Budgie Pet: Expectations vs. Reality

People usually make judgments about budgie pet because of their size. I know they are small. Don’t even think about putting into a small cage

Come on jack, get out of that couch already and straighten up your back a little. Do you have any idea how horrible of a posture your spine has taken? Well, we are about to dive deep into the world of expectations and how different we get hit by the actual reality.

Let’s take the example of you standing in the shower, where you are all soaped up and your hair is all cushioned to your scalp because of the thick foam of shampoo. You rub your shoulder with little more soap and something in your head allows you to sing a song – that too, not any song, a Beyoncé song. You start to tap your left foot to follow the rhythm in your mind and there it is, you are singing as you hear the splashes of water dropping right on your body and down the floor.

You catch yourself smiling because your mind is rooting for how you sound better than Beyoncé. It just doesn’t stop here, you start to do that dance which you learned when you were a kid and there it is, a whole performance of Beyoncé life from your bathroom. It’s all great until you get out and your mom yells at you and lets you know how you sounded like a dying cow. This is what it is – the cruelty of our expectations and reality.

It doesn’t always have to be bad. Sometime we expect things with a negative perspective and they come out to way better than our expectations (this usually happens to some lucky people, but oh well). Remember that girl you met online and when it was time to meet, you expected it to go horrible but it actually went pretty well. Yes, that is what I am talking about.

Mr. Snowflake

Budgie pet

The little specie of parrot is known the be the most affordable and widely available specie. Even though there is more to this bird than the attractive shades of color, pretty round eyes and that adorable size that just yells “HOLD ME” – there are a lot of expectations and realities related to this bird. Let’s hold a candle down onto it and read more about it.

Expectation Vs Reality

It is nearly impossible to get them to talk

When we talk about budgie pets, people usually make judgments about them because of their size. I know they are small, but do you really think if you date a girl who is shorter, she will give you less drama? NO. All sizes are ale to fight the ranges of drama.

Back to the topic, People usually expect budgie pet to not talk or take up to a lot of time when it comes to teaching them how to talk. To all the dumb heads thinking this, budgies are way easier to handle when it comes to talking. Let me hit you with a fact of reality. Budgies took their specie in the Guinness Book of World Records for the talent of their largest vocabulary. If this doesn’t change your expectation a bit, I don’t know what else will.

They don’t need cage free time

When it comes to small birds like budgie pet, people expect them to fly as soon as they are out of the cage, this is why most of us have to think twice when it comes to giving them the cage-free time they deserve. The reality is somewhat close to your expectation, but the end result isn’t. It is true that small birds have the tendency to fly away if they aren’t trained well, but a cage-free time is a must.

If you can’t risk them freeing up in an open space, try small spaces like your room, kitchen, or bathroom. Places like these are important because it not only lets them exercise their wings and practice flying but also provides a good form of freedom they feel around you.

budgie pet
Stubby and Cutiepie

You expect them to only go on seeds

Do you just rely on food? I know you say that you can live on pasta your whole life, but trust me that is not true. If you can’t rely on one food category your whole life, how dare you think a budgie could? People expect them to just be seed eaters, but there is actually more they can get into their stomachs. The tiny portions and cut piece of whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and vegetables to boost up their taste buds and add a little more nutrition to their daily dose of food can be added.

If you thought you could keep budgies pet in a small cage, you thought wrong

If you are one of those people who squirt ketchup all over the French fries instead of putting them on a side, then you are definitely the one who expects budgies to be comfortable in a small cage. Don’t even think about putting a budgie up into a small cage, I repeat, don’t even think!

It might make sense that small birds should be kept in a small cage, but not all things that make sense are the things that should be done. Budgies are small, but they are really busybodies. They need space enough for them to hop back and forth into the cage and a small cage would only be as uncomfortable as a tight shoe you’re wearing on a hiking trip.

So, whenever you are out there shopping for a cage for your little budgie pet, just remember that you have to go two sizes up because trust me, buying your expectation of a small cage, is always a bad idea.


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