Budgie in a Cage? Is it Cruel?

Budgie in a Cage Is it Cruel

The concept of keeping a bird in a cage is like a jail for humans. But actually, this depends on the nature of the bird and the atmosphere being given to a bird in the cage. Our Budgie in a Cage is not going to be a cruel act if we are providing all basic needs to the Budgie.

Let’s talk about why it is cruel to keep a freely flying bird in the cage?

The answer is, “we are not taking enough care of the bird”. If someone tries to justify this that he/ she is taking good care but when you get a chance to witness this act and finds nothing equal to the level of bird’s environment then it is surely cruel to keep a bird in the cage. The need for the life of every bird is different. While adopting a bird as a pet, we have to acknowledge ourselves with the most basic requirements that are a priority for any bird to stay alive.

For example, study the lifestyle of the common cuckoo. This bird is a carefree bird that eats the most disgusting insect on the ground. When it comes to mating and raising the family, cuckoos are not going to stick by the side of its children and mating partner. It leaves all of its children in the nest without giving any clue of coming back. So if such a bird is kept in the cage, does it sound still cruel? No, it’s not cruel because all a cuckoo needs is that disgusting insect to eat and sit idle. So nature varies from bird to bird.

Budgie is a very social parrot

Budgie needs to communicate every day with other creatures for the sake of its life. While moving in a flock, Budgies keep singing so that all of them can guide the direction to each other. Sometimes, they also sing when there is anything that can harm them.

Your Budgie will spoil your nature of staying quite because it connects a lot by giving you the rhythm of its voice. Its ability to learn words is very high. If you are a boring person, then do not put Budgie in the cage because you will be torturing it. It, continuously, wants a group of Parakeets to participate and, in a cage, it cannot seek others to exchange words with.

Budgie in a Cage
Budgie is a very social parrot

And it will be cruel to keep a Budgie in a cage.

The environment of the cage must be made equal to the biological reality of the Budgie’s homeland. Because, a bird when continues to live in an environment that looks like the homeland, it experiences no sufferings except some small changes like temperature, faces, etc.

Budgie’s cage can be decorated with some of the toys; you will be thinking about what the toy represents in the cage of a bird. Budgie has a child-like nature and it loves to play with stuff toys. One more thing, you must put Budgie in limited area flight once in four days. It is important for the health of Budgie. You can make a spacious cage on the roof for this activity. Usually, the life span of Budgies is not more than 6 years in wildlife but when Budgie is a pet of someone, its life span increases to 15 years. See, it is not cruel at all.

Ethics to have Budgie in a Cage:

You may have an idea that how much responsibility you have to show after bringing an animal as a pet in your home. But when it comes to adopting a bird, you have to show more care and responsibility as compared to other pets. Make your research, consult people who are already having Budgie as a pet, it will help you to decide whether you want a pet bird or not. Some general needs that must be present in the cage are discussed as follow.

  • Budgie or any other bird gets stressed when its flying is cut short or having no space to fly which causes so much pain. That’s why it is recommended to people to have a cage on the roof. Only on the roof, the cage can be spacious enough to meet the requirement of Budgie to fly.
  • Not every bird loves to play with the toys but mostly parrots, the type of birds, enjoy playing with the chew or stuffed toys. They are also like to have puzzled toys. Do not spoil them by giving too many toys at a time, it will make parrots moody and you will be in stress for finding a new type of toy. So give them each at one time and change the type after every day.

Cleaning of the cage is one of the important

  • Always check toys before placing them in the cage because there are chemicals on the toys that can harm your pet.
  • Make sure, you let Budgie out of the cage for some time, if the cage is small. It is good for Budgie’s health as it is a type of exercise for it when it walks on the ground. (I keep the door open of the cage because I have a small one. So that the Budgie can roam around)
  • Cleaning of the cage is one of the important factors to keep Budgie healthy. A person who never cleans the cage is very cruel towards birds. Such type of action shows that it is cruel to keep the bird in a cage but actually, that person is cruel by nature.
  • You must be interacting with the Budgie as it loves when its owner talks to it. They are very lovable as well as intelligent to learn new words. Your Budgie will show you signs through its mood swings when it needs attention from you.
Budgie in a Cage
Budgie aviary

In my point of view, it is not cruel at all to keep a bird Budgie in a cage as long as I am capable of maintaining the desired environment and food to give it a healthy long life.


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

6 thoughts on “Budgie in a Cage? Is it Cruel?

  1. ‘Usually, the life span of Budgies is not more than 6 years in wildlife but when Budgie is a pet of someone, its life span increases to 15 years. See, it is not cruel at all.’

    Hi my dear friend.
    Just in relation to your above statement, I want to ask you…
    If somebody tells you that they will put you in a small room whole your life but you will live for 150 years or be free and you might live only 80 years. Which one do you choose?


    1. This article is disturbing. Jails and prisons meet all the basic needs of a human, but we have a huge homeless population that rarely chooses the option of ‘having their needs met’ in jail. They could do so easily by committing minor crimes, but they’d rather take their chances on the street. Everything about this article is disgusting though. Claiming that a bird is happy if it has a perch and ‘disgusting’ insects to eat just shows how shockingly ignorant the author is.

  2. I have three English parakeets gotten from a large pet store here in southern California, Petco. They are well adjusted together but they don’t like to play with my hand when I put it in their cage. I can hold them but they nibble my hand. Not afraid but not eager to be touched. I put them outside when the weather is good I talk to them I feed them varieties of prescribed parakeet food. I can let them out to fly in my art studio but I am concerned they will be hard to put back. What do you suggest. Love my birds

  3. Somebody once told me,
    ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!”
    Some of the comments in this article or discussion which I find quite interesting actually a lot of the comments are outright rude. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion but there are more constructive and polite ways of expressing your feelings about something especially in an open and public online space. Like this.
    Just my opinion you understand.
    I’ve owned a Budgie a long time ago but I enjoyed being the little chaps owner/friend and I’m 100% sure he enjoyed it too!

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