How to Calm a Budgie Down with 4 Super-Easy Techniques

How to calm a budgie down [ 4 super easy way]

You will find 4 Super Easy Ways to calm down a scared Budgie. Keeping them in a home or cage might make them feel nervous and uncomfortable.

Like human birds also get nervous. You will find yourself in such a situation several times when you are a budgie owner. For this condition, You have to know how to calm a budgie down.

If you’re facing such a problem or a budgie owner, then the following 4super easy ways help you to keep beloved budgies calm down. Also, Those tips help you to calm down your noisy pet bird.

How do you know when they need your extra attention?

First of all, Don’t accuse your beloved budgie when they are stressed. Several reasons behind this are why they feel stressed. Sometimes, Following the same routine will cause stress even when watching predators like raccoons, hawks also make them frightened and make them nervous.

Now, how do you know that they feel uncomfortable?

The good part is, You don’t need to contact any specialist to understand whether they are nervous or not. Generally, They will scream, fidget and squawk when they need your special attention or need some calm. All you need to do is follow the following tips, which might help to calm down.

How to calm down a new budgie member?

Do you ever feel comfortable when you first visit someone’s home? I hope your answer is no. Unfortunately, our beloved budgie’s behavior is also similar to ours.  

In the beginning, Give him some time to adjust or settle. Then, play calming music and cover his cage with a light sheet. Next few weeks, don’t try to touch him or him out of the case for any reason. 

After a few days or weeks, they will settle into his new home and calm down.

You will find 4 Super Easy Ways to calm down a scared Budgie. Keeping them in a home or cage might make them feel nervous and uncomfortable.
How to calm a budgie down?

How to calm a budgie down?

Environment comfort

Provide a comfortable environment for your pet birds. Consider relocating their cage in the corner of a room or provide a cover behind the cage. So, cats or other things won’t be able to sneak up on them from behind.

Also, To reduce such types of problems, always cover his cage at night to block out sounds and light that will provide you enormous success to keep them calm at night.

New Friend

No one likes to live alone, so our beloved budgies also. It’s recommended to introduce another budgie into your family. For this, your budgie finds a playmate. There isn’t any exact time frame to introduce a new friend. So, You can do it anytime. But, In the first month, Keep them in separate cages in the same room and spend equal amounts of time with each friend.

Especial Budgie treats

Budgies love to indulge in the occasional treat besides their regular food menu and help to calm down when they are feeling scared or lonely. Special treats serve as an effective and powerful means of ease. 

Popcorn, fresh fruit, honey sticks, and millet spray will be a good treat for them. However, don’t provide them with those types of foods regularly. Always serve special foods when they feel uncomfortable or learning new things.


Budgies and parakeets loved to play with different types of toys in and out of their cage. So offer them good quality toys to enjoy their time. Always try to purchase a new toy once in a while to keep him interested in playing. Budgie may find comfort when nervous in a certain toy, almost like a security blanket.

Comment if you succeed in calming Budgie

When you’re a bird owner, that means you need to take some responsibility on your shoulders. Always keep in mind that they like to live in nature. Keeping them in a home or cage might make them feel nervous and uncomfortable. So, You need to take good care to keep them calm in that situation. I hope these basic tips help you to keep them calm when they are nervous. 


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