing often but she is very lazy and she sleeps all day! Daisy fell in love with Benji!

I got a bigger flock

Bibi is my 5th bird. I thought it is a boy and I got her because of the magical green color! Bibi was named Mickey and on his first day at home, she crushed into the wall. Her birthday is on 27. October and she is growing very slow. I can’t tame her, she is wild and really afraid of my hands but she is the fluffiest one and looks cute every time I see her! Most of the day, she is sitting in the corner of the cage and starting at the flock and me. She is picky with food…

budgie flock

A Pet shop near my city opened (I live in the village) and so I went there. I saw white, pied budgie and I was sure it is a boy! He was the most expensive budgie I ever bought but for me, it worth. I got him in January, a few days after my birthday. I named him Tony, because of my favorite superhero Tony Stark (Iron man) Like Bibi, he is no tamed yet, but I am not working much on him. He is the best singer in the flock and he is the best friend with Benji. Sometimes, Tony gets night frights and scares the flock at night but I placed a light in the cage now. He courts everything, (toys, food, bird) but most of the time to Benji! Beak tapping between them is something really adorable! 😍

I thought I finished my flock when I got a message from a stranger on IG. It was a girl near my location and she had budgie allergy so she couldn’t look after her budgies anymore. On a Sunday night, the car arrives at my home and I got 2 budgies. Winnie & Shakira. Winnie is named after Winnie the Pooh (cartoon) and Shakira is named by my sister Džedmina. Shakira is one of her favorite singers. Shakira is 2 years old blue budgie and she is the most playful and curious one.

Winnie reminds me so much of Denny

I call her Kira sometimes and she is obsessed with my mum. It is bad, but she eats everything (cake, potato, bread, cheese, etc.) except fruits (she takes apple sometimes) She goes to adventure every day, exploring our house and looking for dark places to hide… Winnie reminds me so much of Denny, the owner said he is 5 months old then. He bites sometimes and goes crazy for food. Benji taught him to dance with his head and he has a different voice from the rest of the flock. I will not talk about food, because he eats everything!

I thought I finished my little flock. 3 boys and 3 girls! My mum said no more birds, but then… I got another message from a friend near my house. “Wanna adopt a cockatiel?” yes! – I said and I took another bird as a gift. This time a cockatiel. Male birdie that I named Ringo – means apple on Japanese. He plucked his feathers because of stress and I want to take care of him now. Idk. the age but I am glad that I saved him! 😇

I also got 2 Brahma chicks, Lilo & Stitch 🐥

Lilo & Stitch 🐥

I plan to buy cockatoo, conure, or a zebra finch but it is Corona time 😂 no more traveling! (actually, I never traveled too far)

sorry for too much text, I hope someone reads this, have a good day! 😇

by Džermina (known as a Denny the budgie)

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  1. Hello Džermina,
    I read the story of your flock and it was so much fun and so emotional. Thank you for this. Good job, girl!
    Greetings from Germany

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