Keeping Budgies safe from home hazards

Being the owner, you are responsible for keeping your budgie safe from any home hazards he is exposed to.  You need to educate yourself about the potential dangers for budgies to cherish their stay at your home for a longer period and also, to keep them safe.


The most important thing to remember is to provide a suitable atmosphere for your pet bird since he is very sensitive to atmospheric changes. There are numerous atmospheric hazards budgies are exposed to, even while in their cage. Sudden changes in temperature weaken the budgies’ immune system and make them prone to bacterial and viral infections. So make sure to introduce them to temperature changes gradually. Apart from that, toxic fumes can have a deadly impact on budgies as their respiratory system is too sensitive to even a minuscule amount of toxin. Keep them far away from scented candles, perfumes, air fresheners, paints, aerosols, and smoke. Also, the fumes from non-stick cookware leave a toxin called polytetrafluoroethylene which is harmful to budgies even if released in small quantities.   

Do not forget to close the doors and windows

There is a potential risk of facing physical hazards by the budgie in numerous manners. Protect the bird from open holes in your home like sink or flush. Do not forget to close the doors and windows whenever you want to take a budgie out of the cage. Never sleep with them as they might get crushed under you. Take utmost care that they do not chew up any hazardous chemical, poisonous household plants or electrical wire. Never leave sharp objects like knives or scissors in the open when your budgie is out of his cage. Use bird-safe cleaning products like borax or vinegar. Keep them away from hot materials like burning stove, microwave, heaters, hot cooking oil, boiling water, etc. Remember to turn off fans and coolers during out-of-cage experiences. Budgies also need protection from other pets like cats and dogs. Carefully examine budgie’s toys every time for any breakage before letting him play with them.

Last but not least, budgies should not be exposed to noise pollution. These little creatures do enjoy sounds and music but cannot tolerate it after a certain limit. Loud noise from television or radio, sounds of large household appliances like a vacuum cleaner or food processor cause stress in many birds. Moreover, budgies should not be exposed to other normal sounds out of their waking hours.


In case your pet bird gets hurt due to an unfortunate incident, take him to the nearest vet for immediate medical attention. Since you added that little life into your family, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to protect him

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