Budgie Blog: Can you spoil Your pet?

In this Budgie blog we are going to discuss, can you spoil your pet bird, and is that alright? Budgies are curious little creatures who want to take part in all the activities happening around them. They are extremely active and social. In the wild, Budgies perform every task together as a flock. If they are left alone, they might not survive and die of loneliness and depression. So, it is important to spend time with them and pamper them well. Just like we pamper our babies, Budgies also deserve some pampering for the love they shower on us.

How can you spoil your Budgie?

There is a thin line between pampering and spoiling your kids. The same applies to our Budgies as well. It is crucial to avoid spoiling your Budgie as it will be detrimental to his health in the long run. Let us find out in this Budgie blog how you might spoil your pet bird:

Going overboard with treats

Treating your Budgie for reinforcing good behavior and spending quality time with him occasionally is a good thing to do. But offering more than required treats will be harmful to your Budgie’s health. When you offer chocolates to your kids, they might ask more of them. But you do not fulfill their wish because excess chocolates are harmful to their teeth. Similarly, if your Budgie asks more of a treat on a regular day, do not fall into the trap of cuteness. This will spoil your Budgie in no time.

Many Budgie owners have reported that giving in to their birds’ wishes have made their Budgies adamant about their daily meals. If you agree to your bird’s demand once, it will become difficult for you to make him eat his meal without a treat. Be very careful with nuts like almonds offered as a treat. Budgies love them but should not eat them regularly as they cause several health problems to them.

Encouraging wrong behavior

As Budgies are social birds they love interactions around them. They also love to hear a lot of sounds in their surroundings. Sound-producing toys are a source of joy for your Budgies but they should be restricted to the play area only. Your Budgie’s cage shall only contain one or two sound-producing toys that aren’t noisy at all. Also, never keep your Budgie’s surroundings noisy for long hours.

Holding occasional parties are fine but a regular noise will spoil your Budgie to the extreme. Your bird is an expert at picking up sounds and mimicking them. If they will hear loud noise around them for the majority of the time, they will become loud and noisy. Once you respond to such behavior in a party mood, you will have to bear the brunt of it for long. It is best to expose your Budgie to an atmosphere that is subtle but enjoyable. By exposing them to a party environment or loud television sounds quite often, you will instill wrong behavior in your pet bird. Comment below if you want more Budgie Blog articles

Giving false hopes

Many people tend to spend more time with their Budgies when they are a new family member. This together-time is reduced later when one gets busy with one’s daily life. It is always recommended to spend a consistent amount of time with your Budgie. Spending more time with them when you cannot keep the consistency spoils your Budgie to a great extent. Your bird will demand more of your time as you initially gave him false hopes. It will lead to shouts and calls addressed to you by your Budgie. In worst cases, this spoiling can also become a cause of loneliness for your Budgie later. When you won’t have enough time for your little companion, he will succumb to depression.

Entertaining their tantrums

Some Budgie parents complain about their bird biting them for little things. This is usually not the fault of their pet. When your Budgie bites you for fulfilling a certain wish, you must not respond to him at all. If you give in to his bitings and provide him what he wants the first time, you are allowing him to throw tantrums at you by biting you every time. This spoils your Budgie as this biting behavior becomes a part of his personality. So, avoid entertaining the tantrums thrown at you by your Budgie just the way you do with your kids. This is not the right way to pamper them.

Budgie Blog: How to Pamper your Budgies without spoiling?

There are numerous ways to pamper your Budgie and keep him happy. Let us explore in this budgie blog a few of them that do not spoil your Budgie at all.

Spa day

Since bathing is a part of your Budgie’s hygiene maintenance, you can consider offering a special spa day to your pet bird. Spend a few hours with your bird for taking care of his bathing needs once or twice a week. Budgies love to play their favorite ‘towel game’ because of their curious nature. This gives them immense pleasure.

Picnic outside in the sun

Sunlight is essential for your Budgie just like it is for you. Taking him out for a picnic in your backyard will take care of his requirement for the natural light. Sharing Budgie-friendly food with him at this picnic will strengthen your bond to the next level.

Food and games day

Playing games and having fun is your Budgie’s favorite hobby. They are always active and chirpy. Guiding them to play games at the Budgie playground can be truly pampering for them. Let them have fun with colorful balls, swings, and ladders. Offer them hidden treats in the form of foraging toys.

Movie/karaoke night

Including your Budgie in your day-to-day activities makes him feel at home. Spend a day watching a movie or cartoon together. You can also arrange a karaoke night for your little birdie. We all know how much love they have for music.

Final Thoughts

I hope I shared some great ideas in this budgie blog about how can you spend some time with your little fluffy bird. It is very important to differentiate between pampering and spoiling your Parakeet Budgie. In your attempt to enrich your bird’s life, you don’t want to end up spoiling it up. Maintaining a healthy balance of love and mild punishment is the key to providing your Budgie a happy and healthy life.


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