Coronavirus in Pet Birds

It has been declared by Veterinary Doctors, “There are very low chances to catch Coronavirus from pet animals or birds.” Some of the dogs were detected with having symptoms of this virus but final results were clear. World Health Organization suggested that there are no such shreds of evidence about transmitting the virus to humans from pet birds.

A weak symptom of COVID-19 was observed in a dog residing in Hong Kong. But these symptoms were too low to be taken seriously. The sick lady was the owner of the dog, the Coronavirus was spread from sick lady to dog but those were very low symptoms. Although the dog has been taken under observation until it shows cleared from this new disease.

A famous veterinarian provided more information about the dog that is found with some symptoms, “we have no idea whether the dog got this virus from infection or the virus was already present in it. We also have no authentic information if the dog can spread this into other animals or humans or it was a rare case in Hong Kong.”

Coronavirus to pet

Good news to pet bird owners!

It is good news for pet owners that Coronavirus does not spread between owners, pets and other animals. The bacteria on animals have a greater likelihood to spread the virus between owners and pets so one should wash their hands repeatedly in a day. The new Coronavirus is evolving day by day so the results about low chances of disease in pets can be changed in coming up researches.

Pet owners are asking a question about should they keep their pets quarantined? So the answer is “no” because there have been very minute chances about catching and spreading Coronavirus – COVID-19. If you find your pet coughing then you must keep clean and wash your self often after playing with the pet. You should also keep your pet inside the house as a precaution for other animals. Animals are most likely to spread the disease to other animals. The types of diseases that are caused by animals to humans are kind of different in genetics and bacteria so COVID-19 is not as such serious for your pets.

There is a virus named Rabies, this virus gets transmitted from dogs to human but the vaccine has been invented for this. Dogs are vaccinated to stay safe from rabies. Another disease in birds is Psittacosis, this usually spreads from birds to humans. It is mostly found in the parrot family of birds. This disease is not harmful for anyone but although it is a disease. It can be prevented by cleaning the cage of your bird regularly, test your birds if it is in contact with any other bird.

coronavirus to humans from pet bird

Precautions that all of you must apply

People are also curious about why should we get our animals for tests if they are not likely to have Coronavirus. It is true according to the research by scientists till now but there is no surety that animals won’t get it. So to stay on the safe side, our veterinary doctors must keep precautions and experiments on CONVID-19. There is no vaccine prepared for the virus so it is very important to be alert and be ready with our equipment to detect every single person or animal even if they cough or sneeze. Changes can happen at any time as we are not much familiar with corona.

Here are some precautions that all of you must apply in all cases:

  • Wash your hands after petting your pet and touching other’s pets and make sure that you wash them with soap. It is because animals carry bacteria like E. Coli or salmonella that can make people ill.
  • Always keep a distance from a sick person, especially the one who’s coughing and sneezing because a bacterium transfers very fast through cough and sneeze.
  • Do not let your sick pet go in contact with other humans or animals to keep them safe. A sick human should stay inside precautions to keep others safe.

Usually, viruses in humans and animals differ from each other and do not get transmitted from one another. But as you all are well aware of how Coronavirus – CONVID-19 is restricting every country to enter people from foreign. Because this can harm healthy people and it is also an act of mercy to keep virus restricted in one country rather than to spread in the whole world. Every person should take every precaution to fight against CONVID-19.


According to the latest update from the World Health Organization, there’s no evidence that pets like dogs or cats can be infected with the coronavirus.

LATEST UPDATE from World Organisation for Animal Health (April)

Can animals be infected with COVID-19 virus?

Preliminary findings from laboratory studies suggest that, of the animal species investigated so far, cats are the most susceptible species for COVID-19, and cats can be affected with clinical disease. In the laboratory setting cats were able to transmit infection to other cats. Ferrets also appear to be susceptible to infection but less so to disease. In the laboratory setting ferrets were also able to transmit infection to other ferrets. Dogs appear to be susceptible to infection but appear to be less affected than ferrets or cats. Egyptian fruit bats were also infected in the laboratory setting but did not show signs of disease or the ability to transmit infection efficiently to other bats.

To date, preliminary findings from studies suggest that poultry and pigs, are not susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that animals infected by humans are playing a role in the spread of COVID-19. Human outbreaks are driven by person to person contact.


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One thought on “Coronavirus in Pet Birds

  1. Hello, I have a Quaker parrot ten years old. She unexpectedly died early this morning Sept 22.
    She has always been in good health, and she was fine all day Sunday Sept 23. When she died early this morning (12:15 AM), noticed a fluid coming out of her mouth.

    Do you have any idea if they can catch the virus? She has not been around people other than myself for probably three months. I was tested for the virus three weeks because I had upcoming surgery, and I was required to. Results showed me negative for the virus.

    Any thoughts that I could catch the virus if that is what she has.

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